Saturday, 20 April 2013


It was like the last but one scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid;  they peek out of the door and there's the fucking Bolivian army - was it Bolivia? - all pointing rifles at them.

I watched Boyhunt! on al Jazeera and it was just so much better, so much less-slick, less-rehearsed, devoid of the Grammar of News which characterises the Beeb and skymadeupnewsandfilth.  It was quicker, too, scooping the eventual end of the story by five minutes from skymadeupnewsandfilth and a bit more from the BBC.

I've never seen so many Law'n'forcement vehicles, not even in a DieHard movie, all parked-up with their engines running and with flashing and swirling and alternating blue and orange and red lights, ten thousand pot-bellied,  gum-chewing,  shotgun-toting Law'n'forcement officers;  there were ugly armoured cars, SWAT teams and helicopters with billion candle-power searchlights;  there was the National Guard, the FBI, the CIA and in the White House there was Obie and any number of generals and spooks, Situation Rooming the, er, situation, like they do, in a special Situation Room, 

Now, motherfuckers, how we gonna kill this sonofafuckinbitch?
  Can't we just drone the fucker?
Y'know, in the interests of  Freedom.

giving Mr President SitReps, the fucking jumped-up numbskull, and talking about being at DefCon two, or, given the gravity of the situation that they're all busy SituationRooming, DefCon One, or Red or whatever fucking spooky gibberish these clowns communicate in..

The whole of Boston was obediently self-imprisoned in its own homes; business, schools; everything, shut-the fuck-down;  there was no mention of a Constitutional right to leave one's own home.  It was just Constitutional Amendment Number Minus-One, post facto martial law, Nixon's Law:  Do What You're Told, Asshole, Or We'll Shoot You By Mistake.

And all for one shot-up nineteen year-old boy.  Shit, he might have Anthrax bugs, he might have a nuke, he's probably got a truckload full of nukes hiddden in his jeans.  

In his latest sermon, Parson Obie described the Boston Bombers as  "stunted ".  He needs only about a hundred such stunted young men in Amurka and he's fucked, the useless, platitudinising half-wit.

I mentioned a couple of days back, having seen  a programme abour war photographers, 

Hello Sailorski

that Putin was a murderous thug, probably as bad as Uncle Sam, why did nobody say so? I was prompted by inside reportage of the Chechen  atrocities.  These two boys' homeland ethnic group has been suppressed and bullied, tortured and banged-up by GayVlad's goons, for decades, now.


Of course the moral posture is that oppression, however much one loathes marathon runners, is no  reason to bomb innocent people to  bits.  

But then Nine/Eleven was no reason to invade Iraq.  

If Uncle Sam wants to stop terror, he should stop doing it.

Still, the younger bomber is serious but stable in hospital. Maybe soon, he'll be fit enough to torture.


yardarm said...

It`s amazing, isn`t it ? I`m watching it now on BBC News 24 and you`d think nothing else ever happened in the entire time space continuum. I know the clue`s in the title, 24 hour; bring back the test card. And in Boston, maybe they need some reinforcements; if he shoots Obullshit`s autocue operator then POTUS goes back to being a store front dummy.

Remember when they ' surrounded ' Tora Bora in `01. All the bad guys holed up, survived a B52 barrage and legged it. Allegedly the SBS were tracking Bin Laden but were told to stand down, US Special Forces would get him. And they did. A decade later. And Mullah Omar, despite being half blind got away on a mootorbike like some Islamic Barry Sheen.

Maybe like Bakri or Hamza over here Boston Bomb Boy been working with intel. Maybe trained by Pakistans ISI or funded by the Saudis. We don`t just do our terrorism Mr I. We are complicit in theirs as well. Round and round it goes; where it stops, who the fuck knows.

call me ishmael said...

WadIwannaKnow, mr yardarm is has West, Texas, a much higher death'n'injury toll, disappeard off the globe? And is it true that the explosion occurred twenty years to the day after the ATF massacre of all those women and children in Waco. I mean they were dirty sluts and everything but most of them bitches were white; what happened there?

Mike said...

All I want to hear is that the Chetchen's are fundraising in the UK for the struggle in America, then the wheel will truly have turned full circle.

tdg said...

More likely than not this is simply folie à deux. But if you are terrorist you cannot possibly be a patient.

Verge said...

When I heard they were Chechens the first thought was bummer for the Bam - no shock & awe for Grozny because Putin got there first.

According to the BBC news website an "interrogation team" is on hand to question the suspect. Little details like that designed to nudge the hive-mind into "don't approve of torture but you have to make exceptions sometimes don't you..."? And by extension "war is bad but sometimes..." blah blah boom. Someone's gonna get it. (Vox pop americana filmed outside yesterday's post-arrest Redsox game, blonde woman gloating "mess with America and We Will Hunt You Down." We noticed, love.)

jgm2 said...

