Friday, 29 May 2015


EuroGranny, Christine LaVache, 
currently Chief Gobster of the Bankers' Protection Union 
is proving to be more embarrassing  even than was Neil Kinnock, during his tenure at the European Tough of Earthly Delights. 
 Lord and Lady Kinnock, 
hard at work on behalf ot the people
All animals are equal,
some more equal than others.

Neil and his ghastly  old baggage, wotsername, Glenda, Gladys, Glenys, grabbed every Euro that wasn't nailed-down, shamelessly exploiting their expenses, claiming that as long as it was legal it was alright, alright, alright,  noble, even, socialist, didn't they come from the Valleys, and weren't they just as entitled to trough-it-up  as the rest  of them. The grunting swine of  Animal Farm made flesh, the  greedy Kinnocks and a vivid illustration of what was to come from  NewLabour, if only people had seen it. 
Never mind. 
Meantime, Boyo and his Bint  are running their various business interests from the House of Lords, with letterheads paid for by you and I, lavish entertaining facilities and offices and stationery paid for by you and I. 
 A pair of grubby, idle, inbred taffies,

That 'andbag, love, the one on yer arm, you didn't by some totally and utterly, and completely and comprehensively and entirely, totally and completely unlucky oversight pay for it yourself, did you?  Because you don't 'ave to. Pay for anything. Claim it on expenses or something. Yer married to me, don't forget, the man who gave the Labour party, the La-a-ay- ber party, not only Lord Mandelstein but Tony Blair, too. And John Major. We should never 'ave to pay for anything again.

Calm down, Neil. We don't

 We must just hope that age and infirmity bring them terror and pain. That's what I call rock'n'roll, piles and ulcers, stoma bags, injections, bullying nurses and smirking consultants , impatient relatives.  And Sergeant Death  crooning in their ears, his irresistible bidding prayer, Oh, Lady, lay your jewels aside, no more to glory in their pride, tarrying here there is no way, your time has come that you must away, and you must come to play.  Is an anxious, pained and fearful death something to wish on another? Well, not usually, certainly not,  but you have to make exceptions for special people  like Neil and Glenys  and better that Humility's correction comes even on the Deathbed, than not at all.

Anyway, that's my prayers said  for this morning; the lines are from My Name Is Death, by the Incredible String Band; uplifting, beautiful and energising in a strange way, despite their darkness and fatalism. Rather like mr bungalow bill's lonely, hopeless and guilty Early Music music.  I was glad  to come, I'll be sad to leave, but while I'm here, gonna have me a real good time.  Not sure who that was, Rod Stewart, Frankie Miller, maybe; les mots justes, in any event. 

Christine, though, was one of the dwarf, Sarkozy's, ooh-la-la babes ancien 
tottering about in some Republican ministerial position until the New York cops framed the then head of the IMF, 

Dominic Strauss Cock,
a legendary  Frog philanderer,  on rape charges;  he had to resign  from the IMF and the svelte, if wrinkly Christine stepped-up a la plat.  Just as well, because shortly thereafter Sarko was kicked-out of office  and she wouild have lost that job.

 Dominc's misfortune was a blessing for Christine and the since her appointment to what was his job she now totters about promoting Austerity and Colonisation  - punishment of the poor and sick by people like Junky George Osborne, famously saying, theatrically, the old tart,

  that she shivered, brrr-brrr,  at the thought of a relaxation of Tory/DogShooter economic policy. 

 'Ow else are les banquers felonistes to recoup their losses tres misfortunette, eef not by stealing from ze citizen, Non?
Apres moi...
A-B-C, easy as Doh-Re-me, 1-2-3, A-B-C,
zats 'ow easy economics can be.
We all jus' 'ave to steal from ze poor, zey vil do nothink about it,
zey never do.
All together now, Encore...
(sings again) 
A-B-C, easy as Doh-Re-me, 1-2-3, A-B-C,
zats 'ow easy economics can be.

She's an utter cunt, Christine, ghastly, an entirely unprincipled career opportunist  and Satan will review her CV with great interest.
Christine la Vache qui rit.

Yesterday, the stupid cow was pontificating  on the matter of le Resistance a la Grecque.  Here's what she said, regarding the theft of Greece:   
"There will be no quick and dirty deal for Greece, we have rules, we have principles. There can be no half-baked program review."

Oddly, in, 2010,  she said this, about her masters' fates:
"....the Greek and Irish bailouts were major transgressions......we violate all the rules because we wanted to close ranks and save the Euro...."

And on the matter of transgression, Christine faces charges in the French courts that, whilst a minister, she surreptitiously funnelled large amounts of taxpayer money to a known criminal.
Her crookedness was widely discussed, even while she was in French government but we must expect that now she will enjoy the protection afforded most serious criminals and the charges will disappear. 
As a matter of principle.

Crooks, cheats, filthsters, whores, pimps, ponces, slags, exortionists, blackmailers, money-launderers, warmongers, drug addicts  and child molesters.  Shouldn't we be having a referendum, organised by ourselves, on the urgent matter of stringing these fuckers up? All of them.

My young friend, stanislav, ever urged the cause of UpAgainstTheWallMotherFuckerism.  
Need to be the Great Wall of fucking China, to accommodate all these vermin.


Doug Shoulders said...

