Saturday, 10 December 2016


In the United States, a presidential candidate who polled less than one per cent  of the vote in the recent election has called for a recount in at least three states;  the results were decisive,  there is no evidence of fraud and Jill Stein's efforts reflect only pique, an urge for self-publicity and an effort to disrupt and delay the clearly expressed will of a US electorate voting under a long-established electoral college system.  
Christ, sometimes I think the walls of my life are papered with Jill Steins.

To add to this Alice in Wonderland politics the vile  Clintons have lent their own support and no doubt their slush-fund resources to Stein, despite the fact that up until election night they were castigating Donald Trump for his own promise to challenge a result which he considered illegitimate.  In the states whose results Stein is challenging there is no evidence of vote-rigging and the differences between candidates' total votes are not so narrow in themselves as to merit a recount.

The Clintons, of course, will stop at absolurely nothing, would encourage mayhem, even a  civil war if it led to the fulfilment of their ambition;  
that Hillary is untreatably insane 


and that Spunky Bill is dying before our eyes.........

even heavily made-up, 
he bears long-unhealed lesions on face, 
 lips and neck, the bags under his eyes are green and purple and extend into his nose,
 symptoms consistent with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
It is not a moralistic view of a fatal illness which should debar Spunky Bill from a second presidency, just common sense.
Spunky Bill made in excess of 20 logged flights on the Lolita Express, the airliner owned by Prince Andrew's child molester friend, Jeffrey Epstein.  

 You have to wonder why, don't you? 
Devoted family man, dutiful husband, charity worker;  
why is he making regular trips to a privately-owned, offshore  child brothel?
But then you might as well ask why he officated at the wedding of Huma Abedein to serial - and now child - sex offender Anthony Wiener,

I now pronounce you man and victim.
You may now spunk on the bride's dress and offer her a cee-gar.

 might as well ask why Abedein's first-ever job in government was as close body-woman and consigliere-islamista to the First Lady of the United States. Huma's only previous experience had been working on the newspaper of the Muslim Brotherhood.

........the Clintons' tide of filth would make a more responsible and self-aware nation pull itself together, get behind their lawfully elected president and help him to moderate his worse characteristics, reminding itself that he at least has not tortured and massacred any Muslims, has not cruelly imprisoned a generation of three-strikes-and-you're-out  blacks;  has not pardoned and re-armed the organised criminal financial terrorists of Wall Street;  has not massively increased Uncle Sam's nuclear arsenal and has not presided over a lawnforcement open season on  blacks, a shooting spree by redneck cops.

Despite the catastrophic failure and malfeasance of the Clinton-Obama Democrats, despite the hypocritical farce running from the cock-waving Kennedy to the dreadful Obama,  Showbiz America is still in love with them and is trying its best to get them defaulted into the White House.  Showbiz, of course, is globalised and  here, of course, petulant, uneducated airhead  Luvvies cheer-on these anti-democratic behaviours and call them noble, idealistic, humanitarian and liberal, ignoring the fact that from Agent Orange up to today's random drone murder, the Democrats have, abroad,  enthusiastically showered on the weaker the  lethal benefits of pax americana.  
 No good saying that the occupation and rape  of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the support of Suadi domestic and foreign terrorism  are Bushisms, most Democrats voted for them enthusiastically. No Democrat politician has called-out the Bush-Saud connection, none have even queried the mysterious melting of WTC7 and the fact that during the air-travel shutdown of 9/11 only rich Saudis were able to take to the US skies and fly, homeward bound. The Americans have not even had the scanty benefit of a Chilcott-style investigation of 
 political insiders grown hugely  rich on mass murder.

Well, yes, I simply say to the peepul ov Brittun that I will do whatever GlobaCorp tells me to do.

No, I simply say that the peepul ov Brittun are intensely relaxed about wimmen being stoned and hacked to death if they dare to get themselves raped. It's why |I'm a Christian.

There are people, in MediaMinster, who long for a return to Clinton-Blairism, who passionately believe that merely for the colour of his skin, the rotten crook, Obama, is great.  That's what a sensible, literate fellow would call racism;  that Obama, himself, does not refute this arrant and offensive nonsense indicates how very far short of greatness he falls, currently and future-historically  Legacy, my arse.

Here, in Scotland, the best part of  England, a legitimately conducted  referendum overwhelmingly rejected the  idea of Scottish national independence;  that this decision was correct in every aspect is actually irrelevant, it was democratically arrived at, 

yet an administration calling itself government has failed to recognise it and spends its every waking, angry moment trying to overturn the choice.  As in the States, democracy is only OK when it produces a result which satisfies the minority, otherwise it is mistaken, foolish, stupid and wicked.
Contemptuously ignoring the majority, almost the entire Scottish press pack makes no mention of the Tribesmen's anti-democratic, misanthropic and racist heart.

