Tuesday, 7 July 2015


A-ah-ah-mazi-i-ing Greece
A-ah-maz-ing Greece.  

I'll sing for any decent folks, anywheres, 
just gimme a note, Maestro.  
Wossat, them Greek sonsafuckinbitches wanna cut loose from Europe? And Nato? Mebbe sign-up with the Russkies? 
Gemme the Sixth Fleet on the 'phone,
right now.

I closely watched a lot of Obama's early speeches and right after he was elected he addressed the sub-prime crisis, loftily, like he did, then. Them folks who've lost money as a result of this, we gonna help them, and then - almost sotto vocce -  he added that those folks who borrowed more money than they would be able to repay needn't look to their fellow citizens for help.  In other words, white trash and poor niggers, dazzled by the snakeoil salesmen of GlobaBank into believing that they could believe the promises of Paradise, those folks, they were bad folks.  

Now, many, many, many of them have lost their homes, their savings, maybe their families, their health and I don't believe that any of the sub-primesters, the financial terrorists, have gone to jail.
Obama will, of course, be alarmed by a people acting democratically, disobediently, telling his very own paymasters to go fuck themselves. 


One of the flimsy underpinnings of Gnasher's tribalistic rabble-rousing is the idea that Scotland will prosper, having broken away from the UK and having, without any formalities, become a leading European light.  As one strong, independent nation starts to unravel the sleeve of the EuroJumper, wee Nicky will be feeling a chill.
First the oil, the threat to the windmill subsidy and now Europe.

Wull, see Greece, and they Greekish voters, just because a majority a them traitors voted fer somethin' disnae mean it's what they wanted, it wuz like me, in our wee referendum, even though a majority voted No, it didnae matter, cos I voted Yes, an' that's whit coonts, see, parliamentery demoacracy's all aboot whit the leader wants, ken. 
 And her loyal hoodlums, nutters and psychopaths.

The SNP Electoral Reform Society.
Vote as yer told.

An' as fer pullin' oota Europe, 

wull, that's deid wrong, that is, Europe is just the place fer weak, tiny, wee nations, wi' their oil prices tumblin' an' their health service all gone awa' in meltdoon. Aye, it's the only place t'be, ken, inside, leading they Germans and Frogs tae progressive prosperity, under the Saltire, 'sthe only way tae build new hoosies an' joabsies fer the Scoattish people; 'sno as though Greece had a raw deal, is it, frae bein' in yon Euro? 

Aye, me an m'old man, Mr First Minister, it's aboot a quarter a million  a year we're on, between us, 

Chez Gnasher
a taste- and style-free zone

aye, from wur joabs in  poalitics, so we're no really troubled aboot  Oss-terity, it's just that it's such a canny wee soondbite.
 No, I dinnae ken whit a quarter a million poonds is  is in drachmas.


 Well, I think we can all see only too clearly what happens when a nation maxes out on its credit card, as Greece has done and as Britain did under Labour. 

And that is why we are abolishing the welfare state.  It is being abused by sick people who have nothing wrong with them and unemployed people who want proper jobs with proper wages. We simply cannot have an economy where rich people are expected to pay taxes in order to help not-rich people. We will  not go down the Greek road, of borrowing money to maintain services and initiate projects;  no, we will borrow money to give it to our friends, none of whom could be described as not-rich and who won't have to pay it back, much less pay any tax on it.

 Deputising for HamFace in the Greek session  in the House of Reptiles, SpermFace made a fool of  himself again, der-der-der-ing, stuttering, blethering about the right honourable gentleman making a good point, he hadn't a fucking clue what to say.

Osborne's is a life of well-rehearsed soundbites, always has been and thinking on his feet is something he simply cannot do.  There was a time in Gordon Snot's unelected prime ministershp when I just lost all the common decency I was raised with, y'know, you see a man putting his foot in it, you should think, Ah, well, he made a mistake, we all make mistakes; actually, I feel quite embarrassed for him. Snotty, though, was such a revolting, bombastic bully that although I didn't relish his discomfort over the Saved The World gaffe, I felt no pity for him, no empathy, wouldn't go in to bat for him, fuck him, let him stew.

