Saturday, 21 June 2014


I heard, this week, of a trio of care-workers, a-ha-ha-ha, going to jail for tormenting a lady in her nineties; bad enough but far worse, in my view, was that her family were smart enough to conceal a video camera in the care home, a-ha-ha-ha, but not smart enough to get the old lady the fuck out of there. They were the usual specimens of my generation, smartarse NewSpeakWhining, post mortem, about things being completely unacceptable. What is completely unacceptable is that even though they knew the old lady was in danger, they still left her there, probably had other, competing demands on their time, maybe thay had facilities inadequate to cater to her complex needs. I'd a put them in jail, too. 

Here's John Prine, who should be available on prescription


oldrightie said...

Unacceptably harsh without facts, Sir. What if the family were broken beyond repair? Albeit you have a very goid point.

Anonymous said...

It'll be a bottle of Scotch and a very long walk in the woods for me, before I'd go to one of those places.

Feck that. Sitting in my own cess, not allowed to leave, playing poxy bingo. All this and more, just 400 quid a week, what a bargain.

As I said, feck that.


call me ishmael said...

It is the ease with which we abandon one another to alien hands, mr or, which is unacceptable and ruinous. I think I heard the family, or somebody like them, they were rich in the babbling jargon of the entitlementista but morally impoverished. What is it which we think is going to happen to infuriating elderly people whom we entrust to culturally estranged, economic migrants on the minimum wage?

call me ishmael said...

I had a red mist moment, mr vincent, when I heard that staff would be "taking no disciplinary action" against the old boy who legged it off to Normandy, like he was in fucking prison, like he needed their fucking permission.

One flew east, one flew west and one flew over the cuckoo's nest.

Nurse Ratchid awaits us all if we are not careful; medication time, mr ishmael; medication time mr vincet. And pretty soon you'll be able to have that nice voluntary euthanasia.

call me ishmael said...

Considerably more, mr vincent, incidentally, than four hundred pounds a week, a proper one charges twice that.

Bungalow Bill said...

I suppose that if we are inclined to flush one extremity of human life down the hospital sluice when it becomes inconvenient then it is no great shock that we neglectfully propel those at the other end into waste disposal units of a different but equally terminal sort. After all, we are only exercising the right to choose what is best for us and for anyone who happens to get in the way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr Ishmael, I too was enraged by the idea that some fat oxygen-thief in a green tabard might discipline someone who risked his life, and saw his mates lose theirs, so 'Great' Britain could escape the German Jackboot, to have it replaced by the Scholl medical sandal, an SS Oberst Gruppenfuhrer super-ceded by the Senior Care Activity Co-ordinator.

Apparently, if an old man continually 'absconds', or is abusive to staff (tells them where to stick their tai-chi classes) they run the risk of being sectioned, or sent to a 'secure facility'. Seriously. Stalag 17.

I'd be in The Scrubs within a week, and the world would be minus a Nigerian bum-wiper on 6 quid an hour.

I'm Northern Scum, Mr Ishmael, so the price round our way for such marvellous geriatric care is entirely commensurate with the quality received.

I have heard it could cost around a grand, A GRAND, a week, in some places. Is it smoked salmon and caviar for breakfast?

Euthanasia, as murder is now sometimes called, is already here, utilised on an epic scale; DNR notices without consent, usually without even discussion; the Liverpool Pathway; CDiff and MRSA; Stafford NHS death camps presided over by the champers quaffing cock, Burn'em. It is used mostly though on the poor, and the awkward squad. No houses to steal, or savings accounts to plunder see?


Anonymous said...

PS. I want my cigarettes, Nurse Ratched!

A mirage made in heaven said...

I have a friend, in his very late eighties, who sadly no longer recognises me. He is 'serviced' in his £500K flat four times a day by two grinning jabberers. Estranged from his family, with another property in the West Indies, his relative wealth is being depleted because these costs will eventually be reclaimed from his estate. And, get this, the SS are legally allowed to make 4% profit throughout this potentially years long process. You/we are not safe on the outside either.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

All these cunts (may i use bad language here) seem very keen on living longer.

My mother is in a (paid-for) place that caters for people in the very last stages of life. She cannot smoke in her room, although her nurses and carers all do, outside.

And thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, this will go on for a very long time.

Now _that's_ abuse.

call me ishmael said...

There is bad writing, mr twenty rothmans, I don't know about bad language.

Whether it's abuse of your mother is for she and you to determine, as far as I am concerned the thought of being cared for by economic migrants or other strangers is horrifying, the potential for physical and emotional abuse is staggeringly, highly probable, inevitable; it is only in the care of either family or highly trained and motivated professionals that the vulnerable might be safe and for that to happen we need to reconsider our economic priorities.