Any British national government worth its salt would - metaphorically, at least - send the tanks in to Holyrood and insist that instead of preaching hatred, Ms Gnasher's  administration should attend, instead,  to its administrative failures.  NHS Scotland, overseen by one of Gnasher's girlfriends,

Shona and husband Hosie, in better days, before he jumped on some MediaMinster bicycle. 

Hide it in a hiding place, where no-one ever goes, hen.
Gnasher, using the Holyrood chamber to comfort  the betrayed Mrs Robinson

is in crisis, mainly due to bad management but compounded, too,  by endless reorganisation of Health into Health and Social care and its attendant turf and career wars;  staff are ridiculously overworked and under-resourced  whilst the SNP's NHS management is predictably rotten and Sicilian;  education standards have plumetted and transport is chaotic; a protracted freezing of council tax has seen infrastructure collapse, once shining towns and cities now resemble Detroit. 

 Gnasher's answer to her disastrous shortcomings - never had a job in her angry wee life, only ever been a deranged separatist, why on Earth would she be able to administer a country of five million -  is to practically abolish local government and accountability, as she has with what is laughingly called Police Scotland, and appoint  a dozen or so regional administrators, beholden to her for their jobs. Y'know, Mussolini-ism. Horrible little fucking bastard.
Mrs Askey, the unelected national prime minister, says nothing.

And we go now to the studios of PBC News 
where Huw Welshman has this for us.

Yes, and Good Evening from the Six O' Clock News, with me, Huw Welshman. 
And tonight's top story is the remarkable triumph 
-  some would call it a veritable national salvation, although I'm certainly not one of them, look you, I should fucking co-co -  of Princess Teeth, in the Richmond by-election, where she unseated richboy Zac Goldsmith.

First of all Princess Teeth, congratulations, and you've only just become a ShitEater, haven't you?  Sorry, I mean a DogShooter, course I do.  What was it attracted you to this shower of degenrates in the first place?

Well, thanks Huw, and first of all I know nothing of politics, I only became a member of my party - is it the LibDems, OK, woddevah -  afew weeks ago; no, I wasn't  a member of politics until a few months back and then I thought, fuck me, make the right noises and I could be on a hundred grand a year.  And apart from that I am truly a liberal, myself, I believe in foreigners, yes and buggery too, it's the mark of the country I love, the country I want back.

And my leader, Susan Farron, he is the very great man of British politics, and now, after my victory, the clear leader of the opposition.

But, Princess Teeth, that's all very well, but what about Cyril Smith, and the little kiddies?

And what about Clement Freud and the little kiddies?

Ye-e-sss, Her Majesty has seen fit to award me the Order of the Beast, for my services to child molestation, ye-e-essss and the PBC, who were kind enough to give me so much employment.

And what about Straight Simon Hughes and his infamous  Queerbashing? 
And what about Jeremy Thorpe and the rentboy?
And what about Charlie Kennedy and the dipsomania ?
And what about Chris Huhne and his going to prison for lying his smarmy arse off, not just to his loony Mrs -  a regular commentator, I must say, for us here on the PBC, on economics matters - 

but to parliament, to the police, to every bastard, in fact?

And what was it about Mark Oaten, 
that attracted you to the LibDems, 

was it the shit-eating from a rentboy's arsehole
 or was it his simultaneous firm, uncompromisingly
 ethical stance on what we might call pussy-prostitution?

Well, he did have hair-loss issues to contend with, didn't he? 
And if his wife can stand-by him I just jolly well think that we  as parliamentarians should, also. 
That's the kind of Britain I love and want back. 
A Britain that is tolerant of others' choices, apart from Brexiteers and other stupid racists, obviously.

And your fat minder, there, 
Big Al Carmichael, the one who's been grooming you, he's a crook, too, isn't he...

dragged through the Scottish courts
 and humiliated by the Tribesmen.

Humiliated, did you say,  humiliated, a  Liberal Democrat?
I might know fuck all about politics or anything else, Huw,  but I do know that LibDems don't do humiliation. 

And a politician being described as a crook and a liar, Huw, 
that's not how we  do politics in my kingdom of Orkney.

Princess Teeth, you have said you now have a mandate to overturn the result of the Euro referendum.  
How's that?

Well, clearly, Huw, I won the by-election.

But the Brexiteers won the referendum.

Yes but only just  and anyway they are all racist and stupid.
  And my victory was overwhelming.

