Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Leadenly wise-cracking his way through PBC coverage of Pip Hammond's baptismal statement, young bridegroom,  
Andy Neil, who, as he constantly reminds us,  went to grammar school and university before enabling Mr Murdoch's lifetime of corruption, 
child-sexualisation, 'phone tapping, tax evasion,  

and corrosion of the national discourse, seemed, this morning,  to have an infection in his throat.

Old playboys should wrap-up warm.

Anyone who had seen Andy's  coverage - he would call it - of  political matters, any of them,  could not fail to conclude that we pay him a huge amount of public money for talking out of his  arse;  why is his throat sore?


Were this wretched, repugnant old bore the Invigilator he claims to be then obviously the vermin of MediaMinster would not be queueing-up to appear on one of his many shows; he's like the supposed satirist, Tory FatBoy Hislop - also making a fortune from the PBC -  in being just another of Ruin's Licensed Fools.  If Neil was even remotely capable then we wouldn't all be choking on the taste of legislators' shit, would we?

Anyway, despite talking out of his arse, the old boy has a croaky throat this morning. We must wish him  a lengthy  and preferably permanent convalescence on his French estates with his young bride and his NewsCorp shares.

Nightey-night, don't let the anal-laryngitis bugs bite.

Bienvenu au Chateau Vulgaire.
Regardez, moi avec mon booze
Ici les pauvres ils ne sont permittez pas,
parce-que Je les deteste. 


Alphons said...

When I was at junior school way back in the '40s one of our lady teachers used to say "empty vessels make the most noise".
She apparently had politicians, and those who mix with them, very well weighed up.

call me ishmael said...

I do believe, m. alphons, that in the past lifetime or so, with the creation of the welfare state, politicians, previously known to be Filth, managed to don Respectability's cloak, a garment now, praise God, rapidly and unmistakably unravelling.