Tuesday, 22 May 2012

IDIOT WIND.........


   Don't talk to me about evidence. I don't care about the evidence.  I don't care about what the so-called victims' families say. I say that Megrahi was guilty and that's that.  The people of Britain resoundingly didn't elect me as prime minister and what I say, therefore, is what matters.  He was rightly convicted by a gang of bent Scottish judges and lawyers, acting in the very best interests of the CIA and that's what matters here.  I can promise you that there will be no further inquiry.


President Hillary Trousers, US Seckatry for the torture and  bombing of innocent people abroad.

The Merkin people are outraged that this turrist was able  to die before we could roast his nigger ass.  The very least that the new Libyan puppet regime can do is dig up the body and hand it over to us so that we can properly execute the sonofabitch  in the electric chair. My husband, Spunky Bill'd be more'n happy to throw the switch on that motherfucker'n so would I.  The United States is a great nation, a freedom-lovin' nation and it is written in our constitution that we can roast just as many niggers as is neccessary to protect the Republic. (Sings) O-oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light.....

I tried to read the Ashton book, Megrahi, you are my jury,  but I found it hard going - my fault, not his, I dunno, I didn't have much energy and it is hugely detailed - the first hundred or so pages which I managed to complete,  do, nevertheless, raise huge concerns about the tampering with evidence and about the CIA's financial coercion of the chief witness, who changed his statement countless times. Of the moral turpitude and corruptibility of Scottish judges and lawyers I was in no doubt;  but  the main plank in Mr al Megrahi's dignified pleas of innocence  has always, though, been the quiet conviction of Dr Jim Swire that Megrahi had clearly been framed for the killing of Swire's own daughter, Fiona, and two hundred and fifty others. Cameron's boorish posturing is typical of the man.  I have no real way of knowing - perhaps others here do - but I guess that in other parts of the world  CallHimDave is seen as more risible and contemptible even than the last unelected prime minister. Mr Gordon Snot, now of the Kirkcaldy Oxfam shop.

I hope that something profoundly, redemptively unpleasant happens to Cameron, the loss of his child has obviously taught him nothing of compassion or humility and he remains a Bullingdon blackguard, good for fuck all, employing thieves and footpads like Coulson and Brooks, surrounded by  angry,  redfaced stuttering, spit-flecked  incompetents like Maude and Gove and worthless tossers like Teresa DunnoWotDayItIsMay and that simpering retard, Lady Sir George Younger..  His redneck posturing on al Megrahi is inept and ridiculous, many's a wise head has counselled that things here are awry but Cameron, conceit and arrogance personified, insists that he knows best, simply because he says he does. And with every photo-opportunity, he and his verminous LibDem stooges, but mainly he, look further and further distant from Truth  and Decency, more wedded to the lies and nakedly self-interested hectoring of Yesterday's robber barons. Or, in Cambo's case, his ancestors.

 Even the Arsebridger is calling Lockerbie a crime that simply must be reinvestigated, yet just a few days after a young man, Sam Hallam,  is released from a life sentence - having been wickedly fitted up by the  filth of the Met - Cameron the Wise stutters, Nothing to see here, move on, please.

The Tory worm will turn. Flashman will not go the distance, he is a coward and a weakling, his character flaws clearly visible even below the thick panstick of happy family PR spin.  Despite all his stern Now-Lookism, the man's clearly a  cad and a bounder.  Not the sort of chap we want at the wicket. Good, as the rest of us say,  for fuck all.


Mike said...

I've kept an eye on this Lockerbie business over the years, and as you say, Mt I, there is a mass of detail that points to a mis-carriage/cover-up.

What puzzles me is why Ghadaffi fessed up, served up al-Megrahi, and handed over 2Billion in compo.

Maybe the yanks wanted to use Lockerbie as a pretext for invading Libya, but Ghadaffi outsmarted them by becoming all friendly. Maybe he wasn't that daft.

Camoron has his own cover-up to worry about - ie why he invaded Libya with the frogs?

call me ishmael said...

It's a lawyerly point but the Great Leader never actually fessed-up to anything; he simply agreed to pay compo to the victims, who, in blood money terms, have nowt to bitch about, they are all rich. By so doing he re-opened trade with the West, sanctions were lifted and invasion plans put on hold.

What was said between the dictator and the patsy, al Megrahi- if such he was - is one of things which should be uncovered.

yardarm said...
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call me ishmael said...

