Monday, 16 February 2015



I vood just like to say zat ze Jewish people are ass Danish as ennyvun else in Denmark; zey are a strong part off ze community. And in order to keep zem safe from ze nutterbastards ve vill round zem up and send zem on ze trains to Germany. Yes, just like before. Iss for zare own good.  Denmark hass ze fine record in looking after ze Jewish peoples. 
Heil Hitler.

Well, yes, of course, it is the first time a Kinnock has been prime minister but not for want of trying, I can tell you, boyo. And let me just say this,  to set the record straight, after I got stuffed the last time, when I said I would go back to the people of Islwyn and represent them for as long as they'd have me, well, of course, what I really meant was until a better job came along.  No, no contradiction at all. And Glenys, well, what can I say, pure coincidence, pu-u-ure coincidence, pure coincidence and personal merit being the only factors, the only factors in her being given a safe Labour seat,  that  she also was able to come to Europe and  fiddle a fortune from her expenses, too.  No, no, we are delighted to have a prime minister in the family and let me just say, she is doing a grand job. Well, of course I help her out, now and again, that's what families are for, isn't it?  

The general election, yes, with my help I am fully expecting Labour to win,  and win resoundingly, resoundingly and convincingly.


Young Ed takes my advice and let's face it, I have some experience in general elections.  Yes, yes, I do fully expect to be Foreign Seckatry, no, it's not a matter of entitlement, it's just that I deserve it; yes and there will be a role for Glenys, too, it's the very least she deserves from the people of Britain; yes Home Seckatry'd be about right.  

Lord and Lady Kinnock, there's proper socialism at work for you, proper socialism, I tell you, none of that egalitarian nonsense. 
We're alright! We're alright! We're alright! 
Me and the Mrs are, anyway,  and the son.
What, expenses and a pension? For being related by marriage to the Danish prime minister? 
Well, yes, of course;  that's how aristocracy works, isn't it?

Yes, freedom of speech, it matters a great deal to me, it really does, ay great deal,  ay very great deal, and to my daughter-in-law, the prime minister, as she made clear in her remarks, crystal clear, indubitably and beyond doubt, remarks which, I might say, bore the hallmarks, bore all the hallmarks of a family at one, truly at one  with the people who serve them; it's a wonderful thing we're fighting to defend, the freedom of people to say things of which we approve. And that's why I sacked the accountant who blew the whistle on me when I was commissioner. I mean, it's just nit-picking, isn't it, of the worst kind, the very worst kind, nit-picking and rabble-rousing, expecting the books to balance and the accounts to be accurate. 
 I mean, where would we all be if we were expected to  be honest?

God bless the Nazi-loving, pig-farming Danes, eh,
 married into this shower of shit.


Alphons said...

It is true, The scum always rises to the top.

mongoose said...

And then there was all that unpleasantness about taking the ill-gotten windpower gains - effectively confiscated tax monies - and passing them on to Goldman Sachs. What can that have all been about? Handling stolen goods or money-laundering?

call me ishmael said...

I am unaware of that one, mr mongoose, but it sounds far too complicated for Baron Kinnock, he can't even negotiare a beach without making a cunt of himself; salaries'n'expenses'n'pensions, that's his idea of Danish Pastries.

mongoose said...

I know you don't like them but I'll find you a link, Mr Ishmael, just a mo... GS brings down another European government. So they are not all bad.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, I found one. No wonder Cameron's happy being snapped with the baggage. Wonder if she'll find a Euro berth when they throw her out; there'll be a big demand, mind, probably have to create some new commissariats.

DtP said...

His daughter is one of Miliband's bag carriers and our local Labour Mp (well done, she tied her shoelaces today, bless) has just announced she's standing down which effectively leaves the local labour party with as much much control over their next MP as I do and it's pretty dam safe - I wouldn't fall off my chair if there were 2 Kinnocks elected this time round. Yay!

Crikey - how come Glenys got so much more than scumbag? Geez, are those figures correct - £8 million before they retired (not accounting for House of Lords salaries) and £160 grand per year pension? Pppphhhhwwww...

Mike said...

Wasn't Kinnocks kid, and his wife the Great Dane, under a financial cloud over not paying tax? Seems like that one was swept under the carpet. They've all got form.

Bungalow Bill said...

He was the end of any hope for the Labour Party, more so even than PsychoTony. A horrible grasping pygmy and, above all as you say, very stupid. Previously there had been a measure of cleverness even in Labour at its worst but you could feel all of that plummeting over the cliff when this turd was installed. Yes, him and his gruesome wife strutting their corruption across the continent and now we have amoeba Ed as their rightful heir. The Left in Britain is in rude health.

call me ishmael said...

I will ree-surch that one mr mike.

Yes, I agree with that, mr bungalow bill. It was Kinnock elevated the freak, Mandelstein, to his position at the heart of darkness, Kinnock who groomed the remainder of the Gang of Four - Blair, Snotty and Campbell; a decent society would strip them of their money, Neil and his grubby doxy and set them to work in a care home, wiping Dementia's arses.

call me ishmael said...

I think, mr dick, that Neil was based in Brussels, whilst dixy was commuting, she is notorious for fiddling her exes, flying EasyJet and claiming BA, no receipts required, of course, she was also famed for signing-in to the parliament, claiming thevdaily attendance allowance and immediately leaving without doing a stroke. Makes Farage look honest, does Glenys.

Mike said...

Mr I: here we go:

call me ishmael said...

Is that current, I thought she was the pigfarmers' premier, already. Typical, though, of the Kinnocks, thieving fucking bastards.