Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Mme Christine LaVache, Head of the IMF. 

Scrawny old cow,  Christine LaVache, by the wildest good fortune head of the IMF and not sent packing with the  dwarf pimp, Sarkozy, is, along with M'sieu Hollandaise Sauce, below, among  the luckiest people in the world.

Cherchez le Jackal, Apres moi, le deluge, Vive la France

 Both owe their positions  to the hobby-rapist's antics of M'sieu Dominic  Strauss-Cock, below.

 Voulez-vous couchez avec moi, ce soir?
An' even eef you don't, ma cherie,  I weel make you.

Dom the  socialist Raper was head of the IMF but was also the favourite presidential candidate to kick Sarkozy's scabby  arse up and down the Champs Elysee; alas and beaucoup de merde, a petit contretemps malhereux  with a chambermaid in a New York hotel  and a period banged-up on remand on Rikers Island  put paid to both DomBoy's career in the IMF and his hopes to be Rapist in Chief of la Belle France.

As  it turned out, the case against M'sieu le Cock collapsed but that made no difference either to la dame vieux et manque  nor to M'sieu Hollande. I weel be a fucking Dutchman eef I geev-up my candidacy, said  the one, now zat I 'ave got eet off of ze noncing raping bastard and

 I weel be fucked eef I geev up my job for life,'ere at ze IMF and go back in zat crummy govament weeth ze man in ze raised shoes an' get my arse belle kicked, along weeth hees, down ze Champs Elysee, fuck me, do zey sink I am stupid,  'ave zey seen ze size of my pension, said the other.

So, it was merde baguettes for Dominic's breakfast.  He didn't get his job back and he never got to be le President.  Quite the Greek tragedy. Only not quite as tragic as the real Greek tragedy. But fuck them, the Greeks, sponging off the hard-working Hermans.  Good job they have Mr Cameron to advise them as to what they should do.   Otherwise they'd be fucked six ways to Christmas.

Carrier-launched Mirage jets perform a tricoleur manouvre.
We can't do this in Britain because Mr Cameron and Dr Mr Fox-RentBoy were much too clever.

Flight lieutenants Bootsie and Snudge.
 I see no ships.  
That's because we don't have any.
I'd best talk it over with Adam Werrity, he's my clever boy.
 I think you should. But after you resign.

We're a couple of swells.
Not any more, you're not.

Anyway, the laughing cow, Christine, has got the UK meeja  eejits  all in a flutter because  of her feigned Ooh-la-la shiver,  when imagining 'ow it would be for ze YooKay eef eet  'ad not decided to sheet on ze poor people and suck ze knobs of ze reech, like I do.

Ooh, merde and zut alors! I sheever all down my scrawny spine.

Fuck moi, eet makes my blood run cold. Brrrr-brrrr.

Look, regardez bien, my Eengleesh friends, 'ow Iyam sheevering my teets off at ze very thought of a socialiste govament 'ere as well as een my own country, not zat  zare ees any chance of zat 'appening' here, not weeth zee leetle prick Meelibum, non, n'est ce pas?

Emily Maitliss, on Newswank tonight,  was  wetting herself in  shock, berating some Labour harpy about old Lagrande shivering.  She was actually shivering, screeched Ems, at the thought of you lot being in power;  shivering she was, actually shivering.

It's all gone apeshit. That fucking chump, Cameron, lecturing the Greeks, like he was Head of School; the Germans lecturing everybody; Hillary Dogbreath,  lecturing the Syrians but not the Bah-rainians, Fat Alec Salmond lecturing anyone who even looks at him and Tom fucking Jones blethering like an epsilon sub-moron on the BBC.  And now this mangy old Frog boot making Nick Robinson hot under the collar, forced to engage  in some of his famous self-fellation. GlobaCorp, just who do they think they're kidding?


a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Global displacement politics.

We'll all go to an other country and give them a bollocking. Might catch on.

Mike said...

This IMF stuff is just spin; the stuff about the UK is drafted by the Treasury and no reports are issued without Treasury clearance.