Sorry, mr yardarm, this new blogger is a bastard, pressed the wrong key and deleted your post, which was spot-on, the whole rotten edifice would crumble if we knew the truth about Lockerbie. perhaps fortunately for us, the matter of an appeal or a review by other means is sort-of in the hands of the McFatMan, although he can certainly be bought-off.

Grunger said...

"Good, as the rest of us say, for fuck all." You say Mr Ishmael.
Why single out this particular example of all that is bad in our "democracy"?
The heaving masses of those who would profess "to be working for the common good",(and taking our money for doing it,) is peopled with virtual clones of this man.
They all have their mouths continually in motion, spewing forth abject trite nonsence, whilst emptying the till for their own benefit.
'Tis time for action, not words.

call me ishmael said...

Why single out this particular example of all that is bad in our "democracy"?

It may appear thus, mr grunger, that we concentrate purely on CallHimDave, but a glance at the back pages, over some years now,will reveal that we target all of those whom you excoriate, regardless of party or gender or nation - the virtual clones of this man - at home and abroad.

It IS time for action and mayhap we will see a spontaneous eruption, but that is, in the first instance, down to those younger and fitter than I - I already had my head cracked by Greed's vassals, years ago - what the fuck is the matter with yoof.

I'm due a heart bypass at the end of this month but when that's over, just you tell me where the barricades are and I'll be there.

yardarm said...

No worries, Mr Ishmael. It`s indicative that Wisteria Boy, to whom no blame can be attached for the original...horror, sprang into action with unusual alacrity to denounce a full enquiry, with full judicial powers that justice should demand.

Why ? None, least of all Call Me Bullingdon have the courage to summon this particular demon from the bowels of Hell. It would tear the British and American security and political establishments limb from limb, even nearly a quarter of a century after the event.

Hopefully the imminent collapse of GlobaRupe will ruin a few of his hanging on scum: Top Hat Boy, and finally putting paid to a come back by the Jug Eared Jesus. But I believe that would be nothing, compared to a full disclosure on Lockerbie, the subsequent, and just as importantly, the preceeding events.

call me ishmael said...

I wonder, mr yardarm, which constituency it is that he thinks he's addressing, Cameron, what band of idiots he thinks endorses his world or domestic view, even at Redneck Central - the Filth-O-Graph comment boards - he is utterly reviled.

It may of course just be that commenters are naturally anti-establishment and would coruscate anyone who was in govament but the Filth-O-Graph and much of its readership are the Tory faithful and even they think he's a cunt - not just that he's not rightwing enough for them, but that first and foremost he's a cunt, who can't add-up, doesn't know history, basically hasn't a fucking clue what he or his are doing. Funny how so many are saying SayWotYaLikeAboutGordonBrown ButAtLeastHeKeptUsOutOfTheEuro, as though that redeemed all his other snotty crimes. But at least he did keep us out, Cameron has no such meagre feather in his cap.

In passing, mr grunger, earlier, hinted at a purposelessness in this sort of blogging but I do feel that those of us active in the Brown Terror did, actually, deride and malign him to some effect and that we should keep it up with Brown's successors, whoever they are; words, rumours, Chinese whispers, slanders and denunciations, who knows to where they fly and to what end. And, faced with the mighty, evil tide of skymadeupnewsandfilth, it behoves all of us, now that we can, to contrapublish.

Dick the Prick said...

Good luck with the op. Got 1 myself and it's not really a hang out the fucking bunting affair. Hmm..

call me ishmael said...

I'm convincing myself it's just a tonsilectomy, thanks, mr dtp. And so should you.

P T Barnum said...

Maybe more appendectomy, Mr.I. No ice cream after. But the outcome can be a marvel.

On Lockerbie, far more questions remain unanswered than answered (such as the break-in to the freight area at Gatwick the night before the flight) but my cynical mind cannot help connecting the change of regime in Libya with the second coming of Blair. All those documents kicking around in the Colonel's archives might just make him want to win some hearts and minds with his smiley presence all over again.

But false flag operations seem to be increasing in number. Since the 'enemy' seem so uncooperative in actually blowing stuff up, the Merkin agencies are engaged in shock and awe activities themselves to justify any abuse or invasion they can think of. The one I most recently encountered was the first World Trade Centre bombing, which was a CIA black op. Except the person engaged by them couldn't build a bomb, so the CIA had to do. And when the person placing the bomb discovered it contained live explosives, he pulled out of the op. He has subsequently "disappeared" into the witness protection programme. Apparently.

Anything to keep the arms' manufacturers happy and the populace cowed and biddable, eh?

call me ishmael said...

Glad to see you're still alive, mr ptb, and looking like a saint. More later.