Same goes for the slag, Osborne, who is vastly more privileged than Gordon Brown and yet despite all the money lavished on him, almost everybody in the Commons, looked, today, more prime minsiterial than did poor Gideon, busking a discordant response to events he doesn't understand.

The main thing is that some very significant Tory donors have assets in Greece. yes, and people should take extra medicines with them if they are going on holiday; yes, and cash, too.

mr tdg reproved me a while ago for being a spiritual revolutionary but not wanting a revolution in my own neck of the woods, Scotland, best part of England. That was right, I have no stomach for revolution, at least not for one I consider regressive, like the Tribesmen's.  
But I look admiringly at Greece defiant and wish her well.

If only the Labour party had elected a leader to tell me what's what but as it is I have no idea what will happen tomorrow or the day after. All I know is that  someone has kicked-over the milk dish and the consensus of Obedience is no more, 
for that we should be grateful.


mongoose said...

It certainly looks as if they are going to force them out of the Eurozone. And I cannot see the new Finance Minister standing in their way for too long. The best of a very bad job indeed for Angela. Fucking voters, eh? Can't be bastard trusted with a simple cross in a box. And then the markets yawned and disaster didn't turn up. Perhaps Varoufakis was a Leondias enough all along.

I was reproached today by a colleague for being somewhat chirpy about events. "Don't they know what they've done?" Well, I should think they sure as hell do, don't you? It is a madness to have expected it to have turned out any other way. That's the Euro, not Greece. Goodbye and good luck. The shame of it is that they're going to spend hundreds of billions more before they admit defeat in about 2019. Millions of Med kids will be near 30 and still unemployed. A living wage indeed. Interns on thruppence at the Fabian Society. There is much to fix.

I read the other day that there is a perfectly functioning Euro printing works right there in Athens. I'd print a blue-eyed mountain of them. Set up a fort, and start buying Germany.

call me ishmael said...

I am not sure, no, it's not that I'm not sure, it is that I haven't a clue, maybe forcing Stavros out would be the worst thing, spreading contagion, maybe it's cheaper to keep him in. They could decide to flip a coin, marked either heads or tails. Make as much sense as anything else. These people are monumentally stupid, after all, only succeeding by some form of mass hypnosis.

Maybe all we can say is that the line it is drawn, the curse it is cast, things have changed. And they can change here, too. All the young Greek people I see on the box seem very nice, calm and bright, I am sure thay can make a go of things. Gosh, I wish I was there, don't you? mr tdg was saying about old nations dying-off over centuries, maybe they'll make a new one, more democratic, less hierarchical. For now, that they spoken is enough.

It is disappointing, your colleagues, and people like them, frightened into stupidity and pessimism. They should get out less.

Caratacus said...

To quote the questionable Dick Tuck (that is his name, not invent), "The people have spoken, the bastards." The grinding of politicians' teeth as they are forced to listen, however briefly, to the voice of hoi polloi (keeping it a bit Greek there) is always a joyous sound to old Caratacus' ears. Anything that gives the fuckers another ulcer is fine by me.

For what it's worth, I have a deal of faith in the young of Greece. They may just have the energy and wit to set aside the corruption of their elders and find a truer path.

call me ishmael said...

I suppose they are selected by the broadcasters for their interviewability, their language skills but even so the young Greeks seem to be formidably gracious and well-meaning, maybe you are right to have faith.

Dr. Yllek said...

LOL. New Finance Minister is Dutch-born PPP from Oxford, Greek in the name but part of Usury International cabal. Everything is proceeding according to the plan.
I expect we will witness somewhat unfortunate disappearance of Greece's gold reserves very soon, coupled with some terribly terribly wrong economic decisions that will ultimately lead to starvation and liquidation of Greek middle class and those pesky pensioners.
And that's just for starters.

Bungalow Bill said...

The patrician disdain of the Murdoch Times is wonderful to behold, The bafflement that the Grand Project of European Foreign Ministries and Treasuries for 60 years should be even momentarily endangered or snubbed. What is funniest of all is to see the Greeks being held up as economic delinquents by the architects of a lunatic ideological construct which flouted every elementary principle of sound money. Some of us object to the very principle of sound money, as we are taught to understand it by our corporate Masters, but a moderately intelligent 12 year old could have seen that the Euritanian currency was always already fucked.

yardarm said...