Well, actually, Princess, you won forty-eight per cent of your vote, didn't you? You only just won.
And the so-called Brexiteers won fifty-one per cent of theirs. So they are actually more convincingly democratically mandated than you, aren't they?  And viewers will want to know whats so special about 20,000 disgruntled Tories in Richmond that outweighs the votes of seventeen million all over the country. 
I mean, how is that democracy?

Well, Huw, I'm not here to trade statistics. 
The fact of the matter is that the people of Richmond have spoken and my mandate is to overturn the referendum. 

But what about the fact that you got forty-nine per cent of  the vote and you are now determined to trash the forty-five per cent who voted for other candidates, what about them?

I think, Huw, if may interrupt,  as leader of the now nine-strong LibDem party, and just say  that under my leadership we are now, quite historically,  actually Her Majesty's loyal opposition, and I assure your viewers that we will overturn the Euro referendum;
it's why we are called democrats, and it is our duty to correct voters when they, as they have in this case, get things very, very wrong. 

And what about the rumour that your party bribed the Greens, all one of them, not to field a candidate against you, and split the anti-Brexit vote ?

 Well, Huw, anyone who knows the Liberal Democrats, and understands our policy of giving solemn and binding undertakings to the public will be able to judge for themselves as to whether or not we are capable of things like that.

That was the arse-worm, Susan  Farron,  there for us, talking, as usual, like a cunt, or thinking that you are all cunts, or probably both,  out there, beyond MediaMinster. 'Salright for me, I get paid for putting up with the scrawny little knobhead but you actually pay money to watch me interview him. It's the weather, now, with Jayne Tits.  Yeah, I know, it's on about every fifteen fucking minutes. Drives me fucking mental.

After that we have a special programme for you, a special called  Strictly Supreme Courting. 

Charting the Showbizzing of Everything,  we will see a gang of wretched old lawyers, now given the legal equivalent of BAFTAs and Oscars and Emmys, Lord Justices Slag, all showboating their arses off.  

We join them now as they consider the matter of 
HM Government  v. Mr Jamie Oliver et al 
 and Lord Justice Mervyn Slag seeks clarity from counsel on a crucial legal issue.

Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah I am in some difficulty here, Mr Eadie, and seek your clarification.

 My lord, I stand ready to be paid lots of money,
 I mean to assist the Court.

 Yes, I'm grateful, and perhaps you would be kind enough to explain the situation, ipso facto, of the celebrated and learned television cook,  Mr Jamie Oliver, vis a vis this wholly unlawful referendum which inter alia  you persist in defending.

 Mr Jamie Oliver, my lord?

Yes, you must know him, surely, Mrs Lord Justice Slag never misses one of his shows on the Food Channel.

The Food Channel, my lord? 

Yes, and probably the Yesterday Channel, too. 
And one I verily believe to be called David, Channel David.

 I am afraid your lordship has the advantage over me. 
 I have never heard of any of those things.

Well, if I may interject here..... ? 
I am grateful to my brother judge. 
Mr Oliver is a most accomplished and, one must say, jolly entertaining cook; and he has said that if  Britain votes to leave the European Union he will leave the country. 
Taking all of his rather clever recipes with him.

And my lordship's point is....? 

Well, my point is merely that the court must proceed on the basis of   a fortiori, meaning that because one fact is true, that a second related and included fact must also be true. Ergo, ipso facto, it follows that if Maestro Oliver departs the country then not only will the stupid people have won a victory a propos the referendum but they will have also driven from our shores a cook of rare and valuable insight. 
 I so love how he puts a chili or two in absolutely everything, fera good bitta heat, as he says, and how he drizzles some really scrumpshus olive oil over everything 

and then bish-bash-bosh, everyfin's lubbly-jubbly, delish, an' I'm really lovin' all them flavours. 
And so on ad infinitum.

I think your lordhip means ad nauseum.

I am sure I speak for the entire Strictly Supreme Court when I remind learned counsel for this proposed act of high treason  that it is not a matter for levity, the fact that so many rich and famous people grow lamenatious at the prospect of  poor people having their  voices heard, much less obeyed.  
Chef Oliver 

Not Brexit, I'm so gutted.

and his friends....

A marketing expert, some fat, stupid cunt,  an ageing bimbo.

and a dirty, filthy bastard who must have, by his contempt for food hygiene,  spread a national plague of irritable bowel syndrome, the NHS should sequestrate his fortune; if he'd ever worked in a proper kitchen he'd have been down the road, muttering. That this horrible dirty, greedy bastard  threatens to leave the country should elections not proceed as he wishes, well, as snesible people are now saying about those who make such threats - well, go on, then, fuck off, nobody cares.
Prominent anti-democrats, the celebrity fascists.

