Thursday, 19 January 2017



“Unfortunately I am not physically able
 to continue in my current role.............."

Nor were more than thirty thousand  of your fellow human beings, were they, thanks to your repulsive cowardly nationalism.  

Speaking as an Irish citizen I hope he dies terrified; he should do,
so he should.


Mike said...

One can only wish Marty a speedy, non-recovery.

mongoose said...

Amyloidosis apparently, which looks suitably chastening. A sort of accelerated old age, a multiple failure to process proteins, a major actual cause of death in the very old. Of course, Marty used to be a major cause of death in the very young.

Justice aside, the appalling cringe-worthy excuse making from all sides in the name of statesmanship makes my flesh crawl. It almost makes you want to be in a Shankhill bar tonight, get some honesty in. Almost. A glass of Bushmills Green though will be lined up ready. My first this century.

Mike said...

Mr mongoose: 'suitably chastening' - I hope that means painful - like having your legs blown off.

I read Marty has now dedicated the rest of his days to peace an reconciliation. As the iPhone people say: ROTFLMFAO.

Doug Shoulders said...

Nice of the BBC and the rest of the meedja to show his decline in such detail.
If they could just be a wee bit more sombre. Or maybe they’re saving that for later….State funeral anyone?

call me ishmael said...

He will certainly get an IRA. funeral, even if he's not at it, the hard men'll want to dress-up and shoot their loads into the air, like Arabs. Although my wider family was Orange, my father was bitterly opposed to the Lodge and I suppose that at heart I am a republican, yet I view Marty Kneecaps and his boyfriends as being as bad as the SS company which herded French women and children villagers into a church and burnt them alive.

As you say,mr doug, the state broadcaster is predictably sickening - murder thousands and then dedicate yourself to peace. Blair, Clinton and that fuckwit, Mowlam; they may as well have gone down the Tavern In The Town and the Mulberry Bush and shit in the beer glasses.

I am glad, thank you, mr mongoose, to learn that his disease is degenerative and not swiftly merciful.

call me ishmael said...

I remember Mowlam saying that all that people like my cousin, Michael Stone, needed was a hug, when what he needed, as we later saw, was further imprisonment coupled to profound and lasting psychiatric care; she was one of the most startlingly inept politicians of my lifetime, Dr Marjorie Mowlam, well qualified to be leader of the liberal democrats. All these people need is a hug; fuck me, Jesus.

And Mandelstein, the hard men loved him, too; I wonder why. But the most telling image of the Peace Process, for me, is that of Marty Kneecaps and the unspeakable Ian Paisley chortling together, playing Kings and probably Queens, in Stormont, the dead and maimed on all sides having elevated these two evil cunts to statesmanship. Blair and Clinton, eh, at least they're not using the White House as their HQ, thankful for small mercies, me.

Doug Shoulders said...

I hope to see the death of the BBC in my lifetime, but I know I won’t. The decline is already there but they’re so practiced at deceit they make it look like they’re relevant and everybody gives a fuck.
Marty and his friends used to be censored. Now they’re all pals.
Talk about fake news?...Let’s run with Blair being a good guy. Rub the fee payers noses in it.

Anonymous said...

I might have mentioned previously that Marty supposedly came up with the bright idea of tying Protestants, abducted from their homes in the small hours and with threats to their families, to the wheel of a car loaded with explosives. They were forced to drive to army check-points then blown up.
One victim was only identified by the zipper of his jacket which was all that remained of the last moments of a terrified human being. The IRA did this several times then they refused point blank to continue their chief's grim tactic.
Whatever his subsequent achievements as a politician he will always be tainted by this cold and miserable order which horrified even the leathery consciences of his hard-bitten and remorseless subordinates. It was unforgiveable and reveals the mind of a dangerous and callous war criminal. May Hell mend him, the horrible bastard.

call me ishmael said...

Yes it was probably the insporation, mr richard, for our friends in ISIL. And while the Hermanns - but not the good ones, who, naturally, were the overwhelming majority - while the Hermanns did some terrible shit, I do believe that they overlookd that gem of a possibility. I simply do not understand - and have never stopped asking - why we condemn ISIS whilst having one of their spiritual founders in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Someone should drrag him from his sickbed and lynch him. Good luck to you, mr richard, in the coming weeks.

call me ishmael said...

Well, if it survives blaminmg Tony Blackburn for all its crimes, mr doug, it can probably survive anything. I suppose a UKIP majority might bring it down but I can't see anyone else doing it.

