Sunday, 3 April 2011



Northern Ireland cop killed by patriots/freedom fighters /terrorists/conflict resolution experts.

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said: 'Whoever carried out this act offer nothing to the community and have no role to play in our future.
'They have betrayed the community and set themselves against the will of the people of Ireland. No cause is served by this act and let no excuse be acknowledged.'
Mr Kneecaps reportedly visited the deceased  Mr Kerr's family to express his sympathy after the attack tonight and sickbags were said to be at a premium, across Ulster.

Marty also insisted that the copkillers are un-representative, so they are, and that this young officer gave his life for peace.  And Marty should know.  Didn't he act representatively when he was busy murdering hundreds of police officers, who, obviously didn't die for peace now, did they?

From her bed in the Sunny Suicide Watch Nursing Home,

Mrs Iris Robinson, 62, wife of the discredited Ulster first minister, Peter, and infamous, poxy, old slag, said, it is a terrible shame about the police officer,  in his twenties, he was a bit old for me but I still woulda given him one, so I would. No, I can't answer any questions about the money I stole, so I can't, because I'm on suicide watch and furthermore, any questions about me and Peter being a pair of thieving fuckpigs would uspet the peace proh-cess, so it would.

In other news, UK prime minister (unelected), Mr CallHimWinston,

As President Roosevelt said, it is not the top of the middle,
nor is it the front of the end,
but it might be the beginning of the end of the middle.

said that Colonel Gadaffi had  killed many Arab  citizens over many years and must be brought to account, either as a peace envoy to the Quartet, whoever they are, or at the very least be made deputy prime minister of Scotland or Wales. He can even be my deputy prime minister, if he wants, can't be any worse than  Wotsisname, the nutter, Clegg.


In the welter of hypocrisy around the Colonel, mrs woar reminds us of the adage of the moral compasser - Let he who is without snot cast the first stone.


Woman on a Raft said...

Can it really be less than two years ago that PM Snot was axious to be seen shaking hands with the Colonel?

Simply because it is hard to remember it happened, here is the evidence:

Mike said...

I'm sincerely hoping Gaddafi pulls this one off. Then takes his revenge on the suited ones.

Dick the Prick said...

The 25 year old copper (who, let's face it, knew fuck all about the cunts he was getting involved with) lost his old man to cancer a couple of years back and his old mum was kinda fucked. Apparently coppers aren't meant to return home but this dumbest of fucks must have stupidly thought, 'sheet, it's mother's day innit, so it is, and me ol' mum's had a bit of bad shit recent, so she has'. Later that same day; organs spread over a large area, probably big enough to have a nice game of croquet on, so it was.

Semtex too apparently - good job Monsieur de Chasterlain, Bravo! Cunt. McKneecaps could pop it on expenses - it's the right thing to do.

PS - why's Gadaffi got a DNA test scorecard on his chest - bit Jeremy Kyle.

mongoose said...

Dig a hole anywhere on the island, Mr DtP, and you will find some Lee Enfields rusting away into the ground. Can anyone give me a reason why Adams and the unspeakable cunt McGuinness should not be dragged out and disembowelled before that particular mother's house this Mothers' Day Morning?

call me ishmael said...

Not me, mr m, the hypocrisy of all concerned is beyond belief - the chief of the NI police service, Cameron, Robinson, Adama and Kneecaps, it's like Alice in Wonderland, so it is. It was very good when we were doing it, but it's very bad when somebody else is doing it; almost makes one long for Whiskey Maggie and her No deals with terrorists. Saw Adams the\NonceProtector interviwed by mayber a dozen of the press,not one of them asked him the appropriate question, why was it ok for you to murder police officers and yet it's not ok for these guys?

yardarm said...

In their eagerness to do business with Mad Dog they got a bit of a shock when he reverted to type.

And our local Dogshooter MP, Nick Harvey, Minister for the Armed Forces said ' how long is a piece of string ' when asked how long the Libyan operation would continue. It`s comforting to know that the MOD is home to some great strategic brains.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, I heard that piece of string theory, mr yardarm, how long is it, oh, ten thousand deaths, a hundred thousand, a million, the Toiletmen enjoying war just as much as the rest of them, just as long as they can claim that, this time, it's legal. That's ok, then.

call me ishmael said...

The catholic community - shouldn't that be congregation? - is said to be really, especially angry about this, as the peeler was one of theirs; these sectarian fuckpigs, what are they like, eh?

mongoose said...

The McGuinness Bastard was on the radio not five minutes ago: "The people who did this are at war with the people of Ireland, and at war with peace". Dear God, has he no fucking shame? I would hang the fucker in an instant and if I was that bereaved mother, I would tell him stick his weasel words up his murderous arse.

call me ishmael said...

But it isn't just him, is it, shameless? It is the whole apparatus of the state and skymadeupnewsandfilth. How many thousands of people, tens of thousands, killed and maimed in the United Kingdom by Kneecaps and Co, and how many by Gadaffi?

I expect that, sadly, we haven't heard the last of the mother. You know how it goes, victim as pundit or, in Colin Parry of Warrington's case, media star and statesman; it's Ruin, 'avin a dark laff.