Saturday, 21 June 2014



A wealthy British criminal has called on his fellow Britons to travel to the Middle East and make holy war on innocent civilians.  Peepul ov Britun, said the infamous terrorist, I simply say that war is good, killing  innocent civilians for money is the highest calling to which we may aspire.  You are all going to die anyway, why not die killing other people's children? 

I was not wrong before and I am not wrong now and my brothers should  travel to Syria or Iraq  or Palestine and start killing people immediately.  Every single person in these countries has a big stock of weapons of mass destruction which are, as we speak, peepul ov Brittun,  pointing at your homes and your children's homes, just like before.   I will, of course, join you in the holy struggle, in this holy war but only from my fortified office  of Peacemaker General, my holy person must be protected.  And no, there is no contradiction there, I simply say that without war there can be no peace.  And if we don't hurry up my employers in Israel and Washington  will fire me.

The terrorist's official wife, Imelda, joined the call for Jihad.  

 Speaking by telephone from one of her palaces, Imelda said to Radio Jihad, Now look, some a yous scallies might think that my old man is up to no good but if you do there's not'n down fer yous, yous're all no-marks.  My Tony may be a bug-eyed, flesh-eatin', money-crazed  Zombie but just 'cos 'e's one a them walkin' dead doesn't mean yous should pay 'im no mind.  Just look at all what 'e's achieved in the Middle East, (laughter)

 bleedin' place 'as bin ablaze  for fuckin' years, can't ask fer more than that. Get yer scabby arses over here and start toppin' these fuckin' coons. I'm a civil rights lawyer, me, so I can tell yous yous'll all be in the clear, ragheads don't count.

On Britain's Radio Jihad Any Questions programme, the terrorist's former lieutenant and flatmate, Mr Charlie aka Lord Falkender, defended the call to arms. 

Now look, lessbeclear about this, Tony was wrong then and he's wrong now but with respect, Jonathan, that's two questions and with your permission I will deal with neither of them.  The thing people need to understand is that these things are too complicated for them to understand and without Tony - or, indeed, the panel, here, on Radio Jihad - to explain them to us I dread to think what might have happened;  if we hadn't done what we did the whole region might now actually be in absolute, total peace. Which, I am sure you will agree, is not why I came into politics, hic, burp.   Wossat? Why was I made Lord Chancellor?  

Well, it's a rather impertinent question, Jonathan, but I did actually share a flat with Tony for a time  and I always independently and with great integrity do exactly as he tells me   and I can think of no more distinguished  qualifications  for  the govament's most senior  legal officer than that. So fuck off, you cheeky cunt in the audience or I'll sue you.   

Fatty Falconer  entertains a Liverpool ladyman at a government freebie.

Asked by the entire nation what the fuck he was playing at,   useless, cowardly turd, Sir John Chilcott, 

said that his critics should understand that the preparation of a full and far reaching cover-up took time.  Covering-up all this shit and lies and  forgeries and murders and bribes and blackmail and warcrimes and torture is a task to which I bring the utmost integrity and my considerable reputation and I will not be rushed into publishing my whitewash, not until the prime minister tells me so to do. What?  Yes, of course, any prime minister.  They're the people who employ me, not the fucking public; fuck the public. 


Anonymous said...

As soon as Iran gets boots on the ground or bombs in the air in Iraq, the whole shitstorm of the last 10 years is going to be as nothing.

How Blair has not the sense to keep his mouth shut, count his cash and disappear into as much obscurity as he possibly can baffles me. Is he really so vain, so self-obsessed, that he thinks that the first/second cock-up was such a resounding success that we need an encore?

Allowing mobs of muslims to hijack the largest cities in the UK in exchange for electoral victory was another one of his criminal schemes that others are now paying the price for. That price is going to increase exponentially when all the newly-trained 'British' militants come back to Blighty, assuming they can get a passport at the mo, and start issuing yet more demands, get emboldened even more than they already are, start blowing up the infidel in McDonald's and Starbucks.

I despise Blair like no other. A truly vile, pathetic piece of shit, a mass-murdering psychopath. A traitor of the worst kind; still breathing.


mongoose said...

It beggars belief that we may be about to embark on our third Iraqi war in the bat of a psychopath's eyelid.

I must also admit to having thought, when I heard about the WMD blather - ie it's some old crap in a hole in the ground we all knew about years ago but the new mad geezers have advanced past it, and therefore it may be armed and ready to unleash on wee kiddies on the Tube, or on old maids as they cycle to vespers... Well, I thought it was an Onion wind-up. It just goes to show you never can tell.

Good to see you're still alive, Mr I, you is looking like a saint, so you is.

Mike said...

Blair will walk - thats unless some crazy (ie sane) person tops him.

You can't expect the whole political establishment to indite itself, and find itself guilty.

Better one man walks free, than the whole lot be found guilty - apologies to someone.

Mike said...

PS its to Australia's great credit that when slotgob went shopping in Melbourne, the checkout girl asked her to pay.

banned said...

The disinformation campaign seems to be going well. When some BBC Radio bint went to Bradford to ask 'youths' why some of them might be so angry as to want to go to Syria to fight, most of them seemed to think they would be fighting "them Americans wot has invaded our brovvers".

Nice one Tony!

yardarm said...

Chilcott, or more likely some over zealous understrapper on his staff has obviously found evidence of JugEars Warcriminal`s Quisling act of kneepadding before Dubya: then lying his fucking head off, similar to Eden and Sevres in `56.

It shows how utterly corrupt the system is that WarCriminal, Campbell, Scarlett, Straw and the whole fetid crew are not arraigned before Parliament, impeached , their loot seized and themselves sent sobbing to the nick, in the suits with arrows on them. No more making the beast with two backs with Rupe`s trophy bint for you, Quisling.

As you say, Mr Ishmael, since the Jug Eared God of Death and Corporate Whoring was made Middle East Peace Envoy the whole fucking region is alight. I`ve said it before, may Allah smite his Gulfstream in mid air and his severed head be thrust on a stake.

Alphons said...

" Mike said...

Blair will walk - thats unless some crazy (ie sane) person tops him.

You can't expect the whole political establishment to indite itself, and find itself guilty.

Better one man walks free, than the whole lot be found guilty - apologies to someone."

It is not only the political establishment. Every public body in the world is full of deceit and fraudulence. From the local town and county councils, through the worlds religions, banks, civic organisations,quangos,even right to the top of our civilisation (FIFA). Every one of them is stuffed with sleaze and self serving greed.

blackholesunset said...

If I could take over the entire internet and redirect all page requests to this site I would do so without hesitation.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

The images on this page will be of great help to foreigners learning English, needing to know what the word 'jizzmop' means.

But it is hard to blame them. If you saw a turd in a doorway, would you become angry with it - or the person who put it there?

I sincerely hope that this family has made just as many enemies amongst the people with whom they have enriched us. From what I gather, they don't hold their grievances with a stiff upper lip.

Anonymous said...

I think I once cracked a gag here about Imelda having plans for Tone-boy with her trusty strap-on. Now that I've seen the photo posted above of Madame Bouche-de-slot in her Lily Savage kit, I take it back - she wouldn't need one. Now, where's the bleach? I need to scrub my fucking eyeballs.



blackholesunset said...

It should be statutory requirement that all images and likenesses of Blair be captioned "Excrement Mustache?".

call me ishmael said...

An infinitely recurring tryptich from Hell, is Google Images, mr verge, refreshed and renewed every day.