Tuesday, 16 April 2013



& now, ladeezangenullmen,
 The Boston Tea Party

My Fellow motherfuckers.  
This is just  to let y'all know that I'm on the case, again. 
And you can trust me to sort this shit. 
 Just like I did with gun control. 
Y'remember how I sorted that shit.


DtP said...

I reckon it's militant smokers who object to these strangely active middle class gimps doing marathon's for 'charidee' when, really, hand on hearts - it's to be smug gimps for about 6 months beforehand and attempting to gain social status by their selfless altruism.

Bit of a strange target, though. At least McVey went for government buildings but random punters, well, hardly terrorism at all. More like twatism - it's like punching a kid or those feral Scally yoofs stomping on a homeless dude. Show some bloody invention, some balls, some - for the love of God, some ambition! Ho hum. None of my business, really.

jgm2 said...

Time for the relatives of the Omagh bombing or the Enniskillen bombing to send their sympathies to the citizens of Boston. Bombing innocent civilians isn't so fucking funny now is it?

You may think, Mr I, that the yanks will have a period of reflection as the realities of 'targetted' drone strikes and 'collateral damage' appears on the local news but I can assure you, having had a front row seat on 9/11 and the aftermath, that the news will instead be full of Jews giving it 'This is what we have to live through every day'.

Still, if the Iraq precedent is anything to go by, it should provide all the excuse the yanks need to kick off in Iran. Or North Korea For sure some fucker is going to suffer.

jgm2 said...


'Show some bloody invention, some balls, some - for the love of God, some ambition!'

Same mentality that inspired the Bali bombing I suspect. They got the cleric who organized/inspired the Bali bombing on TV and asked him the question 'Have you anything to say to the parents of those killed?' He didn't miss a beat. 'Yes!' he said, 'Convert to Islam'.

Which shows you the kind of utter cunts we're dealing with unfortunately.

Verge said...

God help them (us, too) when the nutjobs get their own drones - the other nutjobs, that is.

Anybody else notice something weird, something not-quite-right, about Mr Precedent's delivery? My ears first pricked to this last year when he was front&centre on most news with the electioneering - he may always have been an empty vessel (way to go on dismantling Guantanamo, bossman) but at least he had his chops oratorically, spouting bollocks but giving it some as he solo'd. Now the voice sounds like the after version of a pod-duped double in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or someone heavily (skilfully) drugged. He might just as well be reading a Walmart store-plan. "And head right on over to aisle six for those two-fer-one burn packs, burn-packs aisle six..."

Rufus said...

I used to wonder why all photographs of all politicians showed they with their mouths wide open.
Then I realised that they never have them shut.

I originally typed ploiticians and realised how near it was to reality.

DtP said...

@jgm2 - rather bloody good point about Enniskillen; perhaps the gunrunners, fundraisers and money launderers can feel what fury feels like after evil has come to town. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist no matter what fucked up cause they seek to highlight.

call me ishmael said...

Been having a bad, paindrenched day, nothing that a handful of Tramadol won't disguise as something else but I try, well, I just don't take them all the time and give myself a few days out of every eight or ten in a mediaeval, self-flagellant's delight; no, it's not quite that bad but it's enough to just make one feel ok about cruising through the lanes of TeeVee land, instead of doing something useful.

Today, the mainstream UK channels were switching manically between preparations for All To-morrow's Parties, - as though we were interring Jesus and not pre-roasting Satan's hand-maiden - and this Horseshit from Boston.

Now, I'm liberal but to a degree; I don't want anyone being blown-up, even if they are the sorts of vainglorious monsters that mr DTP describes, which they probably are. I'd much rather that they just ran ubtil they dropped dead, Eddie fucking Izzard especially. So I have the same, usual sort of transient empathy for this lot as I do for any other GlobaShit that I see. But what really pissed me were the endless press conferences, the governor, the mayor, the chief of police, the Attorney General, the useless fuckwit, President Obie, the FBI, the doctors, the man in the street, seemed like everybody had to have a go.

