Thursday, 4 April 2013


There may still be some people who donate to grand  international charities; here is yet another reason not to.

 This is all about me. And my brother. And of course the Labour Party. But mainly me. Constituents?  Who gives a fuck about them?

Football director and part-time MP, David Bananaman, is off to the States to work for the Clintons, President Hillary Trousers Clinton especially.  


It's just that hundreds of thousands of pounds of   charitable donations will be used paying this arsehole to HeadUp, as they call it, some grand charity or other, probably run, like most such things, by the psychobastards at the CIA, until such times as he can formally take up a post with Hills, the  vengeful, barmy dyke.  


 There were two old ladies.......

 It was geeky Dave, remember, who, as Foreign Seckatry, pissed, on Hillary's instructions, all over the British courts, covering up another example of Uncle Sam's foreign policy of kidnapping, torture and murder.

The Yanks, thankfully, have a semi-latino redneck cocksucker waiting in the wings to give the old boot - and her official husband, Spunky Bill, a run for their money.  For the revolting Clintons, Lord and Lady Macbeth de nos jours, the next election is likely to be a case of Yes,we can't.

The peace and love generation, peaceing  and loving.


lilith said...

These are repulsive individuals. The wailing over Miliband scuttling off was like the war cabinet was losing Churchill, rather than a grandiose idiot who went round the world insulting governments.

We are getting all your weather down here. Must be chilly where you're to.

call me ishmael said...

Where you're to is pure West Country. I remember a Chardian, Les Brun, saying to me Where're their heads to, Ishmael, tell me that, where're their heads to?

Actually, it's glorious here, tee-shirt weather, and has been for weeks, now.

Repulsive is right, though; that the labour movement should be hijacked by such as these, now, there's an epic of deceit.

Tessa Jowell, she of the faux marital separation, she who didn't understand all that mortgage stuff, she led the breast-beating over Miliband major. Enough said.

the noblest prospect said...

Been like watching the telly with the sound off, these past few months.

Welcome back, Mr Smith. How's the sternum?

call me ishmael said...

Fine, thanks, mr tnp, never think it had been ripped open with a chainsaw, which, I swear, is what it looks like. Still who am I to wince and whine whilst great men wrestle with the future of our nation, Salmond and Sturgeon and the great Alastair darling. Oh, csuch mighty folk.

lilith said...

We are lucky to have the great men Mr Smith.

Mike said...

Wasn't Millibrand made a Director and trousered the large football cheque as reward for bringing an African sponsor on board, that's after ensuring foreign aid went to said Africans. In the old days that used to be called a kick-back (no pun intended)

Callmeishmael said...

There had to be some reason, mr mike for bananaman to gild the world of soccer with his genius. It's not unheard of, though, for MediaMinster pigs to trough in th world of professional football, or the gangrapists' league, as they should be known. John Drunken Glaswegian Thug Reid, former home seckatry, istrousering large amounts from the Glagow IRA or Celtic FC, as they prefer to be known among their monstrous crew.

I guess that so talented a bunch as MPs can turn their hands to anything. Just look at his Grace, the reverend Blair, peacemaker, war maker, banker, oilman, insurance man and fuck only knows what else, time some football club bunged the guvnor of graft a few quid, who knows what he might fix for them.

Talking of whom, there was a man jailed this week for killing children in their beds. But it was only a half dozen or so, don't suppose JP Morgan would have a space for old Philpott.

the noblest prospect said...

This'll put you off your tea. What a fucking pair, eh?

yardarm said...

Glad you`re back, Mr Ishmael. As you imply, fuckpig pocket liner Blair authorised the burning of more kids than Philpot, supported by IDS, then alleged Leader of the Opposition. Apparently they both worship God. I`ll bet he doesn`t fucking worship them.

Caratacus said...

Welcome back Mr. Ishmael. Like a breath - nay, a blast - of fresh air :-)

Concerned to hear of your brush with the Grim Reaper, much relieved that he pissed off empty handed.

Anonymous said...

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Callmeishmael said...

Dear mr anonymous,

Will either you or your spam generator, go and fuck/short circuit yourselves; not if you were offering, as a free download - or upload or whatever the fuck it is - the secret of immortality, would I be interested in visiting your fucking site, you are a fucking pestilence and one of your friends, if you have any, should burn you alive. And, if your rancid, shrivelled organs have produced any, your friend should use your children as kindling. And then after you and yours are safely converted into grasy cinders and ashes maybe they could be arranged on the ground, using the odd fragment of unconsumed bone, to make the well-known phrase or saying, this is really good writing, why don't you visit my site? Wow, how so cool shit is that?

Callmeishmael said...

There were only fifteen of the Spivs' Party who voted against the Invasion of the Wogs, Mr yardarm. None have prospered, aside from the House Jazz Queen, Kenny Clarke, QC, MP and so on, a man who has had , more than most, a hand in wreaking damage in major departments of state, give him the tools and he'll break the job, that's always been Kenny's slogan. At least, bless the old fairy, he opposed the slaughter. On the Comrades Nouvelle side, of those against the war, only the ghastly Diane Abbott retains any prominence at all, and we can be sure that she is more cypher than substance, rather like her own oblique socialism.

Verge said...

Ishmaelites know spring has sprung
When Mr Smith breaks out the dung.

(And Millpond will need all the shit he can get if he plans to grow his own bananas on Tracy Island. You should probably invoice the fucker.)

Anonymous said...
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jgm2 said...

The big mistake Mr I was not Gulf War II but Gulf War I.

Then was the day to be not interfering in local politics.

If Mr Hussein, our ally* against Iran, wanted to expand his local influence a little bit then we should have had no opinion on the matter.

It's a bit like WWI. The correct move would be for us (the UK) to have sat it out. The Germans would have over-run France in a few weeks. History would have been entirely different but the whole of Europe would not have spend two world wars and an entire decade wiping each other out while the yanks laughed their socks off and then cleaned up from the sidelines.

* By 'our ally' I mean USA's ally. Either way - none of our fucking business.

call me ishmael said...

Mr Paul Simon's lyricism is often forced,mr jjgm2, as he says himself, by rhyme, 'swhat songwriters do. Simon,of course, also steals barefaced, both from his peers - his shocking theft from Martin Carthy of his adaptation of Scarborough Fair - and from the longdead genius JSBach, Simon's uncredited identical copying of the melody of O, Sacred Head Now Wounded, from the St Matthew's Passion distinguishing the lyricallyl mawkish American Tune. The Internet, too, abounds with claims from lesser American musicians that particularly at the time of the Gracelands confection, Rhymin' Simon ripped them off and defied them to sue him.

Be that as it may, one of Simon's characters, I forget which, maybe someone in Crazy Love, sings defiantly in one of Simon's tepid New York scenarios : I have no Opinion about this and I have no Opinion about that. Ever since hearing that line I have wallowed in it; if only more of us said it. But such is not the world. Every gobby arsehole on the planet,this writer included, is omni-opinionated.

Your suggestion, therefore, that in the matter of the late necktie-partygoer, Mr Saddam's, manouvres or in the case of ArchDuke Ferdinand's violent demise our rulers might have passed by on the other side of Opinion's street is delightfully fanciful; imagine foreign seckatry, Sir William Miscarriage, a lifelong gabshite, having no opinion about something; the world as we know it would collapse.

More prosaically I always beleived Kuwaitis to be a ghastly bunch of degenrate eyeball-munching, coke-snorting, child-molesting arse bandits, flying from orgy to orgy in gold-plated helicopters. And good luck to Mr Saddam, or anybody else rubbing their noses in it.

Anonymous said...

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