Sunday, 13 July 2014



Given his relative health and safety, one worries on behalf of any individual or group which might wish Lord Janner QC conveniently and silently dead.  But he is 85 and might just croak. Mind you, Rolf Harris is 82 and he hasn't.

Mr Janner's  gaff in the House of Lords was raided by his local police force in March and in the unlikely event of  him not being completely vindicated one would normally expect him to die in mysterious circumstances.

 Meanwhile, the world's leading liberal voice, as it pompously styles itself, the millionaires' co-operative, charity status broadsheet, the Guardian/Observer, today coyly reports the criminal career of a Labour peer  who  buggered children for years.  The married, family man, like so many in Labour, is a rich QC and has for decades managed to keep his name out of the press and his arse in the luxurious comfort of the House of Lords, where we pay nonces, crooks and war criminals three hundred quid a day plus subsidised food and drink, just for turning-up.

Legal experts insist that names should not be named until charges are brought, bless, always interested in fair play, only not towards the buggered children.


Mike said...

Looking more and more like Rolf was thrown to the wolves to keep the plebs safe in the knowledge that their masters are taking it all seriously. And Coulson too. Nothing like a good lynching.

Clearly it will not be in the public interest to persue Janner as he's too old at 85, whereas Rolf at a mere 82 deserves everything he got.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later one of these sort is going to spill the beans and start naming names, before others get the chance to suicide him.

Could be very interesting indeed. Might just be the catalyst people need to rid themselves of this mob of crooks and perverts.

I wonder if Charles Lynton is sweating? I do hope so.


call me ishmael said...

Cottaging Charles, Miranda, is being summoned, against his stated will, to the Northern Ireland Select Affairs Commitee which is examining his secret Letters of Comfort - how very Roman Catholic a terminology fof a Get Out Of Jail card - arrangement with the grinning beast, Gerry Adams.

I watch their sessions and several of the members are, quite proportionately vicious polecats; Ulsterfolk, Ian Paisleybeast junior, Lady Sylvia Herman and old curlytop, leatherface Kaye Hoey are not fans of Mr Blair's one-man peace band and given the opportunity, will, at least, overheat his sang froid. Maybe his peacewar on Gaza will delay him yet again but further failure to attend will do him no good, either.

The thing is, mr vincent, if one of them should spill the beans, would we ever learn of it?

Mike said...

Mr I: you have more faith in Parliamentary Committees that I do. I can't think of one example where they have reached the obvious conclusion. Its the old long-grass cliche.

Caratacus said...

The default position of Joe Public is one of honesty, integrity and plain dealing, however imperfectly that may be manifested. The default position of an MP, a senior member of the Police, Judiciary, Whitehall or similar is one of obfuscation, dissemination, falsehood and plain wickedness.

There really is no meeting ground between the two. We are long overdue a clear-out of that particular septic tank ...

call me ishmael said...

As a rule, select committees do not exist to serve truth, I agree, mr mike, quite the opposite but the animus of this bunch is something to see, icily courteous but savage and persistent, some members playing to a different, Orange, audience, one more watchful than we.

Even if they manage to bring Blair before them, that will be something to see.

call me ishmael said...

But upon whom, king caratacus, can wevrely for the cleansing? Certainly not the Media part of MediaMinster.

Woman on a Raft said...

It is getting like a bizarre party game or one of those relationship maps which are full of coloured lines and blobs which may or may not mean anything.

Does anyone know if Uri Geller has left the country?

Geller, a friend of mad Michael Jackson, made a point of introducing him to Lord Janner, who happily recorded that he was now good friends with Michael. Although actually, he only met him twice.

The Michael Jackson fans, who are unrealistic about their late idol's mangled personality, are up in arms about speculations about him, and particularly about those thoughts being endorsed by leading academics, mentioned previously.

Anonymous said...

There's an essay about Michael Jackson in "Pulphead", readable in full online here. Long but worthwhile.


DtP said...

Lord Janner, Micheal Jackson & Uri Geller - crikey - there's a party that you suddenly realise you're washing your hair for!

It is all going a bit freaky, which, to be fair, is cool - although I suspect there's some long grass just over the fence where this can all be filed in.

Woman on a Raft said...

That's a good essay. Thank you for the link.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. It's a good book - essays on reality TV, Amerindian burial mounds and cave mummies, and a remarkable fellow (I'd never heard of) called Rafinesque. A quick glance at the book's wikipage shows links to a few more pieces (Bunny Wailer, Axl Rose etc.)


Moley said...

Ms Jolie has a fabulous plastic surgeon. Check out pics of her at about eighteen years of age. She looks just like her Dad.