.......I mean, now that we are all in showbusiness,  these and other worthless celebrities  like them must be heard. 
 Otherwise, in legal terminology,  nos omnes futatum, we're all fucked
The Court will rise to not consider its verdict.
I can be contacted through my agent, who will consider any TeeVee opportunity in line with my very high standards of greed.

That was Stricly Supreme Courting there, and it'll be back in the New Year.  
You have to ask though, don't you, if every time a government was elected all the people who didn't vote for it, took everybody who did vote for it to the Supreme Court, then what the fuck would happen?  
I mean, isn't it, nobody in the country voted for a Coalition government, it wasn't even an option, look you,  where was this gobby bitch, then?

Over 'ere, dahlin' over 'ere!
Getya tits out luv?  Fer the cameras?
G'wan, y'know ya wanna. 

Lean forward a bit, luv;  smile now.

 I simply don't understand this.  
Who is this person and why are the Courts even entertaining her?  Her action is entirely political, aimed at overturning - or delaying and disrupting to the point of failure - a legally arrived-at national decision.  If there are pinstriped Tory lawyer, mealymouthed lickspittle fuckpig spiv laws preventing the swift enactment of the so-called Article 50 then the Court should strike them down.  Instead, like a gang of Lilliputians, their lordships pompously dance on pinheads, anxious to persuade  a watching nation of their cleverness. Ensuring the passage of the democratically expressed will of the people should be their very first duty and priority; if they cannot do that they cannot do anything.  They should mind  that  they are not dancing on the head of a pin but on the end of a rope, pompous gits.

And just when you thought the comedy was finished it's over now to Question Time, with David Bullingdon 

I was proud to wear uniform of Bullingdon Club, admits David Dimbleby

Being a former member of the Bullingdon Club is nothing to be ashamed of, David Dimbleby, the BBC broadcaster, has insisted. However, he claims that the exploits of his day did not resemble the “disgusting, disgraceful” behaviour of Boris Johnson.

from the Filthograph.

and probably a shitload of other  tossers.

Just as long as they don't have that pissawful Sue woman. 
 Do you know viewers, the PBC have been finding shit shows for her since she left Oxford fucking decades ago, none of them any fucking good, all the appeal of rectal surgery, she has, Pissawful Sue, 

anybody else and they'd a been dropped decades ago, say it was someone from Merthyr Tydfil fucking Poly, look you, they'd a been dropped like a hot potato, but not Pissawful Sue. Probly threatened them with an LGBTQ discrimination  case unless they kept her on indefinitely. They do that, you know, the homos. And now, God fucking help us, she's struck dyke paydirt with that pastry show, the one with the dug-up old lady, and  that scouse git, the one with the highlights and the snuffler's beard, Paul Puddings'n'Pies, that's him, a narcissistic fuckwit,  a painted old hag and a sneery carpet muncher.  No, no, it's not me, dwelling on her lesbianism, it's her. She, well, none of them, can pass five minutes without mentioning it, as though anybody could give two fucks.  
Sue Mack-Gregor, though, and Kate Adie,  they were proper wimmen, succeeding in a man's world, not pissing themselves over chocolate fucking eclairs. 
Anyway, Question Time, it's on now.

And Will Self, you're a worthless,  Oxbridge junky layabout,  
you are famously skilled at, well, at being lugubrious and arsebleedingly pretentious, what's your considered view on the Brexit error and how it might be remedied?

Well its obvious, David, isn't it?  
All these people, Nigels's lot,

they all just wanna live in the past, don't they?
They want to reinvent spinsters. And bicycles. And that's why they voted for Brexit.  To live vicariously  although contemporaneously in the past. That's all they talk about, the past.....

But let's be fair, as a light entertainer yourself, didn't you famously live in the past when you were doing that awful show, 

Grumpy Old Men?  
You were just endlessly complaining that Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be. Weren't you? Everything modern was wrong, wasn't it, everything?

Yes, David, but as you know, I was only doing it for money, I didn't mean it. I don't actually, existentially speaking, mean anything. I just say things in order to put a decent claret  on the table, perhaps the odd bag of heroin;  for the money.....

Rather as you are doing this edition of Question Time?  And, indeed, all your other media appearances?  
Where you pontificate on the inadequacies of ordinary people? 

Well, you may say that, David, you may say that. 

Well, yes, I do say that.

But the difference between me, as a performing artist, and all those  thick people from Northern, who merely produce goods and services, is that I say what I am paid to say,  or will make people laugh, whereas, David, they say what they mean. And let's face it, what sort of a world would it be if we listened to people like them?