This is how it was when I was active in London, and I can only believe the message is more managed now.

In which case, its part of a softening up exercise.

jgm2 said...

A softening up exercise indeed.

More printed money. Interest rates will be cut to 0.0001% although the banks will still charge you 5% for a mortgage 7% for an overdraft and 38% for a credit card.

The effect of all this will be inflation at 5% or more for as long as is necessary to inflate away all our debts. Pensioners, savers and prudent people who didn't piss all their money away will find they made the wrong call. They should have borrowed to the eyebrows like Brown and the rest of the idiot population because all those debts and cash is going to poof disappear.

Of course the UK trashing its currency and reputation as a safe haven of cash in these troubled Euro times will not be something the IMF chief mouthpiece was concerned about at all. Or Osborne for that matter since, as Mr mike says, this will have been okay-ed by the UK government.

It's fucked.

Verge said...

There ain't nothin'
we can do
cos tout le monde
est bien foutu

German shit tastes
worse than Frogs
start a war -
let's waste some wogs

tober said...

The MSM don't help with all their games.
Talking about Dave being in favour of eurobonds although they require a treaty change so are a non starter. And cutting red tape and changing employment laws although it's all an EU competence so we can only do as much as Brussels authorizes us to do so it's all just waffle.
Like BBC Scotland and it's treatment of the SNP, the MSM treat the EU as an abstract phenomena that doesn't really effect us and has no bearing on our lives.
Although the BBC love the EU and hate the SNP.

call me ishmael said...

Only part right, I submit, mr tober, vis a vis the SNP. All the hacks love a cheesy soundbiting wretch, doesn't matter if it's George Galloway, Tony Benn, Eric Pickles or Alec Salmond, they give good copy, well, good compared to all the rest of the fuckers AND the SNP victory last year is a good news story as is the referendum Alec is so busy trying to rig - Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent nation? being a leading question which no self- respecting statistician would permit; why not, in the same terms, Do you agree with the breaking of a union which involves and effects sixty million people and not just five million?

I guess the BBC may fear a diminution of its revenues in the event of separation but I don't think it is - by its own lights - biased against the SNP.

That fucking loan shark, who "authored" the report on Back to the Thirties 4 Us, It's The Only Way; he wants burning at the stake.

War with Iran, mr verge, is a Maybe Doomsday Cometh moment. Unless Uncle Sam has all the other 'stans onside, especially Pakistan, there is significant risk of a whole lotta nukin' goin' on.

tober said...

You will seldom see BBC Scotland side with the SNP against a Unionist party Mr I. Their political shows usually follow the same format. A couple of minutes of a pre recorded interview with an SNP spokesman then half an hour with the 3 unionists and the beeboid slagging off the SNP. With no comeback.
Another of the BBC's favourite tricks is to ask the First Minister what he thinks on a certain subject and then encourage listeners to phone in and ask if the First Minister should be getting involved in this subject. Used endlessly over the Rangers FC collapse.
Stories of Glasgow Labour corruption or Ms Lamont's latest crass comment will never see the light of day. Ian 'elmer fudd' Gray and Stephen 'marching powder' Purcell of Labour got an easy ride despite their numerous shenanigans.
This isn't surprising as the majority of beeboids are ex Labour activists and socialise with each other. Krusty Wank 'enjoyed' holidaying with Lord Jack O' malawi O'Connel at her villa in Spain.
I can see that the BBC is just doing it's job of protecting the Union but I don't see why we should have to pay for this protection on threat of imprisonment if we don't pay the biasedbeeboidtax.
Ironically the SNP chime with the BBC on all the other policies apart from independence.

Global warming scam and useless windmills ...check

Corrupt EU and an unelected elite running the UK.. check

Multicultural nightmare..check

If Scotland ever got independence then the BBC would champion us an enlightened example of what can be achieved if we follow the marxist dream. They have no shame.

Some further reading...
From the BBC horses mouth...


Megrahi has allowed the BBC to have a field day...


There's an anti BBC bias protest at Pathetic Quay on Sunday.

yardarm said...

