Wednesday, 19 September 2012



Burbling  on skymadeupnewsandfilth,  today, Chief Constable Sir Peter Filth, as he announced himself, said, well it's hard to say what he said because every other word was Clearly and half of the words which weren't Clearly were As I say.  He said too much of nothing, the sort of meaningless pap which bureaucrats like him practice in front of the mirror, just in case he's ever forced to leave the golf course or the lodge and say something on the TeeVee.

 From his performance  It was safe to deduce that Sir Pete was one of those unpardonably stupid people who mysteriously fetch up as Chief  Constables, Admirals of the Fleet, Governors of the Bank of England and Deputy Prime Ministers. People like Sir Pete simply cannot be in charge of  even the petty cash, or the works do, and yet they are;  the turd floats to the top of the cream, just look at Sir Pete's  predecessors, the lunatic James Anderton, 


congratulating God for sending an arse plague on queers,  the other one, recently, I forget his name, lover-boy, who was fucking so many of his junior officers that he went and topped himself up some mountain. Just look at the Met's recent senior appointees;  not the brightest or most honest of men, are they?

No wonder, it seems to me, watching this gibbering baboon, that his officers, at an overtime cost of a hundred and fifty grand a day,  not only can't find a jumped-up, half-blind petty criminal - when half the population of Manchester, it seems, knows where he is - but are sent bollock naked into the area where he is known to have connections. And get killed.  Dearie me, a policeman's lot is not a happy one.

But hang on a minute, the filthsters have gone mad with this one, like they always do, forgetting, conveniently, that far more - by at least a hundredfold - innocent citizens have been  shot dead by police officers than have bobbies and bobbyesses by Joe Public; you never see Sir Pete agonising about that shit, you never see Police Federation mouth, Inspector Gob, sobbing his socks off when one of his members kicks a sick man to death, fuck no, he can't say anything which would prejudice the full and far-reaching cover-up,  launched by one bunch of coppers into another, ho-ho-ho and Evenin' all. And when diabetics, disabled people, black people and tipsy wimmen are slapped around the cells, often killed  by constable or sergeant Pig, members, let us not forget, as Sir Keith Oily-Vaz reminded us, 


of the best police service in the world, why,  is it my members' fault if the CPS says there is no possibility of a conviction, ho-ho-ho and Evenin' all ?

That is not to say that the deaths of these poor, misled women are to be dismissed, part of some double entry book-keeping system which sees police vs public shootings as some tit-fer-tat trade-off, far from it,  that's the sort of thing the police do, are doing, in fact, it's not front-and-centre, in their mewlings and pukings, that these two killings offset the Hillsborough arseholery of the police,  that they counterbalance the official letting-off of that slimeball who killed Mr Tomlinson, not front and centre, but it's there;  used to verballing suspects, making-up evidence, altering statements, they just cannot help themselves.

If he had any decency Sir Peter Filth would have resigned at lunchtime. But then, if he had any decency, he wouldn't be there in the first place.  I mean, just look at him. 



jgm2 said...

Quite so. And Norman Tebbitt chipping in that the death penalty should be reintroduced. But only for those who kill police.

Norman? Norman? Norman - if you're listening - Fuck off, Norman.

Apparently the chap who shot these policewomen was out on bail for the murder of Mark Short (whoever he was). Why not string the fucker up for the murder of Mark Short? Did Mark Short 'deserve' to die (maybe he did - I don't know). But why are these policewomen's lives somehow more valuable than Mark Short's. They're not. They're well fucking not. It's the same fucked up mindset that has the courts tagging on an extra year or two if you kill somebody on 'racial' grounds or some other bedwetting grounds that is just too beyond the pale to even consider. You can kill somebody at random or because they spilled your pint or called your dog a 'puff' and that's just terrible and here's 12 years but kill them because they're black and that is somehow worse? Oh do fuck off.

It is only when the courts start handing out 12 year sentences for killing policemen that the fucking police will understand how pissed off the rest of us are when the courts hand out a twelve year sentence for killing a postman or a security guard.

As it is this chsp will never see the outside of a prison again. because, of course, his crime is so much worse. And I bet they'll prove it - if they find him guilty of killing this Short chap I bet they give him 12 or 15 years. But the police? He'll be getting 30 or 35 years apiece for them. Because they're so much more fucking important than everybody else.

Dick the Prick said...

They had a local chav on SkymadeupNewsandFilth saying 'everyone knew he was here, we all saw him,, fuck me, i'm not saying I know the address, just that he stayed at Ma Biggins Monday through Thursday and in my cellar for the weekend but 'ee's misunderstood yoo see?'

It's gotta be something to do with 'community policing' like sink estates filled with drugs, guns, loan sharking, car robbing - well, all they need, you see, at the end of the day, is reassurance from the police service, a helping hand as it were and under no circumstances should be viewed as dirty bastard criminals, fuck me no, where would that end? Coppers working solving crime? 'Do me a fucking favour Guv'nor, i've got a pissed up negro to kick the shit out of in cell 4, called my mum a slaag so he did, no mistake' etc etc.

Over on Inspector Gadgets blog there's some dispute as to Sky's coverage but I saw a bit about 7 o'clockish where their crime correspondent (briber in chief) was corkscrewing over the chief cunstable's statement of judge, jury and executioner - yup, the guy's guilty as fuck and fair trials are for little people - obvious innit he's guilty, we're a family dontcha know?

On said same blog there's massive support for arming the plod which isn't scary at all and with me not being an arms expert would perhaps be inclined to think that an ambush enacted with grenades would be liable to have any preventative association whether Dixon was carrying a fucking arsenal of balistic devices but then i'm just a civvy and don't understand the pressure that they're under!

A tragedy certainly, but misapplication of justice, calls to arm coppers and calls to bring back the death penalty, well, fuck me, calm down, calm down.

call me ishmael said...

No question that they demand that a special value be placed on their lives, Harry Roberts is still in jail, what, forty years on. I do try to see the logic of it, that the constable embodies the society and that killing him is a blow against everything we have fought for these last centuries; it's just that he, himself, is generally a blow against those things, the thin blue line protecting us from outright Decency; crooked, rotten, brutal and stupid, most of them - see the Eye's Inspector Knacker, these past fifty years.

It is a crucial office, that of policing society, how come we do it on the cheap? Why don't we insist that the PC is a graduate-only profession? What am I missing, here?

Yes, Chief Constable Sir Pete, displayed scant regard for due process, innocent until guilty, but then he never does, otherwise he wouldn't be chief constable.

And why not a few extra years for killing ginger people, or Jock, both of whom are widely despised. Difficult to believe, mr jgm2, that learned judges could come up with something as ansurd as "hate" crime.

Verge said...

You'd think the fucking Prime Minister would know better than to spurt out a staggeringly prejudicial knee-jerk finger-on-the-pulse blurt...but then again, maybe not. And the poor bastard father of one of the poor bastard cops was quoted as saying the police should be armed and allowed to shoot on sight. Grief and the news-crew's portable arc-lights presumably blinding him to the bleeding obvious etc.

Anderton was a cunt of rare quality. As I understand it he had a tame local magistrate and saw to it that the Savoy Books chap did a couple of stretches in Strangeways for running a bookshop/publishing house he (A) didn't like. Proper creme de la cunt.

Speaking of French, maybe the establishment's hate-crime schtick is a kind of europhile impulse; the French will (up to a point) let you off if you off someone because you really, really like (good European lawmakers, we) we'll top up the bird if you trespass against someone because you really don't like them at all.