 I believe in the idea of the Law; it's just that I don't believe in lawyers; they are, largely, vermin;  there's the odd good one, like there's the odd good policeman, but mostly they are vermin.  By lawyers, I mean to include judges, or jurists as they like to call themselves. I have met a few close-up and  I cannot think of a good judge in my lifetime and working on m. alphons's favourite maxim about the scum rising to the top I am inclined to believe that the more senior the judge the more of a bent arsehole he or she is likely to be and that every member of the Supreme Court should declare any European interests they may have, be they holiday homes or family members working or residing in Europe. Most senior judges will be public school/Oxbridge and thus almost congenitally opposed to upholding the rights of those outside the charmed circle of celebrityhood.  The Brexit  matter should not even be in the courts;  that it is being decided by people like this 
is an outrage.

As for  obstructive, anti-democratic MPs on all sides, their position is laughable.  Considering the feelings of the other  forty-eight per cent my arse. When did we ever see a government do that?  The minute a government is elected, even with a minority of the popular vote,  it just does whatever the fuck it wants and bollocks to everybody else. And as we saw with Junky George and Call Him Dave and the wretched Clegg, they just went ahead and even did shit that they'd never mentioned doing or said that they would never do -  Lansley's immediate moves towards privatisation of the health service, Osborne's rise in VAT, Cameron's gay marriage and the full frontal assault on disabled people, on behalf of fit and wealthy, crooked  bankers.

Jill Stein should be jailed for causing a public nuisance.  The Clintons should be jailed for any number of offences.  The International Court should arrest Tony'n'Imelda and confiscate their Proceeds of Crime fortune, pending their trial.  Gnasher should be warned that she faces direct rule unless she stops acting like a  banana republic dictator;  Mr Tiny Speaker should call Susan Farron in for a quiet but meaningful word and Mrs Askey should proceed without any further delay to implement the wishes of the majority of British people.

Instead, we shall see more of the same, until a dread alliance of  airhead celebrity, bent lawyers, bent hacks  and even more bent  legislators gets its own way. 
Either that or we'll have a war. 
I know which I'd prefer.


yardarm said...

A number of nails well hammered here, Mr Ishmael. AIDS is the best explanation for Spunky Bill`s visible decomposition. When those two are rejoined with Satan their true history will emerge, enough to make our flesh creep. And on Spunkstain being a nonce, that Huma woman married one, disgraced Congressman Anthony Wienaar (unfortunate name), a complete cunt, as you`d expect.

Didn`t know that wanker Oliver was crybabying about Brexit. If I`d known he`d promised to fuck off I`d have voted for it myself and I`d be even happier to hear that he`s fucked off from this world altogether.

And as you say, no bastard voted for a Coalition and no one went sobbing to the Supreme Court but there`s more to this than just Brexit. If the judges say as they probably will " Okay, we agree with you Brexiters that Westminster is supreme " and bat it back to Parliament all Treeza has to do is introduce a bill kicking off Article 50 or repeal the 1972 Act. Fuck the Lords she`d get it through the Commons and if she doesn`t she`ll call a General Election which she`d win. So how would Second Referendum crybabies like Farron make of them apples ?

I suspect the Government chasers are fighting it and all eleven judges are crawling over it because it involves use of the Royal Prerogative and it will create a precedent. So if Bad Vlad steams into Estonia and Treeza says " Under the powers devolved to me from the Middle Ages I invoke Article Six of the NATO Treaty and start a war in which we`ll get our arses kicked " then some bastard can say " Oh no you don`t, not without a vote ".

Whether that will do the slightest bit of good is more of a mystery.

mongoose said...

It is now starting to resemble that which we have predicted before - those inside the tent of whatever political favour - care only for pissing out onto the populist, false news peddling, non-zealots, the non-PC untermensch. The latest false news example BTW, folks, is false news.

A short line, while I am here, to point out that while we are certainly become scum, Will Self has always been a cunt.

Caratacus said...

"The minute a government is elected, even with a minority of the popular vote, it just does whatever the fuck it wants and bollocks to everybody else." Yea verily, Mr. I, you have described 'democracy' with your usual unflinching accuracy.

On the matter of lawyers, I tend towards the view of Dick the Butcher in Shakespeare's Henry VI and I don't care if he was playing Devil's advocate - there is many a truthful word spoken in jest.

Alphons said...

I reckon that that just about sums it all up. I had hoped that the ousting of Tony and his band of pirates and brigands could lead to better government, but as you confirm above, the scum, in all its guises, seem to be able to thrive on it all.
What we really need is a political deter gent, something along the lines of a successful Guy Faux.

Mike said...

For all its faults, and there are many, the good 'ole US of A has the second amendment. The founding fathers rightly identified the need to make sure the people's representatives minded their manners. I have no doubt that if they stole the election from Trump there would be civil war. And some of the redneck's are well tooled up, and its anyone's guess which side the police and army would be on - probably Trump.