Great one, Stavros for blasting off a great fart in the temple of free market neo liberalism. Or really grease grubbing crony capitalism, teetering on the summit of Magic Money. Up yours, banker bastards, your clerk suits, your desks and your offices mean fuck all. Up yours, Merkel, Juncker, Lagarde and all the other avatars on international banksterism.

The ' debt '; is all Magic Money, summoned by suitclerk shamens from the void and can just as easily sent back. Like here. Pansy Face will slash 12 bill from welfare, for people to whom money is real, tangible and has an effect yet 375 billion was plucked from nowhere to provide the entitled classes, suitclerks, with dole handouts.

I keep mentioning it because QE, suit dole, was the neo liberal free market turning Socialist in pure terror and proving all this good housekeeping, living within your means, paying your way jazz was a load of shit.' Can`t print money, Mr Yardarm, that causes inflation; we`ll go back to 1975, 26% inflation, Weimar Germany etc ' and it was all bollocks. We`ve got more Magic Money slopping around the world than and here we`ve had fucking deflation ! The clerks know fuck all: QE was when we saw the Emperor really was Billy Bollocks; belatedly, perhaps, in my case.

Not that will stint Pansy Face, here in the Banksters Paradise. This towel folding, S & M snooter will chastise us and many will beg for more. Only not for themselves. Austerity means shit happens to someone else.

mongoose said...

It looks very ugly for Stavros but even more so for the EU in general. I think Angela may have to kick some heads in or it will be the end of the project. It's becoming two EUs, which of course is none.

call me ishmael said...

When the unelected Coalition blustered its way into being without opposition I used to describe the nation as S&M Britain, so keen were so many to be caned by their masters; the enthusiasm, now, for national self-abasement at the hands of Junky George, HamFace, IDS & Cois a spiritual perversion way beyond abbreviation. We are become a nation of shiteaters.

call me ishmael said...

That's neat arithmetic, mr mongoose, I hope it's right, and Poundland dog shall have his day. Or two.

Alphons said...

The insanity of it all, world wide, is that no one seems to be able to understand that all political ideologies are doomed to failure for the same reason. Money.

Money is the “thing” which is used to exchange the result of ones work for some of the result of another's work. Money is the token used to avoid having to kill a whole sheep just to swap Sid down the road a leg of lamb for a hundred weight of wheat.

All the raw materials in the world are in themselves free, the cost is in extracting them from where they occur, and converting them into useful commodities. The converting of raw materials into “consumables”, in all their forms, requires energy, as does the “transport” , and other peripheral honest uses of energy. All this energy has a value, and there needs to be just sufficient tokens, representing the total of these packets of energy, available for the satisfactory exchange of all these goods and services.

In the current situation, all over the globe, there are thousands of people manipulating the lives of millions and millions of other people by creating a vast excess of valueless tokens which are identical in appearance to those with value. In a vast number of cases the tokens are imaginary and are called “credit” (belief).

These days this situation is called inflation, and inflation is not controllable because those who are causing it are totally out of control. They have the politicians in their pockets, and the vast number of politicians are so wet behind the ears and too blinded by their own egos and greed that they, and those who control them, are totally unaware and uncaring about what they are doing in their ignorance.

They claim to be taking money from the population, to improve the lives of the population whilst pocketing large chunks of this money for themselves. It is not possible to do this with packets of energy...real or imaginary.

This is not just in the western world, it is a global problem, and, until the realisation of what money really is occurs, the world can only get worse.

call me ishmael said...

Yet if you posit a world Post-Money, mr alphons, as I often do, people look at you as though you were a lunatic. Not as fiercely, though, as they view the idea of limits to growth.

mongoose said...

Sorry, Mr Ishmael, I missed one of the EUs out: the Greater Germany DMark-Eurozone, Mein Fuhrer, the Mediterranean Roman-Eurozone, and the non-Eurozone likes of the UK. What a fucking mess it is going to be. Already is. Even Juncker now gets it. (Breathtakingly worthless eegit that he is.) Poor old Angela. Yes, it's come to this.

