Sunday, 20 May 2012


 Mr I-Know-Best, speaking in the Filth-O-Graph, reveals the extent of his illness.
 Now, look.

He cited several programmes where he is pushing for better or faster progress. He said: “Is the Green Deal delivering on time? Are our welfare reforms working? Is the free schools programme going fast enough? Are the changes to the immigration system coming in?

“That is how I spend my time, driving change from the centre, at the same time as recognising the key to good government is good ministers who have clear instructions about what needs to be done.”

Sometimes, he said, that means he has to intervene in departmental business. “No 10 does have an important role, not just in progress chasing, but in shaking things very hard to get things done quickly,” he said.


Mike said...

Hard to know where to start. I'm glad I'm 13000 miles away from this. Make Julia look like a Nobel academician.

BTW welcome back Mr I, your sojuorn hasn't blunted your quill.

Dick the Prick said...

Apparently his daughter, all of about 8 years old, is telling anyone who'll listen that it's a 1 term gov.

And when the fuck did that utterly shite rhetorical technique of asking themselves the question and then answering it? Cameron does it, Clegg, Warsi (sorry if anyone's near lunch) and I dare say loads of 'em do.

Interviewer; 'what are you gonna do about the Euro crisis?'

Twat; 'if you're asking me whether i'd wish my wife would nosh me off more, then yes, I would. If you're asking me whether Reggae Reggae sauce is surprisingly tasty on burgers, then yes, it is'.

Oh, just, do, fuck, off. Hmm.

jgm2 said...

It's the same bollocks as used by Blair when he was eventually toppled in Brown's coup d'etat.

'What do you most regret Mr Blair..?'

'That we didn't do more. Do more on this. Do more on that. Go further with the other. That we weren't even more 'progressive', introduce more legislation etc etc..'

Do fuck off. I think you did more than enough damage as it is. With politicos (of all colours) less is most definitely more.

call me ishmael said...

It was Clegg, started that self-interrogation thing, young stanislav drew attention to it, years back, on order-order. Look,are you asking me if I am a cunt, well of course I'm not. And so on, he could keep it up for ages, shame on the hackwankers in MediaMinster who let them away with it.

Julia's been getting some stick from fanny icon, Germain Greer, recently, Mr Mike, seems, the prof thinks the premier's arse is too big. Honest, not invent.

yardarm said...

Wisteria Dave`ll be like Rod Taylor in The Birds; hearing a flap of wings, a caw, and turning from branch to telephone wire, to see them gathering to peck his eyes out when his fellow turds realise the bone idle, piss poor educated, Lady Luck Wipe My Arse Again, Whig careerist is fucked.

Already Boris Cock is seeing himself as Grand Vizier and a certain jug eared jackanapes is envisaging a GNU arising from the meltdown of the Three Little Fuckwits, a GNU that only he can lead. We`ll see....whoever`s left standing after the destruction of GlobaRupe....

call me ishmael said...
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call me ishmael said...

I love it when you talk dirty, mr yardarm, Blair and Boris, now there's a hot, steaming pile of shit.