Sunday, 22 January 2017


In a startling act of political generosity, Labour, this morning, handed the Stoke Central parliamentary seat to Mr Paul Nutter, the down-to-Earth, plain-truth-Scouser and deputy leader of Poundland, an enterprise led, for all eternity, by Mr Nigel Pimp, of Brussels, Washington and London. 
 Yes, yes, he can call himself leader,

 said Mr Pimp, 

they can all call themselves leader butchanowatt? they'll be asking me to go back any minute now, they always do.
We all know, let's be very frank about this, who's the real leader round here, don't we?
 I mean, younowatt, mark my words, the wimmen are the worst Poundland leaders
If you can't stand a threesome get out of the Poundland kitchen,
that's what I say and d'younowatt, I think you'll find I'm speaking for every red-blooded male in the country, 
just you mark my words.
But this time, when they want me back, mark my words, I might be too busy, helping my old mate, POTUS, to keep the Wetbacks out; foreigners, they're everywhere you know, I travel around a lot, at your expense and I can tell you, the world's full of them, foreigners; something must be done, just you mark my words.

During an extraordinary interview with the PBC's Mr Politics, Andy Neil, a man who went to grammar school and then to Clydeside Poly, before doing post-graduate work in the Murdoch sewer, 

 Madam Diane Abbott, a senior Labour front bencher, handed the upcoming by-election to Mr Nutter, on the proverbial plate.

Whilst agreeing in theory that people had voted to leave the European Union, Madam Abbott said that she respected the vote, obviously she did, hers was a party of democracy and the rule of law, which is why they do so much vote-rigging, torture, money-laundering, blackmail and war crime but the very clear facts of the matter were that Britain could only leave the EU by remaining in it; 

 the best way to affect the change so clearly voted for by the electorate was to keep things exactly the same. 

We can leave the EU, if that's what people really want, because they are stupid, but only if we stay in the Single Market, in the Customs Union, subject to the European Court of Justice, and acquiescing to unlimited immigration from any old made-up fantasy nation which, five minutes ago, was a horse-drawn economy, as long as these conditions remain in force, Madam Abbott was content to let us leave the EU.

 Mrs Askey's stated aim, continued  Madam Abbott, of doing as instructed by the electorate, was muddle-headed and entirely mistaken and as for a trade deal with the USA, well, Andrew, this simply could not happen because Mr Trump was not in any position to make deals because he is not the President.

On viewing the interview, Mr Nutter, or ower Paulie, as he's known down the  Dockers' Arms said,
 Thanks big lass, 
 I'm dead chuffed me, over the Moon,
 I c'n ardly Adam'nWossaname it,
 and now that I'm MP for Stoke, me, yeah, me, Honest Paulie, an MP,  I'll probly reconnect the leccy meter  in me gaff, probly get the tax man t'pay fer me leccy, now, anyway, I mean MPs don't pay fer anythin' do they?
Yeah, thanks big lass,  bang-on,
dead chuffed, me, over the moon. 
(sings: wa-a-alk on, wa-a-alk o-o-o-o-on, 
with hope in your heart, 
and you'll ne-ver walk ah lo-o-o-o-one,  
ne-e-e-e-e-e-eve-e-e-er walk ah-a-lo-o-o-ne. 

Nice one, Di; you're a proper Lady Di, you are, 
 for an immigrant)

Warming to her theme, Madam Abbott turned to why it was better all around for her to make important decisions on behalf of poor people who aren't terribly bright.

 Honestly, Andrew, it's like that chap, ishmael, was saying, the other day: it is entirely proper and truly socialist, in fact it is the essence of democratic socialism - which, I may say, the British people are cying-out for, to me and Jeremy Corbyn and some of my junior colleagues -  for me to send my darling son to private school, far away from my constituents, otherwise it might prove difficult  for him to inherit the family business from me, you know what they say, Andrew,  familiarity breeds contempt, and let's face it, Andrew, when it comes to my constituents there's a lot to feel contempt about, isn't there, I mean, I know how you despise poor people, too, and live in France to avoid them. But no, mr ishmael was one hundred per cent correct, if everyone was to receive a good, expensive education, what would be the point of that, where would be the advantage for rich people, like myself and our precious children? 