When the fire dies down, I do hope some of these jokers get good and fired. Piano-wire fired would be fair.

Anonymous said...

Mr Alphons described money accurately, plus the inherent problem of fiat currency. I researched this subject five years ago then told my credit card companies, to whom I "owed" £16k, to explain where the money came from via a copy of the actual accounting, and show me a contract, whereupon I would pay. Nothing happened except letters and phonecalls for the simple reason which Mr Alphons mentioned; they create the credit themselves. They call the credit agreement a financial instrument, assign it a monetary value, and forward that amount in electronic form to the credit card. Then they charge interest on the sum they created on a keyboard. And that is where credit ie belief debt comes from, as Stavros knows.

call me ishmael said...

She has a face and a disposition, Angela, baptised at birth in frumpy Disappointment, Ruin's lardy handmaiden. Maybe Hermann will turn on her, he does have a distinguished piano-wire history.

It is la Vache interests me; will she go the way of Mussollini's bint, hoisted, upside-down, from a lamp post, will she be pensioned-off to some icy chateau or, best of all, will the French courts find the courage to continue with her prosecution for fraud and embezzlement?

call me ishmael said...

And as we know, too, some of us; money being borrowed into existence, Zombie economics.

Alphons said...

call me ishmael said...

Yet if you posit a world Post-Money, mr alphons, as I often do, people look at you as though you were a lunatic. Not as fiercely, though, as they view the idea of limits to growth.

There are serious limits to growth without doubt. The bigest being the energy that man has the ability and willingness to produce. If a man's entire output of energy was entirely for his own benefit he would produce much more that he does currently, even though he hasn't the slightest idea that only a very small fraction of his current energy input is returned to him.

SG said...

I'm hoping you're going to do something savage with that IDS response to the introduction of the 'National Living Wage' Mr I. No pressure of course!...

Doug Shoulders said...

Don’t expect anything good to come of the Greek exit. If anything positive took place it wouldn’t be reported in the British or EU press.
Best option for Greece is to trade with our old friend Vlad the Bad. I’d chuckle to see that..double snub to the bankerfuckpigs

Caratacus said...

Mr. SG - second that, if I may!

call me ishmael said...

Oh, dear, Oh, dear; there are sights on the telly which I can only view through slatted fingers - a lion pulling-down an antelope, a snake swallowing a rodent, even that awful show fronted by the hideous gabshite, Harry Hill, in which kids fall off bicycles, adults trip-up, fall in the river, get hit in the nuts with projectiles; I cannot watch executions, I haven't seen Mr Sadam's strangling, I flinch, still, at footage from the Somme, from D Day, from Vietnam; maybe I am not a proper man but I simply cannot bear to see these things; I know they happen but I repair, when they intrude on my life, to mr sg's fabled mind bleach.

It is one of the most horrible things I have ever seen, bowel churning, and I simply cannot recall that clip of Duncan-Schmidt without the blood draining from my face along with the will to live deserting me. It is scarier than cancer, the fact that not only does he live but he has power. What sort of indecent people form his electorate?

Maybe we can talk about him when this whole thing cools off but presently he is too vile to contemplate. In proper countries that performance would spark a revolution.

mongoose said...

It is as mind-boggling to remember too that S-D is the reformer-in-chief of the Tories. I hadn't realised that the "thinking the unthinkable" was this.

In other news, either Tsipras has blinked first and/or has sold his people down the river so that he can continue to sit at top table with the big boys. We'll see whta eventually gets signed but the wintertime is coming to Stavros.

Mark said...

If I were an American (heaven forbid) I would be embarrassed to say Obama was my President,
if I were an African American - doubly so.

Doug Shoulders said...

So the Greeks say no to austerity, and are then to accept a bailout plan?

call me ishmael said...