Awe, poor ickle muslims. Pretty much anywhere in the world today where you've got ethnic, religious or ideological killing going on there is the 'Religion of Peace'. They can't seem to get along with any fucker. Christian, jew, communist, redneck, hindu, budhist, creationist, atheist - the fuckers have it in for all of them/us.

And when there's none of them about they're fighting amongst themselves. Sunni, shiite, wahibbis, al quaeda, fundamentalists.

For the religion of peace the entire planet is one target rich environment. And just when you think that perhaps the Jews are being a bit hard on them or the Russians a bit over-enthusiastic up pop a bunch of cunts like this or 9/11 to remind you what a bunch of cunts they are at heart. The Chechens are the ones who took an entire school hostage and then blew up all the kids. Then there was that theatre unpleasantness in Moscow.

And the usual crys go up. 'They were fitted up', 'My boys not like that', 'It was a black op by the Jooos..'.

I'm fucking sick of 'em.

No reason to be kicking off in Iran or anywhere else mind you but I doubt Uncle Sam will be able to resist dragging somebody on their list into the frame.

If they were hoping to advance the cause of Chechen nationalism I think they've put it back another 20 years. I can't see the US or anybody else calling for any restraint from Putin next time it kicks off in Grozny. which, knowing Putin, will likely be some time next week.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, I noticed, mr verge, pigs, gross and immodest, vile. At least after the strange affair of the Twin Towers it was heartening to hear the odd kid, mainly kids, wondering out loud, what have we done, to make people do this to us, what sort of world is this?

And Boston's supposed to be a liberal, civilised quadrant of the great swamp, catholic-chistian and liberal Democrat and just look at them; a hundred and fity-odd lives, plus two, now ruined, and all the stupid fuckers can do is cheer and stomp their fat feet. Cunts.

That, mr tdg, is one of your aphorisms upon which I often reflect and quote to others, you used to apply it to Gordon Snot - you used to say he can't be both patient and agent, I recall.

But there has recently been a divergence in real-life from what should be axiomatic. You may remember the young woman, a few months back, sentenced by Mr Justice Slag to some mammoth term in prison. She had nearly cut off some stranger's head after having been released from a hospital where she was demaning treatment for her own mental illness, she had already killed her mother and served a sentence. She went to the cops saying, I think I'm gonna do it again, the cops took her to the hodpital and the hospital let her go, They head every ground imaginable for sectioning her but they didn't, even though she had asked them to. The judge, more learned, by definition, than you and I, fired a round of fucks into her and gave her, I think, forty years. They love that shit, don't they, punishment?

call me ishmael said...
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Arthur said...

" jgm2 said...

Awe, poor ickle muslims. Pretty much anywhere in the world today where you've got ethnic, religious or ideological killing going on there is the 'Religion of Peace'. They can't seem to get along with any fucker. Christian, jew, communist, redneck, hindu, budhist, creationist, atheist - the fuckers have it in for all of them/us.

And when there's none of them about they're fighting amongst themselves. Sunni, shiite, wahibbis, al quaeda, fundamentalists."

They have a strong belief in allah. Every thing happens inshallah. Just like nearly all religions they believe in one god. So if we take everything at face value they are mainly fighting a religious crusade against those who have the same god as they have.
Now this god is so powerful and omnipresent that he could stop all this nonsense before it started, because he knows the thoughts of each side. But he doesn't.
This seems to indicate to me that the base of any "religion" is a man made code of behaviour, issued by some well meaning, or more likely power crazy, tribal elder, to make his will more easily enforced.
Our modern politicians do it all the time.
They issue laws which tell you what to believe, and what you can and can not say and think.

call me ishmael said...

I don't like Muslims, either, mr jgm2. I used to visit Washwood Heath once in a while, and no writ ran, multi-cuntism dictated that the cops didn't enforce any laws, and the people were vile, uncouth, pushy, shockingly Ill-mannered, the men with red painted beards, the women bloated, nose-ringed and scowling. And everyone stinking of ghee an garlic. I liked Handsworth, those big Rastamen just idle, work shy pussies, but agreeable enough, once you looked them in the eye.

I drove down the Straford Road last year, from Hall Green into town and it was like Islamabad, vibrant is how cunts like Queenie Portillo describe it on their teevee shows, Lord Hatterjee of Spit, him, too, he loves all those beardy Muslim boys, but Queenie and Roy don't have to live there, the pavements piled high with dirty manky tomatoes and rotting onions, all covered with exhaust fumes, filthy bastards.