And quite frankly Andrew, theres' no point in you trying to catch me out on leaving the EU, I have stated the position of my party and myself quite clearly and you must just accept it:  the only conceivable way for us to leave and do right by the electorate is to stay in.

I took a little opium, early this morning, it is a very rare event, two or three times a year, touch wood, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it and  sometimes the  lesser of two evils, and watching Abbott, on the Sunday Andy, I thought, fuck me, I'm off me head, but I wasn't, she really did say all that, in that awful, convoluted  arm-waving didactic no-let-me-finish way of hers.

I used to say about Snotty that seeing someone make a fool of themself  is not a pleasant experience, anyone can do it - a slip of the tongue, an unguarded remark, a contradiction, an inconsistency, a Freudian slip, it is easily done.  Snotty's blunders, however, derived from a monstrous ego, a vast and groundless intellectual conceit and an unwholesome, dangerous  megalomania - instilled, in my opinion, by his batshit crazy Presbyterian  parents; from the certainty that he and he alone knew the sol-you-shun, that he alone divined the right thing for the country; Snotty, waving his rusty moral compass, was the flame-keeper of I-Know-Bestism. 

And so it is with Abbott, one wants, has always wanted,  to give her the benefit of the doubt; she was the first black female MP, but like the abominable Oily Vaz - the first Labour Asian MP - she has milked that distinction and wholly devalued it;  she is a lone parent but it has not ennobled her, for she is a greedy snob; she has defied the monstrous Blair, yet grows more like him every day.
 To see anyone make such a public hash of themselves as she did, today, ought to invite sympathy or compassion but her arrogance is breathtaking, her stupidity astounding and her  assurance  that she can bamboozle those who employ her together invite only contempt.
There has been no shortage of Abbott gaffes, this one, however, is titanic and unforgiveable.
Corbyn should sack her and the voters should pelt her with rotten  eggs and bags of dog-shit.
The self-proclaimed parliamentary standard-bearer of the Left,
good for fuck all. 


Anonymous said...

"A bat into bed" (anag.)

The rest writes itself...


Mike said...

Andy's looking fatter than Abbott. What's wrong with the UK?

Trump has just dealt Mrs Askey 5 aces; yet I read she is going to talk sternly to Donald because he (rightly) respects self determination, backs Brexit, and said the EU will fall apart. Is she really that stupid?

Dick the Prick said...

That was ace. Had got a bit of Clegg earlier so muted the cunt. She was my boss for a bit I think...

Have to nip off to Tesco, back in a mo xx

alphons said...

." Is she really that stupid? "

It is a pre-requisite that all labour politicians are drawn from those people with a very low I.Q.
This is mainly so that those who are in charge can steer them which ever way they desire.

Mike said...

Mr alphons: hard to believe it, I know, but its TRACEY MAY who said she would tell Donald off! I agree with your general point, though.

call me ishmael said...

Just fake news, mr mike, Tom Bratby for ITN in Washington defining all trad mecia as Us and the White House as Them, honest, not invent.

You can't believe any of them, not that we ever could.Peston, it's like a fucking chat show.

call me ishmael said...

Bit late for Tesco, mr dick, mind your step, She was at the home Office, yes, Madam Di, after Oxford.

call me ishmael said...

After being Trumped by Michael Spit, mr mike, Mrs Askey would be insane to beard him in his own den, now that she is at the head of his queue, rather than at the back of Mrs Spunky's. If she did say that I am sure it was just for the BGLTQers benefit, at least I hope so.

Dick the Prick said...

I've been watching the snooker, Mr Smith. Great match, excellent snooker. John Virgo's still alive but you can't have everything. I spiritually despise everything about that guy (it's like immediate, from a distance) and to find that Paul Hunter kicked his ass right out of the building was lovely.