And they all said the exact same thing - they all thanked the First Responders and the volunteers who just ran in and tried to help, as though it was remarkable. It's not remarkable, it's what people do, it's what all people do, that's why we are still here, people help each other in times of trouble. The reason that the politico shits and what we must call Law Enforcement, don't do it is that everyone from the Mayor up to President Obie, in an event like this, will instantly board a chopper and be flown to some impregnable mountain redoubt, and Law Enforcement will, largely, go along, to protect the chain of govament or command or whatever they call it.

Yes, I've noticed Obie's decline, and thought that he was so bad that wossisname would've won, the Mormon nutter, but he seemed to pull himself together a bit, but these days he does look and sound like shit; last night, especially, he hadn't got anything to say - he HASN'T sorted gun control, he HASN'T sorted Guantanamo. I don't know if he's sorted anything, save his own re-election.

And yes, me a man with a visceral hatred for Kneecaps McGuiness and Gerry the Nonce, I forgot the Boston IRA dimension, I wonder how the Patriot Game sounds in the bars, to-night. Has Marty commented yet ? Or would that be too impertinent, even for him?

I'll let you be in my drone, mr verge, if I can be in yours.

That's right, mr jgm2; won't matter if this was the work of an inbred Appalachian child-molester, some niggers'll get the blame, or gooks or slopes

mongoose said...

Never mind all that. Somebody's got to get down to Whitehall with a wooden stake or Mr I will know no peace.

One does begin to suspect though that some poor bugger is indeed for some of the Shock and Awe treatment. My money is on the fat hobbit in North Korea.

Rufus said...

"... but it's enough to just make one feel ok about cruising through the lanes of TeeVee land, instead of doing something useful."
You do indeed have my fullest sympathy if you are reduced to that. The only thing of any merit on the TV is that bowl of artificial flowers that management put there a few years ago.
At present I am working on producing a rubber remote control. One that will not break every time it gets thrown at the screen in frustrated rage.

call me ishmael said...

I suspect, mr mongoose, that, rather like yoursel, I shall never know peace.

Bit fucking late, now, isn't it?

Mike said...

I thought Obama was looking a little yellow - if thats possible?

Maybe onset pancreatic cancer?

Verge said...

Pilot in an unmanned drone - I like the sound of that, bit of mad poetry to it, even if it does sound like the makings of an Irish Joke.

TV is better than nothing - if I recall correct Senor Burroughs once got so monged on Nembutals in Tangier he spent all day staring at the end of his shoe. Maybe he had plans to step in something later...

Trolley Dolly said...

Irish flying joke? Like:

"Ground control to Aer Lingus flight 123. Captain, please report your height and position".

Reply: " Oi'm 5'8 and sitting in de front.

mongoose said...

No, Mr I, perhaps not.

Wrongs and rights, eh? "Relatively light casualties" I see is now the story. Easy for CNN to say but it does depend on your viewpoint. Everyone is either a 100% casualty or they ain't. I said that.

I hadn't read back very far last evening, Mr I. I am sorry to hear of your struggle. More of the big tablets indeed.

call me ishmael said...

Author's note 1.

It was a revised line from Dr Bob dylan's juvenile Talkin' World War Three Blues, mr verge - I'll let you be in my (holocaustal) dream if I can be in yours. Even now, it is richly sardonic. Man dreams a WW3 nightmare, goes to the shrink only to find that everybody's havin' them dreams and so young Bob finishes his ironic epic with a line or two from Lincoln,- the fool some of the people some of time, schtick "I think Abraham Lincoln said that;" and then "I'll let you be in my dream, if I can be in yours, I said that" Which three words, of course, mr mongoose, reflecting an at least partly mis-spent life, uses, above.

Even so, piloting the pilotless, seems an acutely American notion.

Author's note 2.

Dinnae worry about that, mr mongoose, bonny lad. It's not a struggle, it just is. If you saw me walking down the street you'd wonder what I was moaning about.

call me ishmael said...

I saw Obie on youtube, mr mike, he and Michelle cosying up to Lord Paul McFab at some do and he did look yellow, you're right.

Verge said...

Thanks for that, Mr Ish - as you may have guessed, Bobby Zimmerframe pretty much passed me by for one reason and another.

Mr Peridontal turning into Yellowman...stranger things have happened...just a matter of time before he bursts into "Them a Mad Over Me" at the podium...

Anonymous said...
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