If only it we’re true Mr Ishmael…that Satan awaits..I’d be a religious man. The state class, where once we had a ruling class of kings n’ queens an’ that, usurped by what some folk call the iluminati..even more powerful..Now we have the State class. Anyone can be admitted as long as you’re willing to sell your soul. And the queue seems endless.
They’re supposed to be “Running things” I laugh every time I hear the term “politician”now. Pigs at the trough right enough. Can only organise a piss-up when it means organising a piss-up.
The European Union is broken and they’re either too stupid to know it or too busy screwing as much money as they can get out of it (Us)

call me ishmael said...

Probably something wrong with me, mr doug shoulders, maybe it's because I didn't have much in the way of mothering but I always find it worse when it's a woman doing this shit. Hillary, Christine, Angela, Gnasher, Cooper, May, they're all pigs, squabbling in the sty. Is this what feminism is about, the advancement of a bunch of fucked-up monsters? Surely not. You couldn't trust any of these poisonous fucking bastards to raise a budgerigar, much less a family.

Doug Shoulders said...

Indeed; it has, historically, been those men who, due to their self-interest and addiction to self-servedness were easy pawns to serve their masters.
Now it’s women. Feminism may play a part..but the greater part is surely simple corruption of the soul.

Alphons said...

Sadly the business of gaining power over others is what matters. This has always been the same and it is only since "Womens Lib." that some women have allowed their natural desire for power to appear.
The gaining of power has always been important to some. It can be seen even in children's playgrounds. There always has to be one top dog.
Because of this there will never be a peaceful world as long as politics is not seen to be what it really is.... bullying carefully disguised as caring.

yardarm said...

Dunno why the European Central Bank doesn`t do what central banks do and just create enough magic money to pay what Greece allegedly owes to the banksters and their spiv clients. None of this fucking money ever existed anyway. The spiv grease grubber bankster suit bastard class caused the Great Tits Up of 08 then got their political grovelling cringing puppets get us to pay for it.

UK independence ? From what that dessicated old bag represents ? The IMF, World Bank, GATT, G7, the international bankster spiv grease grubber dosh juggler markets ? We won`t be getting independence from those filth any time soon.

Mike said...

Mr Yardarm: the plan is for the ECB to re-inmburse the banks ONCE Greece has been royally fucked over. Pour encourager les autres. When the EU can give billions in "loans" to Ukraine (not in the EU), you can see how much on the nose Greece is.

mongoose said...

It is an Emperor's New Clothes gig. They dare not let Greece out. If they do, the game is up. And if they don't... The game is still up but just next year or the year after.

One cannot have monetary union without fiscal union. And there being fiscal disunity, as night follows day, there will be, must be, monetary disunion. And this is what we are watching. Question: why did the UK not join the Euro? It was because this day was always coming.

Alphons said...

As I was reading this my mind was also thinking of Blatter which led me on to the little rag and bone man. He seems to be keeping a very low profile. How is he avoiding what is due??

mongoose said...

And taking today's papers just as an example, every last bit of pressure is being exerted on the Greeks to buckle under to the Man. Every so-called liberal voice is in harmony calling for them to back down. Every so-called socialist sounding like Maggie and telling them to pay their debts like a housewife in the Co-op in 1953. The longer this goes on though - the living death - the more blood will be sucked from the body. Perhaps this is the Greek misjudgment - that the EU really would rather have it that Greece dies before the indivisible, irreversible Euro does.

Cascadian said...

The EU is in desperate need for Greece to stay.

As Greece becomes the campground of choice for various Syrian, African and in the future Ukrainian refugees the Syriza government if they had half a brain could extort many billions of Euros from the UN as the refugee camp to the world with a steady line of income to payoff the idiot governments who rushed to support their fellow greek colleagues.

The UN having not enough money would naturally appeal to the IMF (you and me) and all the right minded socialists would agree something-must-be-done-with-the-workers-pension-funds. With a bit of luck you may escape sir bobs appeals and god awful assemblage of nobodies ullulating some revived 1970's monstrosity in attempts to revive long-dead careers.

In summary-dear reader you will pay for everything these dickbrains have screwed up. Drinks all round "we saved the world from a disaster" now lets create the next one-jolly good work for the caring socialists.

yardarm said...

That sounds right, Mr Mike. Ordinary people arsefucked while that old hag creates even more Magic Money for the entitlement classes. I have an alternative to UpAgainstTheWallMotherfuckerism. It`s too quick, too merciful.I would take the entitlementistas, drag them from their offices and like the breaking of Dreyfus`s sword break up their desks with an axe, force them to remove their ties,seize their bank accounts, property and possessions, even their pants would be donated to incontinent tramps, then turn them loose to fend for themselves, billy bollocks in the streets. I did use to think they should be forced to queue at Yardarms Jobcentre to be assigned real jobs but its not as if I care that much about them. Fuck off banksters, sleep on the streets.

Bungalow Bill said...

I've been listening to the Incredible String Band a bit and Red Hair, which you recommended, is extraordinary. I don't think I've heard anything like it, the vocal is utterly heartfelt and the whole, compressed thing is an exhilaration.

Doug Shoulders said...

I’m suspicious about Syrian refugees suddenly turning up in Kos, where before it was Libyans (And Syrians) rowing over to Italia. Where did they get their high vis lifejackets? Where are their women and children? Etc…
The whole Greek thing stinks…

call me ishmael said...

Aye, he could look through all of his books and not find a line that would do....., it's rare stuff, mr bungalow bill. Try Darling Belle, if you can find twenty minutes.