Yep, re-remembered; Department of Health, twice! Almost like it's a death knell. I've been wondering about incorporating families into ATOS type organisations. My chum said the Tories couldn't do a wealth tax - I disagreed.

Dick the Prick said...

Sir, you are the finest writer I have ever had the great fortune to meet.

mongoose said...

It does look as if the Great Orange Donald is going to help drive a stake through the heart of the EU too. How the children wil fret after Thursday. You mean that Theresa didn't berate Donny but just got on with her work? How could she? Proof it is, if any were needed, that they have still not learned. The plug has been pulled. It is now a declining band of the hard core rather than a growing band of the bullied.

Thursday will be great sport BTW. TVs will be flying out of windows all over the country.

Woman on a Raft said...

May's statement about giving The Donald a piece of her mind may have been the nearest to wit we are going to get from her. The real significance is that it is a thumbing of the nose to Merkel.

My understanding of the rules is that currently, as an EU member - which we still are because nothing at all has changed legally - Britain is forbidden from negotiating separately. It is one thing in international politics to make a state visit for PR purposes, quite another to go for a meeting at which separate negotiations might begin. "You are not the boss of me, Angela".

Even if May sat there, having explained that legally she is not allowed to say anything more than "Oh, you!" then the president could - and this one would - purse his lips, nod, and then carry on laying out a deal. This is handy for May; saying nothing is not a negotiation, and she is good at sitting quietly.

Depending on whether she thinks the deal will work, she can then walk away knowing approximately what to expect, and yet has made no promises or concessions herself. Much depends on what the US demands in return.

If he has any sense (which is yet to be determined) he will ask for Britain to operate proper border controls and not to piss-off visiting US nationals, which our ghastly border force has been doing, spitefully. Amber Rudd is a chocolate teapot; if May is relying on her to kick that flaccid department and the 'agency' in to shape, she is going to be disappointed.

Mike said...

Mrs WoaR: for whatever reason, Farage is good mates with Trump. I think everyone is underestimating Trump's intelligence - for fairly obvious reasons. Trump realises what a massive favour Farage did him. First, without Brexit there would be no Trump; second, Farage gave a game changer of a speech at the Mississippi rally (worth watching). After that speech Trump upped his game bigly, and the polls began to move.

Farage will be in contact with Trump, and Kazzam will be in contact with Bannon (both Breitbart chiefs and they are both stronly pro-Brexit).

That. plus Trump being a genuine anglophile, explains why he has called in May so early - in fact, so early the civil servants will have had no time to prepare. And its not just for tea. He will want a big result. We will probably not get the unedited version, but it will be a historic meeting.

May was wobbling, but she won't be any more. Its a reverse Maggie, when she told Bush not go soft.

mongoose said...

Indeed it is, mr mike, and true, mrs woar, that the notion that there won't be any negotiating is childlike in its innocence. The negotiation will be a one- or two-liner, a handshake, and time for lunch. Tariff-free or parallel tariffs for almost everything, some individual flummeries for things like financial services, aerospace, weapons and there we are, Theresa, finished. Then a great deal of tedious detail will occur over the next months and a full public deal will crash onto the table the day after Brexit happens. And Angela and the surrender monkeys can go fuck themselves. "And do let's not have any more fucking windmills disfiguring my nice golf courses."

It is a great big fillip for Maggie May. She just got re-elected. Hence today's manufactured but distracting blather about rockets.

yardarm said...

Every time Abbot opens her gob you can hear the sound of thousands of Labour voters fucking off as fast as they can.

callmeishmael said...

Jon Sox and C4's foreign efitor, is it Lindsey Hilsum? both, today, insanely trying to browbeat Americans into siding with them - a pair of poisonous old hacks - against their own president, if they were muslims Homeland Security'd lock them up. I'm surprised Trump diesn't deport them.