The only solution, as you have pointed out several times before, Mr Ishmael, is for everyone to default everything everywhere at the same time, rejig the global finance system and bollocks to the lot of them.

Austerity ? Cuts ? Tax rises ? Bond market vigilantes ? Paying off the deficit/debt ? Quantative easing ? Tough decisions ?

Didn`t cause it so all this dosh juggler jabber ain`t my problem although insolent chair polishers would like to factor me into the solution. Perhaps in the reorganisation we can find them an honest living at a checkout or factory floor somewhere.

yardarm said...

The only solution, as you have pointed out several times before, Mr Ishmael, is for everyone to default everything everywhere at the same time, rejig the global finance system and bollocks to the lot of them.

Austerity ? Cuts ? Tax rises ? Bond market vigilantes ? Paying off the deficit/debt ? Quantative easing ? Tough decisions ?

Didn`t cause it so all this dosh juggler jabber ain`t my problem although insolent chair polishers would like to factor me into the solution. Perhaps in the reorganisation we can find them an honest living at a checkout or factory floor somewhere.

call me ishmael said...

I don't quibble with any of that, mr tober, we have, years ago, in this neck of the woods, done the Kirsty-Jacky axis of Majorcan self-interest, the stuttering, skinflint imbecile, Dewar's foisting of her on to the parliament building committee and the half billion pound fuck-up which she insisted upon and the general unspeakable callowness, uncouthness of Jacky's first ministership; Wallace, too and his cack-habded stewardship of the Shirly Nackay deacle which saw her awarded three-quarters of a million pounds for her hurt feelings, Smiling Jim Wallace, the other cheek of the LibLab arse and on top of that your correspondent encouraged all in his orbit to vote SNP merely to rid us of the international embarrassment whch was McConnell, such is the way of things when confronted by the political caste, such was the way of it with Gordon Snot. When I was writing as stanislav, a young Polish plumber, a now front-bench Tory asked me, in all seriousnessness, if I might become a Cameroonie, oblivious to the fact that the only reasonable course of action for any of us is to oppose and revile whoever is currently sat on the Great Latrine of State, shitting in our faces. And so it is wuth Salmond who, we should not forget, learnt his shameless, fraudulent trade in the bars and knocking shops of Westminster and who will, however loudly he protests to the contrary, have more in common with ANY other MP/MSP/MEP than he ever would with the rest of us; he and the rest of the tribesmen are no different to any in the 1922 Committee or on Labour's NEC, if they still have one.

I consider it a solemn and patriotic duty to remind my neighbours in Scotland that it was the FatMan, pulled up to his full five feet six, who remarked magisterially that "political blogging was not what the Internet was for." Cunt.

As for the Scottish "Government" well, only a bunch of arseholes like the BBC and the rest of skymadeupnewsandfilth would swallow that one without protest. There is no Scottish government, there is a devolved administration which discharges some of the state's bureaucratic functions, but it is no more a government than am I.

call me ishmael said...

Amen to that, mr yardarm. Apart from the honest living but. Up against the wall motherfuckers, that's the thing.

yardarm said...

Faced with, what would be for them, the humiliation of having to work for a living on the minimum wage, Mr Ishmael I expect many of them will be begging to be put up against the wall.

Perhaps we could strap them, Polisher Beecroft, for example, to the desks they love so much, in their suits and cast them adrift on the ebb tide, to be borne down the Thames out to sea...a fading chorus of ...." Where`s my bonus...remunerate me, remunerate me !....I`m not an animal spirit free market wealth creator, I`m only a puffed up call centre worker... is this the way to Abu Dhabi, does Eton have a branch there....".

tober said...

A good summation of our recent illustrious political history Mr I.
I'll have to have a read over your old postings.
I notice Jim Wallace has been creeping out of the woodwork recently. All sanctimonious about whether Scotland should be allowed to hold a referendum or not. Like it has anything to do with him. And like we care what he thinks.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Mr Ishmael. Apparently one has to fight for one's right to partee:


Dick the Prick