Thursday, 23 October 2014


Blogger has decided to instigate word verification before publishing comments. I hate that shit and have tried to prevent it happening, all the settings are  as they should be, yet the comment box still displays that prissy Please prove you are  not a robot nonsense. I am very sorry about this and will continue to try to rectify it. I suspect it is something malevolent, engineered by my ouija-pad. I hate this fucking thing and if it hadn't cost so much money it would have gone in the Rayburn long ago


Mike said...

Its Google, Mr I. One way or another they are determined to stop the Plebs using t'internet. Too subversive, too lacking in control.

Meanwhile, the bastards read very word we type, write, speak - and soon think.

FUCK YOU - this is for the spooks.

jgm2 said...


I don't mind the word verification hoo-jah. I had assumed you were being spammed by Viagra salesmen, pyramid schemers and such-like and this was your way of circumventing it.

If not your site personally then perhaps wordpress or wherever your blog is hosted is over-whelmed with spam-shit and trying to buy memory to store all this spam-shit.

It might be a bit like the shotguns Mr I. Better to have it and not need it..

call me ishmael said...

It's just too much white noise for me, mr jgm2 - passwords, verifications, mothers' maiden names. I am congenitally unable to cope with all those trip-ups. If I write every fucking thingn down in a notebook I lose the notebook, not lose it but it'll get obscured by other, later books, there're getting on for nine thousand books in this house and a little blue notebook will just disappear. I am the original of The Dog Ate My Homework, Sir, and what bit he regurgitated I left on the number 11 bus, it is one of Life's conspiracies against people who are not anal. I don't know what html means. Or usb. When it comes to this stuff my circuits fail to initialise and having to prove, before I can comment on my own blog, that I am not a robot is fucking well intolerable.

It will all be fixed when, as mr mike unconciously predicts, those googlefucks, applers and facebookarseholes sell us not an ouija-pad but a fucking implant.

Doug Shoulders said...

I believe it’s for protection Mr Ish, but it could still be something more insidious that we haven’t yet fathomed..from our govment. Some folks know how these things work I’ve heard.
I note that Cameron and his boys want to restrict internet access and stitch up those that would offer criticism of their fuckwittery.
It’s for our own good you know…

inmate said...

Mr I

If you can't abide this verification bollocks from Blogger check out a Wordpress platform; all contributors have to enter their Email and password the first time they comment, then that's it, they are free from interfuckingferance afterwards.
You would have to approve the first comment but, after that they are FREE.
The wordpress thingy sorts out spam itself.

call me ishmael said...

It appears to be a common problem, something to do with updates to the dashboard, there is no effective remedy on any of the blogger forums.

There's a lot of stuff here, mr inmate, and I like the layout, dunno if I could manage a change without fucking it up, either. I think mrs woman on a raft has one such platform but she has been forced to install word verification by receiving a blizzard of spam.

I will keep looking for a solution and apologise for the frustration, unlike mr jgm2 I am most ill at ease trying to decipher those little textual abominations; some fucked-up shit, these geeks have, for brains.

Anonymous said...

Is this a Philip K Dick remix? How in fuck can I prove I'm not a robot? I may just be programmed to assume I'm not. (If I remember right the androids flunked the empathy-test in Bladerunner/Electric Sheep if they failed to twitch on hearing about bunny-rabbits stubbing their toes. The fuck.2 version will probably extend to our having to convince some cunt we'd give a shit if half the government went up in flames..."subject sobbed and asked only half? Recommendation: termination. Count zero interrupt..."


Alphons said...

'fraid it's big brother time.

Bungalow Bill said...

I've had to ask my wife to deal with this since I share your blindness in these things. Why aren't we just allowed to engage with each other? Never mind, have no fear that any on here will be remotely discouraged - quite the opposite, and happily Mrs BB shares that sentiment; though anything you can do to erase the problem would of course be helpful.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr bungalow bill; I cannot find anyone who has been able to solve it, at least not in a manner that i couild even vaguley comprehend; sometimes these things come and go with blogger, fingers crosses.

mongoose said...

It's just word verification, Mr I, and is pretty easily turned off, or was last time I looked. In your blogger Settings, Posts & Comments, and turn it off. Or it should be there anyway. Unless you have offended the Home Secretary and she has set the loons on you. You've not been out taking soundings in the bay I hope.

jgm2 said...

MrI ,

I don't welcome the spam-shit filter - I merely accept it. while we have our fun out here in cyberspace, minding our own business, even on a well crafted 2000 character rant we take up a tiny amount of memory. But one Nigerian with a diskette of 100,000,000 'verified' e-mail addresses wreaks a world of shit on band-width and storage.

Fuck ne, now that I think of it, if the Nigerian scamsters and Viagra salesmen and penis enlargers hadn't invented spam mail then the fucking Chinese would have to invent it just to create the demand for all the fucking storage disks they must be manufacturing.

don't worry. I too struggle with the wobbly letters. But it fucks up the Nigerians and the Chinese autobots even more.

For now.

call me ishmael said...

I fully understand your estimate of my cyberintellect, mr mongoose, each of us has his own special gift, after all but I had actualy done all that and it doesn't work, I checked on the forums and many people, ITsmarter than I, are baffled, blaming an updating of the blogger dashboard, it has only happened here in the last 24 hours but elsewhere it occurred some time ago.

No, in fact I have never been out in the Sound, always thought I'd be down to sea a lot, grabbing lobsters and cods and mackerels but the tides and the currents especially are more than I would risk, I am often on the big boats and there is a tremendous local smallboat trip in and out of the cliffs to which I take visiting friends, some years, time I did it again.

call me ishmael said...

Is that realistic, mr jgm2, that this is a cost-cutting measure by Google, one they would do arbitrarily?

mongoose said...

I'm never concerned about your intellect, Mr I, cyber- or otherwise, though perhaps sometimes your level of interest in stuff which doesn't have a grain or a melody to it. It is indeed often that settings come irritatingly switched the other way around when one upgrades - or is upgraded without one's knowing it. So a new version of the dashboard engine might have made this happen seemingly without reason. And likewise, the switch-off switch might now be broken.

You might also find that accessing the blog through a mobile device can change stuff too. If two machines are used for access but their settings are not consistent, the one might overwrite the other - or invisibly not be allowed to so write - in an endless Kafkaesque fog. I'll leave it with you. Untangling it will help to fill the long Orcadian winter.

What else does one do with Scapa Flow now that there isn't a host of battleships to fill it?

call me ishmael said...

All the forums suggest those things, mr mongoose. I may get a man in, although that exposes the blog to aliens but I suppose I could put his eyes out, afterwards.

There are few alive, now, who can recall the Flow filled with vessels but I often try to imagine it and there are photos, of course. There is also a ramshackle museum in an old pumping station on Hoy, I say ramshackle but it's more amateur, for the love of, there are no blue ropes or Do Not Touch signs, there are vehicles, big guns, ack-ack, torpedoes, small arms - Brens, Stens, Lewis guns, Navy Colts - the pumping station itself, intact, and a mass of daily artefacts, helmets, gas masks, Army and Navy newspapers, documents, photographs and loads of stuff from the scuppered German Fleet, even so, it is difficult to conjure up an image of what would have been hundreds of vessels, seaplanes, thousands of seamen, so still, usually, is Scapa Flow. You should visit, it is the biggest tiny place in the UK, Orkney, and there's stoney shit here older and in better nick than some of the Egyptian stoney shit that people cross the world to see.