Whatever the result of the upcoming summit, the big losers will be the Susans, Jerry and Diane and Gnasher, the winners Mrs Askey and UKIP, the make-believe Left strewing flowers on the path of the Right, as usual. A proper left may emerge from all this, after a decade of le Pen, Trump and whoever takes Germany but by then it will have no constituency.

Bungalow Bill said...

Yup they're the loudest and the most irrelevant. All that chanting, all that adrenalised girls-together, Trump-enabling bullshit. They can go back to the colleges (where they are remarkably dominant - worth having a look at some of the CVs in the "humanities" departments of these places - the gender theorising is relentless), and talk among themselves and incubate their brood. No actual babies, of course, since a strong woman's place is in the abortuary (though Donald threatens his fascism even in that holiest of holies).

The ludicrous liberal-left, dying noisily while nobody hears.

callmeishmael said...

That's right, mr yardarm, I wonder if she knows and doesn't care, happy to go down with the ship she's helping to sink, she'll have a good pension and enough contacts to make a living punditing about the betrayal of the labour movement, and as we've aleeady seen, she'll eat her own shit to appear on This Week or Question Time, at a grand a time. Once people go to Oxbridge that's the end of them, as a rule.

callmeishmael said...

I am always at odds with myself, mr bungalow bill, about abortion, feeling often that it is not for me to pontificate and then feeling that if industrial scale abortion isn't worth pontificating about then nothing is, hunger and thirst being secondary to the right to exist.

mongoose said...

ANd I think you are right about that decade, mr ishmael. That's a minimum from here. Today's Supreme Court business notwithstanding, this is the high water point of post-war liberal elitism. It's all tears and dragging of feet from here. Maybe the 20th Century has finally ended, as some are saying.

And if Corbyn does really launch his mad amendment, he could provoke the massacre of his party.

Ho hum - I must to London to talk to lawyers. Yeck.

Woman on a Raft said...

I think I may have fallen through a worm-hole to a similar but subtly different universe. Ewan McScotchman refuses to go on telly with Piers Moron. Fair enough. But then it turns out that despite having two daughers on the wimmins march, the Paduan continues to work with convicted rapist, administerer of narcotics and child abuser Roman Polanski. Who only looked good at the time because Charles Manson sliced up his wife Sharon Tate. And I'm thinking...hmmm...maybe revise my view of Morgan?

mongoose said...

I shouldn't revise if I were you, Mrs Raft, but he is not a coward. Link for you and shame on Brett Lee who is. The difference between that and actually being good for fuck all is the problem for Piers.

The Supremem Court have shot some foxes today, I se. What good will that be after Theresa's triumph on Friday. What will they try to do before then? It is all for nought now. Maybe just burn it all down and hope for the best - it could hardly be worse and boundary changes will kill everyone in a while. Maybe "twist" and hope?

Woman on a Raft said...

Thank you. I am pondering the same here. But I would like to see a flash of killer instinct from May. All she would have to do is one symbolic act: withdraw the whip from Anna Soubrey, which will be enough to quieten the others. May's real enemies are on the benches behind her since the opposition blew itself up.

Stoke will be interesting because the mysteriously-funded Hope Not Hate have decided to mix-in to stop Nuttall. (AKA Hope not Soap). They have played one good card; he is from Liverpool. There is a persistent antagonism from the citizens of Stoke which is not fantasy: sharing a region with Merseysiders can be very irritating. His accent is like nails on a blackboard to them.

Stoke could save what is left of Labour by administering a kick in the ballots. Maybe the party would come to what is left of its senses. To save Labour, vote UKIP. We can read the water by seeing if the Guardian suddenly starts advising Labour to listen to its previous supporters or to ignore them and strive for ideological purity. Be funny, though, seeing the great equality campaigners advocate discriminating against a bald gay bloke from Liverpool merely because he is gay, bald and Scouse.

callmeishmael said...