I don't know any Jews but I'm sure I wouldn't like them, either, their stone age conceit that they are the chosen people and the rest of us can go fuck ourselves. I didn't do the Death Camps, I'da been on their side, unlike the fucking Pope, but they still wouldn't let me in, I'd be, what is it, Goyim? Fuck em, all those Abrahamic religions, they're all as bad, mr arthur, the Muslims are just prominent at the moment and I'm sure they're no worse than the Spanish Inquisition or the Witchfinders, Down with God, that's the answer, and all His agents. But Uncle Sam and Uncle Benjy and the reverend Blair fucking the Palestinians about, the way they do, that's pure Godless heathen bastard shit, that is.

Why didn't they just give the Jews Bavaria, after the war? And say fuck Abraham and Isaac and Job and Ezexiel, fuck al those headbangers, here's a nice modern Holy Land, and you can kick some German ass, maybe have a bit of slave labour, too.

Just arbitrarily setting the Jews down in a place they hadn't been for centuries -isn't that why we have all this terror shit, or most of it?

mongoose said...

I see that the second nutter inconveniently failed to die, inconveniently got himself discovered unconscious and near death by a freakin' civilian if you please, inconveniently failed to get greased by the few thousand rounds discharged at his boat hiding place, inconveniently failed even to blow his own head off but managed, good lad, conveniently to wound himself such to ensure that he'll never speak another word ever again.

Strangely too, his Miranda Rights are being suspended due to some made-up ongoing threat. I mean to say, Mr Attorney General, there may be a third gook brother out there tooling up right now with a pressure cooker, as we speak, a threat to Homeland Security. So it'll be off to a figurative Guantanamo with the poor fucker. He now never to be seen from again - unless it suits the Obama Loon's purposes - until the Great Lethal Injection Day in the Sky. Follow the Yellow Brick Road and God Bless America. Yeah, right.

DtP said...

They showed some VeeTee of when the lad was in the boat and if there'd been any woodworm in it then that would have been shot to fuck. How on earth the lad survived is a serious fuck up. I remember a Monty Phython sketch where they went mosquito hunting with assualt rifles and cannons - didn't really expect it to happen in real life.

And the lad's supposed to have now a) ran over his brother thus rendering him kind of dead and b) shot himself in the throat ostensibly to kill himself. Hmm..I guess at short notice you go with the first bit of bullshit you can spout but, really, C-, could do better - see teacher after class. Fucking numbskulls.

mongoose said...

And, lo, it came to pass: "The surviving Boston bombings suspect is so seriously injured that investigators may struggle to interrogate him effectively, it was suggested on Sunday."

I nearly fell down in shock.

Callmeishmael said...

Just as long as he's fit enough to be executed, that's the main thing.

It is being asked Why is this terrorism and yet the Sandy Hook and Columbine Massacrees -and all the rest of them - are just Good ole boy crimes?

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Pesident Obie, says BombsMeansTerror. And he should know.

tdg said...

It is often said that medicine is over-extending its reach, that the profession, egged on by industry, is turning into "pathology" what was previously thought of as "character". But it is not so. We are seeing the industrialisation of the body, where its biological functions are brought under the control of the self: the individual ego is in charge here, not the doctor it pays to give it the tools. Of course, the notion of a separable body and self being incoherent, it does not work, it cannot work, but it does effectively promote the idea that there is always a self you can both appeal to and to condemn. Had we more exposure to the psychopathology of others we might not be so foolish, but as it is we cannot easily get our heads around the notion of an encapsulated psychosis (say) and so will always seek to label people such as the Yorkshire Ripper (who suffers from it) evil, though in reality the words good and evil simply cease to apply here.

Frankie said...

I would not change the wheel on his bicycle, nor gargle with turpentine, until he quelled the roaring whisper of the bean mangler.
Oh no.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, mr tdg, I think I see that. My example would be that were we to "judge" Mr Mick Philpott and Mr Peter Sutcliffe we would find the one to be of bad character and stupid and the other to be of helpless and thus blameless bad mind. Where and on which spectrum of deviance would we put each of them; which of them gives the greater offence? Is it he who is sane but bad or he who is insane and thus neither good nor bad?

I was and remain amazed and angered that some Mr Justice Slag determined Sutcliffe to be as sane as I, that another Mr Justice Slag determined that the Bulger boys - children - were fit persons to be tried in an adult court.

It is, I suppose, little wonder that the soubriquet Ripper was so readily attached to Sutcliffe. He did no ripping, no disembowelment, no evisceration, just hammering. For the likes of Dacre and Murdoch, I guess, the Yorkshire Hammerer, doesn't have quite the ring of the Yorkshire Ripper.

So, a madman, by any standard, is deemed sane and by nomenclature attached in the public mind to a mythologised serial killer or killers of a hundred years ago.

Totally different characters, merged, this time by MediaMinster, into the same pathology.

It is very hard to make sense and thus perhaps prevent the recurrence of the shocking when,as I entioned a day or two back. all we seem to be concerned with is punishment - of the sick as much as of the well.

Thank you for your thoughts.