Wednesday, 29 April 2009



Dictator of England, Adolf Brown, with his companion, Mrs Eva Beard at his latest photo opportunity.

Nein, ve vill not haff a referendum on Lisbon; nein, I do not need to be elected; nein, votever I do, is ze right thing to do. For you, parliamentary democracy, ze var is over.

Makes a change from children, hospital patients, old people and anyone else too weak to punch him in his snot-eating face; the dead, equally, in Poland, Iraq, Afghanistan, cannot choose who, soundbiting, raising their own vile stature, bestrides their bones.

je touche le chapeau a M Suisse Bob.

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Swiss Bob said...

Thank Subrosa. She's from Dundee, not far from you.

subrosa said...

So very well done Bob, you put me to shame with the quality of my scribbings. Hope others read it, I'll put a note in comments.