Good summaries, both, dunno if you know Stoke but it's a pleasant wee place, quite nice, interesting architecture and industrial history good scenery and a solid sense of itself. I expect thst there will be many quiet, hitherto unaligned people - as in Scotland- who will come out, this time, to kick both Labour and the Anna Soubrey rabble. That is a good point, mrs woar, Tracey should slap her in the face. I grant you that Nuttall is unattractive to some, a kind of a lol out loud caricature but there will be many of whom he is representative, and many more who will hold their noses and vote for him as a NOTA option.

I can't bear that oaf, McGregor; he won a UNICEF, didn't he, like the airhead, Jolie, a license to lecture; he must be a fully fledged shithead fir people like mr mongoose and I to prefer Piers Morgan.

I have been down to Gnasher's crumbling Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, this last two-day, looking at MRI cross-sections of my cervical spine, the spine is actually OK, well, not too baf,,after a recent fusion, some nerves are inoperably restricted or damaged but may respond to injections, a better option than I was expecting, anyway. That Magnetic Resonance Imaging stuff, it's proper voodoo.

Mike said...

Mr I: I tore a disk in my lower back years ago, playing squash. Absolute agony. No amount of strong painkillers has any effect. Only red wine took the peak off the pain. The quack I was seeing said several patients had reported the same, and red wine was much more beneficial than drugs with harmful side effects. Fortunately after 3 months it healed itself, but still taking the red wine just in case.

Woman on a Raft said...

Maybe stick to walking with Mr Harris and not invite trouble with the hedges this year. I am glad to hear that you are as well as can be expected, as they say in Yorkshire.

Over on Twitter, Joss Weedon seems to have gone bonkers leading to fans asking if he is quite alright? Following his declaration of being a feminista and going on the ladymarch, he compared Nicole Kidman to a puppet (albeit Lady Penelope) because she tactfully declined to be drawn on her opinion of Donald Trump.

This is a good summary:

Weedon followed that up by calling Ivanka Trump a Pekingese (sic) because he dislikes her husband and father, rather than for anything she has done.

I have not got an opinion on Trump yet, except I cannot help but notice how quickly he is moving compared to our glacial PM.

inmate said...

Ah yes, I put up with Cervical Spondylosis mr I, the local Witch Doctor put me on Viox, banned throughout the western medicine world but still available here at the time, 2000's; the Viox brought on a Heart attack for which the local death service did absolutely fuck all.
Have tried acupuncture, physio, yoga, meditation, various other prescription drugs, all to no avail.
I find that the only relief, at times of severe pain, is to be found smoking pure Skunkweed, but I would not recommend it for everyone, as life becomes one long giggle and I couldn't give a fuck about anything.
I hope Paul Nuttalls of UKIPs can take the Stoke seat, just for the entertainment of seeing him whipping his fellow UKIPs MP, Douglas spineless, into line.

mongoose said...

Good to see that you are back passed fit to stand at post, mon brave. There are daffodils that need counting, you know.

Stephen Bannon (sp?) is one for the consideration pot. His latest pronouncement being that the Trump's enemy is not the Democrats but the media. To be so plain is unusual. We talk here about mediaminister, of course, and look the cake-making show has been captured by one state-owned arm of the media and lost by another. And I am supposed to consider this different why? And how exactly? Meanwhile a great chunk of money will flow from one pot to another with fees for Jack and fees for Jill, and oh, what a lovely war. But nothing actually new is taking place. This is just the mills of the establishment grinding a little more finely. Although the Channel 4 socks budget might take a hit, I guess.

It has just dawned, I hope, on those in DC that the establishment - the ones who are to rein in and obstruct Trump, if you believe the theme - are only required to play in order to either make law or to pass new funding. Twitter Donald can though spend his first year just crossing stuff out and rerouting money. No new funds, no agreements necessary. The cake making show is not transferred or refinanced, it is just cancelled.

