Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Seldom get any good news, do we, force-fed, as we are, by MediaMinster, but this made me smile. 

It's reported on RT, probably too seditious an item for  Journalism's finest, at the PBC. 

'€3 each to save Greece': Crowdfunding campaign raises almost €1mn in 3 days

Published time: June 30, 2015 16:56
Edited time: July 01, 2015 14:35

Greek Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis (L) attends a Eurozone finance ministers emergency meeting in Brussels (Reuters / Philippe Wojazer)
Greek Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis (L) attends a Eurozone finance ministers emergency meeting in Brussels (Reuters / Philippe Wojazer)
A British shoe shop worker launched a crowdfunding campaign to help Greece pay back its $1.8 billion IMF loan. The host website's servers crashed from the traffic as donations from across Europe approached the €1 million mark.
At time of writing, Thom Feeney, 29, had raised €911,815 through his IndieGoGo campaign in just three days with the help of 53,229 donors.
The London-based retail worker said if every European Union citizen contributed €3 Greece would be “sorted” and “back on track soon.
The online fundraising project comes as UK Prime Minister David Cameron says Greece should leave the Euro currency if it rejects the latest austerity proposals in a referendum Sunday.
Feeney launched the fundraising campaign on Monday after he became tired of the “dithering” response of European leaders to the Greek debt crisis and decided to take matters into his own hands.
Writing on the IndieGoGo campaign page, he said: “All this dithering over Greece is getting boring. European ministers flexing their muscles and posturing over whether they can help the Greek people [or] not. Why don’t we the people just sort it instead?
The European Union is home to 503 million people, if we all just chip in a few Euro then we can get Greece sorted and hopefully get them back on track soon. Easy,” he added.
Feeney encouraged all Europeans to donate €3 to the Greek bailout campaign, enough for everyone in the EU to have “a Feta and Olive salad for lunch.”

Eurogroup refuses to extend bailout program to Greece.
The Yorkshire-born shoe shop assistant admitted he has never been involved in Greek politics before.
I see the campaign as more of a helping the Greek people than getting involved with politics,” he explained.
Speaking to AFP, he said he had received “hundreds, if not thousands of goodwill messages from across Europe” and Facebook friend requests “from about 30 different Greek women when I woke up this morning!” 

The bulk of donations have reportedly come from Britain and Germany, two EU member states that have taken a tough stance on Greece’s debt negotiations.
The campaign generated so much traffic that it overwhelmed the Indiegogo servers, crashing the website. The crowdfunding page is now down temporarily, telling curious surfers and would-be backers that it is down due "astonishing popularity" and that it "should be back up shortly."
David Cameron, meanwhile, said if the Greek people reject Europe’s latest austerity package the country will have to leave the Eurozone.
Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, he said: “If the Greek people vote ‘yes,’ they are voting for the sort of deal that was put forward by the institutions and therefore voting to have that as an option.”
If they vote ‘no,’ I find it hard to see how that is consistent with staying in the euro, because I think there would be a very significant default and a very significant problem. But it is for the Greek people to decide.”

Debt crisis: Will Greece exit euro?
Cameron said the government has already held contingency meetings to prepare for a possible Greek exit from the single currency.
Chancellor George Osborne has warned the British parliament not to underestimate the impact of a Grexit.
However the Chancellor said the exposure of UK banks to Greece was “far lower than it was three years ago,” adding that the global stock markets’ reaction to the crisis was “relatively contained.” 

According to analysts at Berstein, HSBC is the only British bank with “material exposure” to Greece, having lent roughly $6 billion to small- and medium-sized businesses in the country.
Osborne also took the unusual step of issuing holiday advice, cautioning holidaymakers visiting Greece to take hundreds of euros in cash in the event the country’s cashpoints run dry. 


Some lad in a shoe shop, 
or this pair of cunts 

Junky George, pouting, far left

and HamFace, arrowed;

who would you throw out of the lifeboat?


Bungalow Bill said...

It's all make believe money, anyway, as we know. QE fantasies, public maintenance of grossly insolvent banks, an ideologically imposed pretend currency. It's an inferno of capitalist unreality.