On the other hand, I am equally in no doubt that if/when they steal Brexit there will be some shrugging of shoulders but little more in the UK. Like the domesticated cow, all fight has long since gone. Fortunately, its likely that Italy and/or France will do Mrs Askey's job for her.

Democracy? Don't make me piss myself laughing.

callmeishmael said...

Not, mr mike, according to Mrs Clegg, who insists that everything in Euroland is actually ticketyboo. Can you get This Week, down there - Down, of course being a subjective and Eurocentric concept, for in an infinite universe who the fuck knows Which Way Is Up - because she certainly personifies the triumph of gob over intelligence and the show, for those with a strong stomach, is compelling. La Cleggo even made the pitifully weak-minded Liz Office Manager Kendall look as though she was finally recovering from birth-defect retardation. Christ, mr mike, you dunno, at the other end of the world, the sewer-flow of crass, conceited, shitmouthed, arseworm retards with which the PBC floods our living rooms. Sometimes the Casebook of Doctor Blake seems, by comparison, intelligent and sophisticated and I turn to it for comfort, to it's strangs '50s Aussie cars, its pinchwaist ladies' fashions and its odd, immigrant mannerisms. Never see a blackfellow, though, not even in the cells.

I said a few weeks ago that redneck America was tooled-up and ready to fight, anybody, really, but certainly the anti-Chist of anal sex- crazed liberal East and West Coast faggotry. And as you say, there's no way of knowing how lawnforcement might jump, nor the National Guard. Most of the regular militarians might turn on the citizenry, that's why they joined, but the Trumper has been whispering sweet nothin's to the Vets. Who knows, maybe there's a New Confederacy, waiting in the wings.

That's probably correct, about the Brits, but a few badly- handled, Orgreave-style horsey, kettling events could, in these Twittering days, set the place afire.

call me ishmael said...

it also, mr mongoose, highlights a national discord, largely but by no means exclusively between London and the Rest. It is also, as with the Rout Of Hillary, wrongly presented as a clash between the educated and those denied education. My own view would be that anyone voting for the Clintons was demonstrsbly acting stupidly and that there was, thus, a misapprehension regarding the value of a college or university education. We have discussed at length, here, the merits of craft and trade skills with those of hugely devalued and actually worthless post-Blair degree courses, completed by illiterates, going to what they call Uni. Aside from any constitutional issues this inversion of the relative values of skill on the one hand and bullshit on the other needs urgent reversal.

I have some skills, some education, some poetry and an engineer's instinct, if not his learning, and I think that the Bremainers demonstrate only an ignorant, flatulent irritation at the rejection of a worldview which was never even their own.

Mike said...

I'm no constitutional expert, Mr I, but I think there is something forbidding the use of military on home soil. That's why they have the National Guard, who are one and the same as the tooled up rednecks. And Trump is loaded up with Generals. No, I don't see lawnforcement fightin' fer Hillery.

On the other hand, I have no doubt that the UK military would shoot on the citizenry - they already have. At a kettling event a year or so ago, I think I commented that some of the coppers (strangely without numbers) were also wearing army issue combat boots. The coppers, the wannabe Rambo's would not hesitate to fire. And isn't there some EU edict which allows Greek/ Italian whatever forces to intervene if necessary?

I'll look out for La Clegg, but make sure I have a large brandy close by.

call me ishmael said...

He is a disease unto himself, Clinton, mr yardarm, but he does appear to have something terribly wrong. One hopes that he hasn't given it to the children enslaved by Epstein and other filthsters but one expects that he has. We need mr verge to rewrite Hunter S Thompson, something like Fear and Loathing in the District of Columbis. A scabby, decrepit, suppurating old man, urging, It's OK. liddel girl, Mr Bill's cock ain't gonna fall off in yer purty liddel mouth. A room littered with urine soaked pants suits and discarded wigs and a wild- eyed, naked old lady, screeching, Give it to her Bill, dirty little slut, fucking little bitch is no kinda feminist, shove that scabby, pustulating cock down her stupid little throat....

Time, as you say, will tell.

call me ishmael said...

I do believe that fellow EuroFilth are empowered to intervene across the Union, mr mike, an extension of the damnable EU arrest warrant; there also exists a provision for the EU-wide death penalty. An intelligent person would consider these ample reasons to leave.

mongoose said...

It does seem, I think, mr ishmael, that TPTB are angling to establish an American-style politically-opinionated Supreme Court - as another wall between the ruled and the rulers.

That is not the same thing at all as the Rule of Law, indeed it fatally undermines the concept, doesn't it? Be thee ever so mighty, the law is above thee and all that jazz. Apparently not. Not if Daddy knows best. IMHO, that is, end etc. It is surely not the fuck alright to allow one's personal sympathies to impinge upon one's legal decision-making, I am afraid. That is decision first, justification afterwards. And I thought that the presumption was that if it is not expressly disallowed, then it is allowed unless it is outlandish.