Our Brexiteers should lend an ear to this and see if it informs their choices. We should do plenty of that and it might keep a few libraries open. But we must remove the triangulation option by which the other team can just whine in the media as they merrily do the actual closing. (Nicola is still getting away with this in Scotland.) One has to be bold to do this, and I am not sure that Theresa is sufficiently so, but Brexit is a once in a lifetime opportunity to slay some dragons and cut back the stupid State. We could then re-establish government as the provider of the framework of civilisation. We do not need them to police our roast potatoes and the degree of browning on our toast, for fuck's sake.

And neither the Luvvies nor the establishment Tories are in any position to obstruct such a course. Not since Blair's first day has there been such an opportunity. Alas, he spent his chance on wars.

Mike said...

Listening to the joint press conference, I thought Trump came across very gracious and magnanimous; Tracey, on the other hand slipped up - she said Trump was 100% behind NATO, and she wished for a strong and prosperous EU. And there was gratuitous nod to climate change. Trump differs and is ahead of her on all these points.

Not a major catastrophy, but it shows she is not well briefed. If they roll out Brenda later this year, and Trump gets to ride in the gilded carriage, and there are no more fuck ups then all will be forgiven.

An interesting slip of the tongue was earlier Trump said, en passant, (referring to the UK) "THEY want a trade deal".

Mrs Askey gets 8 out of 10; can do better.

SG said...

Well Mr I, it seems that the PBC has a problem with 'The Donald' doing what he said he'd do: Outrageous! Someone standing for election on particular platform and then, once elected, fucking doing what they said they'd do?.. Surely an affront to the very principles upon which modern 'liberal democracy' is founded? And it seems that Ter-ezza should have been a little less understanding and rather more condemnatory. It was bizzare, watching 'Gorgeous George' aboard 'The Sputnik' this evening (yes, I know, my life has reached a new low...) discussing Trump in rather approving terms with some Unite Union apparatchik. Some rather good explanations of how we got to this point by various prophets - nicely precised here:

All four parts are worth the read...

In the meantime, some welcome relief from 'fake news' and the recent wave of 'wimmin's' anti-democracy demonstrations (you've got to admire the chutzpah!):

call me ishmael said...

I am beginning to think the same about hashish, mr mike, as you do about red wine, although it is difficult to source here. I have had disc problems for years and back then a coupla joints would have the same, non-harmful effects as your plonk. The opioids just don't do it, the surgeon I saw recently said, Yeah, you still have the pain only you is laughin' at it, innit bro?

call me ishmael said...

Is he a singer, mrs woar, mr joss weedon, or perhaps a nephew of the late Bert- Bert Weedon - author of the infamous Tune-A-Day guitar manual, and thus responsible for les arseholes plagiaristes, like the satanist, Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelion and their anthemic Whole Lotta Rip-Off. He sounds like one of the NewPeople, anyway, perhaps an Inky or an analiste nouvelle, probably both. I must confess to being perplexed at the current Durex advertisement, which is along the lines of Sod the Roses, this Valentine's Day, Buy Some Lube.

I already had an opinion on Trump, thinking that the only good thing about him was that he was neither of the Clintons; his conduct in Scotland, under the protection of Alec Fatman, was pure gangsterism and he needs a good friendly Glaswegian headbutt in the face, the big fairy narcissist. As you say, however, it is refreshing thathe is swift to inaugurate those reforms which he promised the electorate, Congress may rescind them but that is another pack of lies, for another day.

call me ishmael said...

correction: mrs ishmael, I am told, a sometime lecturer in Buffy Studies, is a Weedon afficionado, and I can now place him in the correct ouevre. I had him confused with Joss Widdecombe, or Stone or some other entertainer, although I guess that one entertainer is much the same as another, when it comes to requiring a stout, hot poker up the arse.

call me ishmael said...

Ah, yes, mr inmate, I wrote the above, to mr mike, before reading your comment, although what I have read about skunk tends to put me off, especially seeing what it did to Boy reporter Jon Sox. Used to be, just recently, that OxyCodon wiped me out satisfactorily in a matter of five or ten minutes but I think I'd rather the pain than the comatosis, and the constipation. I must see if I can find some RedLeb, if it grows still.

yes, as I said in the post, or tried to, Mr Nuttall is great enertainment value, and lessbeclear, thassworritsallabout, innit, the 'ouseacommons?

call me ishmael said...