We must absolutely hope that the flaky Marxists and ragbag of other dissenters from Euro Truth keep their nerve. It cannot but be bloody, possibly very bloody, but the monsters have to be faced down so that we can see that they never really existed at all, only for so long as we let them.

Shoe shop workers of the world. Why not?

yardarm said...

Bloke on the PBC said Greece owes 340 billion euros; fuck, is that all ? The Bank of England created 375 billion of Magic Money as bankster dole, to save the worthless clerks from the consequences of their greed and idiocy. I`d have thought getting the European Central Bank to create enough to pay off the Greek debt to the IMF, then Greece pay it back at one euro a year would be cheap price for the Euro polishers to keep their dream of an intact Eurozone and EU in being. It`s not as if it`s real money, is it ?

After all, if the Greek economy is fucked how can they pay any cunt anything ? But no, the EU/IMF class warriors and social engineers, pissed as newts on neo liberal market reform quack shit, knowing less about real trade, commerce and business than they do astrophysics look hell bent on driving the Greeks to a course of despair.

Greece has weapons if she chooses to use them: going back to the drachma, fucking off out of the Eurozone, EU and NATO, signing a deal with Bad Vlad for cheap fuel imports, letting Bad Vlad park a few Migs on Greek airfields and letting a few Russian warships drop anchor in Piraeus and Corinth.

And staying in the EU long enough for Greek Intelligence to issue every one of those migrants in Kos with an EU passport, a bundle of Euros, three days food and water and a map showing routes to Germany then bus them to the nearest border crossing or ferry port.

A little courtesy and some Magic Money would have been such an easy price to pay.

call me ishmael said...

Amen, both. Class war is what it is, Cameron and Spunkface must be loving it.

SG said...

I don't think Bad Vlad's gonna be riding to the rescue anytime soon. He's got plenty of troubles of his own:

(Apologies for the long thread - can't remember how to shorten it - though I think it was Mr Mike who explained how to somewhere back up the road).

Tsipras & Co are truly between a rock and a hard place. That said, I was over there a couple of weeks ago. The Island I was staying on was busy resurfacing the road to the airport - several KM of nice fresh tarmac - now how about that...

mongoose said...

It is all guns blazing now for Stavros. Every ounce of political weight will be pressed to the neck of Greece between now and Sunday. If the vote is No, the Euro game is up. (It is probably already up IMO. The Greeks cannot pay - ever.) Angela surely will not allow it to go so far though. Unless she secretly wants her northern European Euro/DM back.

I wonder what state the Colonels are in over there. One would not be surprised to be disorder and a few tanks about the place this weekend. Tsipras and his mates have done well to pitch it as Greek dignity v euro-Tuetonic austerity. It may save him if things get horrible this weekend. The Cameroon, of course, is a pig in muck, hsi dirty work done for him.

call me ishmael said...

At least the Nazis wore smart, Hugo Boss uniforms, mr mongoose, so's you could see 'em coming, had neat little Lugers, in strappy holsters - Hermann could take all the time in the world to open his holster and get his gun out because generally he was shooting unarmed people - fetish daggers, shiny boots, peaked caps and sexy little crop whips, Gosh, they knew how to dress fascist. This gang of EuroPigs, they haven't a clue, sartorially, have they, led by the nasty hausfrau.

I hope Stavros Marx makes a fight of it, against his own and once more against the Nazi. Maybe, here, we'll form a Poundland Brigade. go and join him, singing, Death to all those who would whimper and cry.

A good opportunity for Sid Farage, if he plays his cards right.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr SG, google or go to, paste in your big link and copy the short one they generate for you. (I only learned about this here, as you mention - probably thanks to Mr Mike, presently somewhere on the old Peninsular Wargrounds if I remember right.)


SG said...

Ha! It works:

Thanks Mr Verge (& Mr Mike on campaign in the Peninsular).

call me ishmael said...

Still can't copy and paste from blogger in i pad, mr sg; what's the subject?

SG said...

Maybe try coming out of Blogger and coming back in as an ordinary punter Mr I.

Or just tap 'Jamestown Foundation Russia's Bankrupting Empire' into google search and it should come right up (a dark world of policy wonkery but also useful open source info' for some of the shittier parts of the planet...).

call me ishmael said...

The just tap option'll do me, thanks.