The dual attempts at frustrating the will of the people either side of the Atlantic will make interesting viewing though. The establishment media has become a cleint state all of its own and should take care. Fasle news and data-snooping are about to amount to thoughtcrime, and that will be the end - certainly of the BBC.

The Tories seem to have decided that the Euro boil is to be lanced once and for all before the mess comes crashing down - once again the ruthless bastards positioning themselves to make best advantage of the disarray of everyone else. There will be plenty of pickings. Has Mistress May got the balls of steel required to pass her Great Repeal Bill? Burn it all down, Theresa. Fuck 'em.

The Irish BTW are seriously wetting themselves, as well they might. Only God and Guinness to keep them warm in the winters to come. They'll be tapping at the door cap-in-hand to be let back in at this rate.

Anonymous said...

There may be more learned Ishmaelites than me who could nominate the precise rhetorical device employed when you imagine someone else's imaginings and proceed to describe something unspeakably vile...not that I'm complaining, mind you. Flattered as always. (And maybe not so much a Fear & Loathing remix as an update of Uncle Bill's Roosevelt After Inauguration ("nothing like a baboon's prick in the ass as a cure for the piles, boss.")


callmeishmael said...

As mr mike suggests, mr mongoose, the Brits have grown timid, distracted by the unBeautiful Game and by Pudding'n'Dancing shows they/we are unlikely to revolt, those balancing precariously on the Property Scaffold, those desperate to get a toehold on it are far too wretched to consider even a general strike much less a revolution; Whisky Maggie snared enough of them and brutalised the rest; Tony'n'Imelda, Jack Torture, John Pies and Snotty Brown, together with union baron scum eviscerated any remaining workers' spirit. I saw the fat cunt, Prescott, on the box, the other night and wished him a shocking and painful death, feeling that his betrayal was the greatest, selling- out his former mates for a meaningless job title, roasting the poor of Arabia for an over-the-desk fuck with a scrubber and then lumbering awat to a peerage and a lifetime of free pies. Did he not know thst they were laughing at him, when they called him Deputy Prime Minister?

I think that the Supreme Court is already what you fear it will becomea d putting a bunch of vain, posturinggabshite WeKnowBesters on the telly will only make tham worse.

I don't know how many flatly reject the idea of slavery-as-career, how many of the ruled despise the rulers as much as I do, there seemed to be a fair sprinkling of them with the Occupy movement but I don't know what happened to that, perhaps too much pepper spray in the face, too much. kettling. Maybe the continentals will, for once, inspire us and there dies seem to be welter of very sound contrarianism on the US youthing, much of it driven by Clinton-hate and MSM-hate.

I hadn't given the Free State any thought, I will have a look at its doings, so I will.

Alan Cromwell said...

I think the most probable explanation of the Clinton's health is that Bill has AIDS and Hillary has advanced syphilis. As shown in the recent presidential election the media are fully on board disguising the symptoms (as they did for FDR affliction in former times).

I will refrain from commenting on the disunited kingdom's "supreme" court debacle as you have summarized it so well.

In other spaces I was amused to hear that the camoron believes he lost the referendum vote due to populism, think on that, the moron cannot even discern his unpopularity was a major factor in the disastrous loss.I have stated before that the success of the referendum vote was in no small part because voters saw it purely as a vote against camoron.

call me ishmael said...

In living memory, mr verge, the Lord Lieutenant or High Sheriff would invite the local great and good and their wives to watch Mr Albert Pierrepoint at his 8.00 am trade. After a slap-up breakfast the guests would return to the Topping Shop to see the hanged man pronounced dead, after an hour's post-drop suspension. Elite pornography for the county elit.

One of the events which has freaked me right out was the assembling in what they call the Situation Room of the Clintons, Barry and Mick Obama and Lord knows who else to watch the Mr and Mrs bin Laden snuff movie and to subsequently describe their sick voyeurism as heroism. Arrest, extradition, due process and trial, that would have been heroism and exemplary, watching l'homicide verite, that's just obscene. Satan only knows what these freaks get up to in private.

call me ishmael said...