I have become news-averse. I went into the bank, the other day, to be told I had to observe a minute's silence. What for this time? Oh, it's fof the London bombings. What,I thought, about the Birmingham bombings, or Warringtom or Warrenpoint or Hyde Park? Fucking nonsense. And I am expecting to be told to spend a few moments in prayer, for all the holiday makers told to leave Tunisia, a bit fucking late, if you ask me but they're whining their stupid faces off, anyway, the holidaymakers, I wonder what kind of shit they live in, that Tunisia is an improvement. I am told I gorra get behind tax exile Andy Murray and some shrieking gaggle of lesbo footballers, sweet suffering Jesus, the PBC. grows more banal by the minute.

I am in the dark, therefore, about Greece, avoiding the news as I do, except that I heard he was signing-up to penury and the people weren't happy. Living in a country which has failed to lynch Ian Duncan Smith I think it ill behoves me to lecture Stavros and I can only hope that if he feels like it he runs amok; time we all did.

Obama'll be OK, he can blame everything on the KKK Nouvelle - torture, dronekilling, police militarisation, poverty and the SnooperState, all down to the Klan

Caratacus said...

It is all so sad; I can imagine King Leonidas looking at the might of the Persian army, then back at his pitifully few warriors ... and then saying, "Weeeeell - old Darius isn't so bad ... and Xerxes' heart is in the right place, surely? And I know I said we'd fight to the last drop of blood and all that, and you chaps with your unstinting support have been a real tonic, I must say. But, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, we have to be realistic you see. They only want our OAPs to work down the mines until they're 80, that's not much to ask, is it? And I know that their plans to enslave our young in perpetual servitude seems a bit OTT but..." (here he shifts uncomfortably as the bag of silver hidden about his person threatens to fall to the ground).

I can't go on, it is, as I say, all so bloody sad.

yardarm said...

Good point, Mr Ishmael re the minute`s silence. They`re coming thick and fast these days. I can feel sorry for the victims of a crime, wrong place wrong time but I didn`t know them so I felt neither respect nor grief.

Who ordained this meaningless gesture ? The gov`t ? Ironic, isn`t it ? The same bozos who love shrinking the state for other people are now expanding it into a deeply personal area: telling us to grieve. Wretched, impudent bastards, how dare they ? Do they know the true meaning of grief ? As if they give a fucking fart; it`s just PR, the shameless shower of shit.

Ian Spunkstain Sniff: a serial failure, the Holy Fool of Austerity: has anyone noticed how his head resembles one of those balls of dung rolled along by an Egyptian beetle ?

SG said...

I tend to agree with you, Mr I and Mr Y, on the manufactured grief business - 'National Grief' - are we in fucking North Korea now? Has Kim Jong Un died? I feel truly sorry for any poor sod who was caught up in any of the aforementioned nightmares, be they dead, injured or family thereof, but I can't feel grief for folks I've never heard of, let alone known. Grief is something you feel for the loss of a loved one surely? To me it feels almost offensive to those who have lost family or friends in these terrible incidents - like we all have to have a piece of it? My rose tinted spectacles tell be this sort of thing is best dealt with in the quiet, Sunday Sermon, English way. Whatever happened to the stiff upper lip?

Bungalow Bill said...

If Tsipras has caved, and it looks likely, then it is indeed sad but we should not be shocked. This is how serious power works isn't it, it just crushes and smothers, that's what it exists to do and a few tattered slogans and leather-jacketed finance ministers were never going to be a match. But it was a nice dream and we were right to dream it.

It is tempting to think that there is no point resisting and that there is nothing to be done but to manage our genuflections as best we can. But the hope lies beneath the imbecility of enforced public mourning and the Shitworld of, as you said recently Mr I, the feelies. It's in the daily practice of decency and craft and the insistence upon laughing these hideous phantoms into oblivion. Laughter and, of course, bombs.

Great last line Mr Yardarm. That's cheered us all up.

Caratacus said...

"Ian Spunkstain Sniff" - inspired, Mr Y .. absolutely bloody inspired and this is how he will be known in Caratacus Towers until I am pushing up the daisies. I'm even contemplating a codicil to my will to ensure that the name remains in perpetuity ...

yardarm said...

Thanks Mr Caractacus but I cannot claim originality. I think I saw the Failed Fool`s nickname on cyberspace somewhere, sometime. Possibly here.