You might be a distiller, mr mongoose, rather than an engineer, for that is a neat and potent spirit. The triangulation idea is particularly succinct, one of the more bizarre insults to the audience being that Labour did not oppose any of the Osborne Pension Pot Cuts, yet decried their impact, whilst, here, in the best part of England, Gnasher suppresses council taxes in order to increase her popularity, whilst infrastructure and services collapse in ruin as a result. We have all said here, recently, that hers is a busted flush and her latest pronouncement: Strugeon Lashes Out At Supreme Court, in the 50p. i-newsaper/comic, will have raised another wave of weary laughter across the majority nation, where people are saying, increasingly, that yon wee woman's mad. I expect that she is pissing herself, at Brexit, at Trump, at a female PM and at the challenge of another IndyRef which she dare not call, those whom the Gods wish tae, hen?

There is, as you say, a tide in the affairs of man and I hope Mrs Askey has the nerve to take it at the flood; it is an unexpected and spreading rout, that of Cameron and Osborne, the Democrats and Republicans, of Frankie Hollande and perhaps Angela Merkel; she must, as the Nobelistas say, keep her eyes wide, the chance won't come again.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, mr mike, could do better, her tut-tuttishness lets her down, correcting and amending POTUS in his own gaff but as you said, he let her go with it, Obama would've pissed all over CallHimDave, sent him to fetch a few burgers, and he would've fetched them, too. If it is a matter of repurposing the export drive I would rather she built bridges with Commonwealth countris, such as yours and tried to educate those fucking snootybastard Indians into recognising that the caste system is an abomination, what price womens rights in a country that burns them alive, blinds them with acid and rapes them, just because, Sahib, just because; fucking savages.

call me ishmael said...

I expect, mr sg, that any day now we shall see the PBC referring to the American luvvies as The Resistance, and then the term will embrace the anti-Brexiteers and "democracy" will become the new fascism. I will go and read that stuff, although it looks as though it has been written here, before.

the noblest prospect said...

Chateau Musar is the only thing I've had recently from the Bekaa valley. I haven't seen a bit of Leb (red or blonde) for years. Got a nice bit of soap bar at çe moment.

mongoose said...

Something is happening and they don't know what it is, mr ishmael. The Trumperoo is, of course, grotesque in almost every way. If it wasn't that the alternative would have been the huckster Lady Clinton I think that we would all be yelling for anything, please, anywho other than this. But our anything other was her and four years - likely eight - of ever-refined thiefdom and an almost ritual I-know-best-and-that-is-deplorable perversion of honesty. I'd vote for fucking Blair before I'd vote for Hillary.

It is though surely that we have Trump because decadence came to the Democrats. Hillary didn't fail; they did. They chose to foist Hillary upon us (them) because they thought that they could. Just as they foisted Obama. Just as the EU thinks that even now - the mad Dutch screwball says - the UK will fail to leave or will rejoin if we do leave. But thta is loser's chutzpah and denial. "Just one last hand, please. One more. I'll win it all back." It's over now. And even if it isn't, it is over next time. A brave new political world dawns. It will chew up the Democrats, the Labour party, Theresa May, Angela's legacy, the EU, the middle east, and the energy industry.

Doug Shoulders said...

Interesting is the hysterics about Trumps’ temporary ban on visitors from Syrai, Iraq etc - Reported as a ban on Muslims entering USA - on yet no mention of Saudi from Trump or our opinion providers in the medja

Woman on a Raft said...

"shall see the PBC referring to the American luvvies as The Resistance"

There you go, getting ahead of events again, Mr Ishmael. Laurie Penny has started to refer to herself that way.

If only: then we could be sure that she would "zay zis only wernce", instead of which she will go on and on and on.

call me ishmael said...