It is the new "voter apathy", populism, Mr Alan Cromwell, a hugely impertinent way for the filthsters to descibe our hostility to them, cheeky fucking bastards. I think that Call Him Dave was speaking Stateside, wasn't he, not got the nerve, I shouldn't think, to come the old soldier here, not yet, anyway; worthless piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

A chapter of JG Ballard's Atrocity Exhibition - I think probably "Why I Want To Fuck Ronald Reagan" - was published as a booklet by a small bookshop in Brighton (late 60's/early 70's I think.) Decent folk took offence and engineered a police raid; the bookseller-publisher was up on a charge and his lawyer interviewed Ballard with a view to putting him on the witness stand. Something along these lines:
"Your intention in writing this piece was, of course, not obscene; am I right?"
"Well, no; that was precisely my intention."
Ballard was not called to give evidence. Poor bastard bookseller got a jail sentence. (Not that Ballard dissembling from the witness stand would have made much difference I expect.) Similar story with Manchester's Savoy Books, and James Anderton, a bit more recently.

As for true obscenity, I think your young Polish friend made a similar argument a few years back down the road about the need to call a cunt a cunt. Still rings true today, and always will.


Mike said...

Its Christmas (can I still say that?) so lets not begrudge Dave his payoff for sacrificing other people's lives in Libya - I assume that's what the payoff is for from the Septics, as I can't imagine Dave doing Libya all on his own, or with just little Frankie for support. And its beyond laughable that anyone in the US of A would want to listen to Dave (or Snotty, or Blair) voluntarily, or God (can I still say that?) forbid pay to listen.

Is this speech-payola thing just an American phenomenon? Or is some recycled through London? I assume little Willie Hague's after dinner golf speeches are just that, and can be discounted from the bigger picture of corruption.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, mr verge , inspired by that cunt, Geoff Hoon, a man who would incinerate nigger children but never, ever dream of using the c-word.

call me ishmael said...

It is just a retro-payment for Obedience, mr mike, we said so at the time of Iraq, Evil's trickle-down economics, GlobaCorp steals
trillions, throwing crumbs to cheap whores like Cameron and the Blairs. The most that the USSR ever gave traitors such as these was a tongue'n'groove dacha and a subsistence pension, nowadays traitors have foundations named after them.

mongoose said...

Also fun is to watch the skithering about of the media in the information void on both sides of the Atlantic. Trump has U-turned on this, May has no plan for that... Yet this and that are both invented non-events. They have yet to work out, I fear, that they are still talking to themselves. The fake news petard is a daily, almost hourly, entertainment.

I see also that we are going to go to O'Court re Brexit, so we are. Best do that before lunch, I reckon.

Dick the Prick said...


"The Tories seem to have decided that the Euro boil is to be lanced once and for all before the mess comes crashing down - once again the ruthless bastards positioning themselves to make best advantage of the disarray of everyone else. There will be plenty of pickings. Has Mistress May got the balls of steel required to pass her Great Repeal Bill? Burn it all down, Theresa. Fuck 'em.

The Irish BTW are seriously wetting themselves, as well they might. Only God and Guinness to keep them warm in the winters to come. They'll be tapping at the door cap-in-hand to be let back in at this rate." --

Said you, earlier on. The Irish aren't an homogenous group. All politics is familial, local, personal. Seem to have got a jock in the white house. Can't possibly do worse than the last jock given free reign....

mongoose said...

Edit: substitute "the Irish political establishment" for "the Irish".

The problem for politicians is indeed that all politics is local, and they mostly ain't.

Mike said...

It won't mean anything to you Poms, but this year just got even better down here:

Worth watching the video of m'learned friend delivering sentence.

5 years for misconduct in public office by a bent MP.

For extra hilarity, subsequently, his QC argued (unsuccessfully) for bail pending appeal, noting that it would be hard for his client to prepare for further upcoming trials for corruption.

mongoose said...

They could have done with a bit of that in France re the Lagarde monster. What's 400 million between friends, eh? It's only the peoples' money after all. Dear me. They mucy have an old guillotine hanging about the place somewhere.

Woman on a Raft said...

Greetings from Yorkshire which has neither flooded nor frozen, so we are reduced to complaining about the unseasonably warm - very waaarm - weather.

I don't reckon much will be doing until after the new president is sworn in. Russia might not have to invade Germany; at this rate the old East Germans are going to be asking for their old border back.

Oldtarf said...

All the best for Christmas Mr I. Thanks for your entertaining and incisive posts in 2016.
I look forward to many more in 2017.

Woman on a Raft said...

Best wishes to Mr Ishmael and his chimney. My thoughts also with the family of Mr DtP.

Mike said...

Best wishes, Mr I, and all, from Down Under.

All-in-all a good year.

Inmate said...

Wishing you and yours a peaceful Christmas mr I and a healthy new year.

Dick the Prick said...

Thanks Mrs WoaR xx

Happy Christmas to everyone too and fingers crossed that it's not Armageddon in 2017!!

call me ishmael said...

Chrissie la Vache, eh, mr mongoose, she has been much guillotined in these quarters and I think she will only be out of the woods if Mme le Pen is excluded from the presidency.