Saturday, 20 April 2013



 This past couple of years, the utterances of this old boot have been quoted and re-quoted by the UK Coalition.   Once, she said, theatrically,  When I sink ov 'ow ze UK might 'ave gone if ze poor people 'ad not 'ave been robbed ov zair 'omes an' jobs an' benefits, I shiver, brrrrr. ( old neck trembles from wrinkle to wrinkle and old shoulders actually shiver and shudder)

Athough this brutal observation is now at least two years old, the nincompoop, Flashman, constantly quotes it, as though she said it this morning, in his praise.

Cameron, le bon enfant.

And as if anyone in the real  world gives a fuck what she says

On her appointment to the IMF, you had to  admire how it was universally ignored that if her predecessor, Dominic Cock-Waver, had not been caught-out in sexual harrassment in New York, then  old Christine, a senior member of the discredited dwarf,

 Sarkozy's,  French government, would, come the French election, be down the road muttering, kicked out on her scrawny arse, like the rest of them. 
Apres moi, Christine, le deluge.
Oh, merde, Je desire another job, tres vite.
 Instead of being a useless  old political whore who had   very cynically jumped  the Sarkozy ship  at the first opportunity, Old Madame Cow was presented to the world as a financial wizard, sent from MoneyHeaven,  with mystical powers, a Goddess de l'argent, whom we were all lucky to have robbing us blind.

It has emerged, recently,  however, that she is to be investigated, in May, back home, by a French magistrate looking into charges that, whilst finance minister,  she took a bung from some bent government contract. 

Like Mr Rolf Harris and  so many others, Mme la Vache is refusing to dignify the charge with a comment, concentrating, instead, on her task of beggaring all the decent people in the world and enriching her masters. Messrs GlobaBank, the owners of the IMF.



Anonymous said...

Thick as shit politicians, especially the likes of Wysteria and Towel Folder grope for outside approbation to justify their filthy arseholing. Like Osbum boasting that at least his shitting on the poor meant the ratings agencies tripled A`d our debt; how`s that going, Gideon ? The morons who tripled A`d the shithouse banks just before they went under: thick and greedy.

As you say the IMF is merely a front organization for international spivvery, crookery and dosh juggling parasitism. No wonder Flashman loves it. And as for our regulators: back in the money riot, unable to see the credit balloon any Joe Cunt in the street could see would burst or more likely they didn`t give a fuck, knowing it`d be said Joe Cunt taking the pain, not them. I knew something was wrong when I was on the dole and Lloyds Bank offered me a mortgage. That was in 1995.

Living aside the political filth look at our regulators. The worthless Treasury, always preening itself on its bogus intellectual superiority, the now extinct Financialy Senile Arseholes, whose ex head has now fucked off to Barclays, knighthood intact and the crowning glory of them all, Merv the Inummerate, the man who did fuck all and will retire untroubled by any cuts to his benefits, probably a peerage and more sinecure Establishment jobs than you`d think existed. Meanwhile Towel Folder waits for his successor,Carney, the highest paid benefits bludger in the country to haul him out of the shit. As fucking if, as you would say.

It will only be Merry in England again when we burn the bankers and politicians and use the fucking regulators as firelighters.

yardarm said...

That was me above, apologies for the anonymous.

Caratacus said...

Impressed, as always, by your fluent multilingual ability Mr. I.

How many times, one wonders, has M. Lagarde had to manage the following conversation:

ClubMed Country: Bonjour M. Lagarde; nous sommes dans le merde et nulle mistake.
Lagarde: Zut alors.
Clubmed Cuntry: Nous desires de borrow beaucoup d'ackers - avez vous un dime, peut etre?
Lagarde: Mais Oui. Signez vous ici avec vos sang. Et pressez hard there are tres copies...

Bankers - Je chie eux

call me ishmael said...

Bravo, both. I ell-oh-elled, as the NewMorons say.