Woman on a Raft said...

Courage, shipmates. This time last year we could not see the result of the Referendum or that Hillary could possibly lose the election.

Actually, I don't supposed either of those are going to make much difference. The thing which will matter is Frau M being given a kick in the pants by her own electorate, which they allegedly show no sign of doing, but who can say?

The palpable panic amongst the bien pensant today suggests that Big Money has not managed yet to get the rope it would like around 'the narrative'. This much I do know: narrative matters and the medium which is supposed to confine itself to worshiping Big Money and ordering things online is full of impudent critics and subtext, yea, even unto the Daily Mail BTL horrors.

The true sign of panic will be when the Davos lot start to throw each other off the sled in an effort to regain control of it.

The BBC won't die - and it should not because parts of it do a good job - but my tea leaves say it is due to be broken up in to constituent divisions. This will make it much more difficult for a political elite to embed their propaganda right across its output.

call me ishmael said...

I dunno, ms woar, it is a tiny minority, people like us, which watches the good stuff and I'd happily pay for it and I say this in the light of the fact that although less than 1% of Scots speak or have expressed an interest in speaking Gaelic, we neverthelss fund a full-time Gaelic TeeVee channel - if the vomit-speakers want this awful bloody rubbish, let them pay for it, and if we want arts and science shows we should not charge the soap opera devotees for them. Yes, and we should hang Topny Hall and Al Yentob. Watch the Trump-bashing for me, I have to go out whilst it's on.

Woman on a Raft said...

Have fun.

I am enjoying the BBC tying itself in knots over Melania. What to do: if they attack her, they will be accused of woman-bashing and xenophobia - she is, after all, a Slovenian model. But that is their instinct. Then again, if they do not attack her, they will feel they failed.

So far they have settled for saying she does not look happy and has refused to dabble in politics the way Michael/Michelle did. To my ears, that is good news and betokens reserve and maybe even humility? Perhaps she considers that as she did not run for office, it would be impudent for her to start telling American women how they ought to live and confines herself to running her household conscientiously.

call me ishmael said...

Mrs ishmael was saying that very thing, this morning, how unlike Hillary and Imelda she was, both of whom felt they, too, had been elected, or should have been, or would be. Coming home, I heard Jim Toilets McNaughtie reporting that the Insurrection was now complete, not as bad as his Malapropism with Jeremy, the health seckaterry, but more impertinent.

yardarm said...

Stan has placed his mark on Marty Kneecaps, the same as he has on the rotting Clinton and the prematurely aged Blair. Perhaps Trump has realised that leaving Hilary alone to decline in company with her disintegrating husband, arguing, clawing at each other, remembering what was what and thinking on what could have been is good enough punishment for the rancid crow.

As for the PBC have you noticed a smirking pork pie headed cunt called Purnell ? He used to be a bag carrier for the war criminal, ended up as No Work and Dwindling Pensions Secretary, shitting on the poor and left politics when the other gutless bastards didn`t back his revolt against monocular fuckwit Brown. He`s living proof it ain`t what you know, in his case the square root of fuck all but who you know. Hall is clearly grooming him as his successor. The cunt.

yardarm said...

Satan, not Stan

inmate said...

Here's to a long lingering and painful death, none more deserving than Marty.
Be interesting to here his excuse come the hour he meets his maker. Cunt.

call me ishmael said...

I beg to differ, mr yardarm, for what you foresee as punishment for President Trousers is probably just everyday life for them and while I am not zealous about imprisonment there are cases which merit the offender's temporary segregation from Decency and that she and probably he deserve it, maybe the mong, too, Chelsea, who lives very well off immoral earnings.

Yeah, Purnell, as with all seniot PBC jobs he was just offered it, after his betrayal of Labour, no other candidates, no interviews; they weren't so helpful to Ed Balls but they helped him out a bit, with his public profile, elevated him to the level of a George Galloway.

call me ishmael said...

As I was saying about imprisonment, mr inmate, I usually wince, to hear about it, and so with decline and ageing and death; I am damnably excluded, usually, from gloating, by John Donne's lines about no man being an island but Marty Kneecaps has with brutality and sadism estranged himself from his fellows and I would love to see him brought to court, in the wheelchair to which he has confined so many and to see him end his painful, rotten life behind bars, before some nonce priest is able to absolve him, and the state to glorify him.

Alexius said...

Those of us who know him well, enough, Mr Yardarm, call him Stan.