I am not an admirer, mr mongoose, of Fatso Liddle, gabshite and hack, formerly of the Today show, nor of anyone paying the school fees by dribbling in the Spectator and such organs, he is a dreadful bully, Rod, but his rant, on Newsnight, last night, about the discomfiture and panic among the liberal luvvies was as good as good gets. On the same show were some desperate Blairite, Stella Creasey, claiming ownership o0f the moral high ground vis a vis her Muslim brothers and sisters - somebody should tell her that her brothers and sisters - comrades, even - are the working Brits who pay Labour subs, and confronting the superficially docile and now sidelined Olly Letwin, a child, you would think, could discerne between Creasey's bogus hysteria and Letwin's common sense. To hear these fuckers one would never think that they had enthusiasticall, back in the good old blair days, set the Middle East afire and launched MuzzyTorture Inc. I hasten to disclaim any loyalty to or regular viewing of Newsnight and its dreadful giggling rentboy Evan Wotsit, his beards, his giggling and his tight trousers. Man's a cunt.

call me ishmael said...

All these people that you mention, mrw woar, Ms Penny, f'rinstance, is she a relative of Mr Weedon? Le Maquis, are they now, the hissing luvvies? Shame on them, the French Resistance was a glorious handful, only; the rest of them, the Frogs, then, as now, happy to lick Hermann arse, only coming to the streets as our grandfathers died liberating their worthless arses but I digress, this is surely a golden opportunity for the whores and junkies of Luvvieland to prove that they are not just a prety face and an accomodating asshole; they must be loving it, every day an Oscar winners' speech. There is no business like showbusiness; sluts moralising, in greasepaint and Armani.

call me ishmael said...

Nor, mr doug, of arch torturer, Mr Marty Kneecaps, kissing Brenda's royal hand, eh?

call me ishmael said...

I only hesitate about scoring online, mr tnp, because I know that I would be unhappy with cakes or infusioons and would very quickly want to put one together and before I knew it I'd be smoking again, after twenty-five years clean. What a drag it is, getting old.

Woman on a Raft said...

Laurie Penny is a young woman I feel conflicted about because she cannot help being young and I expect I was just as insufferable. She is a writer for titles such as the New Statesman and the Guardian where she turns out material reliably. There are worse things you can say about someone.

Unfortunately she typifies the social conditioning which prioritises feeling good over doing good. Furthermore, I doubt they can tell the difference so that they believe that if they are screaming about someone's rights, innit, that's enough and it proves they are a good person. Like Jo Cox buggering around in a dinghy for no good reason.

When someone claims they are the Resistance, I always think of the character Michelle "of the Résistance" Dubois, played by the lovely Kirsten Cooke. Lloyd and Croft stole the phrase from a drama series and gave it Michelle, who always delivered it dead pan while the audience waited for the inevitable bafflement of Rene Artois, meaning she would have to say it again to have any hope whatosever of explaining the convoluted plans. Gorden Kaye, who played him, passed away last week. It is probably not your thing but I love the silliness of it and maintain that Croft and Lloyd got underlying dynamic of a town in occupation approximately right.

call me ishmael said...

You are correct, I never did see that show but I resist farce of any kind, mrs woar. As I have said, I used to swear by the Guardian and sometimes the New Statesman but as with the Murdoch titles, these days, I wouldn't have them in the house. I know that given what's online these days and therefore potentially in the house that's a bit of a Victorian posture - I won't have them in the house - but we need postures, I think.

As for the young and their forgiveability, well, generally speaking, I don't like them, much less feel charitable towards them. I have mentioned before, seeing a young New Yorker, the day after the Twin Towers bombing, saying What have we done, how badly have we behaved, that people are prepared to do this to us and I don't think I have heard or seen anything comparable since then; just, as you say, a raucous virtue-signalling and a fathomless, materialitisc grievance. The Inkies, the Thumbers, the ungrammatical, the polysexual wannabees, fuck 'em.