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I guess that being in office whilst running for party leadership must be a bit of an advantage and BoJo, having resigned from what is now Hunt's job in the interests of his life-long ambition can be seen as being at  a bit of a handicap; on the other hand BoJo, fully employed  by the Filth-O-Graph and moonlighting as a member of parliament, has only a domestic mouth  to put his foot inustrates how crassly ill-prepared  is the modern, career politician  for diplomatic statesmanship and thus self-evidently the premiership of the United Kingdom.

Naz Wotsername is kinda pretty, certainly telegenic and her bloke is deterministically gobby, the typical, sanctimonious, ill-informed, poorly-read Guardian reader, probably  the kind of creep mentioned the other day by mr verge, who has tattoed about his person scraps of literary text which he doesn't understand. Hubby and the Guardianistas are the kind of people who all insisted that AnSangShoeSing

 or whatever the fuck her name is represented living sainthood, whereas what I always said was that if she had been a little old Burmese man with brown-stained teeth and without an Oxbridge spouse nobody would've pissed on him when he was on fire.  
Turns out she wasn't quite as saintly as all that, was she? 

Mr Naz demands that he meet all the candidates for Tory leadership in order to put them straight about foreign affairs.
I'm joining Naz's hunger strike. 
That shows how principled I am.
 Oh, no, it's not to the death,
 just a coupla weeks.
 At most.

Mrs and Mr Naz seem cast from the same unsound marital mould as the reprehensible Gerry'n'Cilla McCann, perhaps unfairly, therefore, when it comes to their plight I tend towards Don'tGiveAFuckism.
 If, however, I was concerned about them I'd have blanched at Hunt's cack-handed, grandstanding on their behalf, today.   

I think he said to BadIran that, in the opinion of himself, Naz was innocent  and they should  therefore let her go, probably to be photographed with him at the next Tory party conference, if there is one.
Jerry Hunt doesn't care about anyone but himself but even a pretence to caring about Naz would have stopped him using that language. 
Accusing the BadIranians of jailing an innocent woman  is not the way to secure her freedom, soft words turneth  away wrath, tabloid spiv moralising only puts people's backs up.
The nutters in the US State Department will have been pleased by Hunt's cloddishness but I expect Mr and Mrs Naz will see no benefit.


Caratacus said...

Poor old Jeremy Rhymingge-Slang .. moaning the other day about how many Beeb Beeb Ceeb presenters are playing sport with his name and deliberately calling him Jeremy Cunt on air - presumably hoping he ankles round to Somerset House and changes his name. To Wattock or something.

He missed his chance though; someone said that I was one once .. I just gave them a Paddington Hard Stare and said, "Yup - and you have no idea how big a one I can be when necessity calls". Always own up, that's the thing.

call me ishmael said...

But he's a self-made millionaire, Jerry, like the Angry Flouncing Queen, Mick Spiv Heseltine-Pinstripe, so unspeakably vulgar, donchathink, your majesty, these Tory grandees? To put the matter to rest he could just deedpoll himself into Jeremy Berkeley-Hunt, then there'd be no misunderstanding about what he's called and what he is. He works for Murdoch so he should get a fair wind from skymadeupnewsandfilth wherein we should soon expect a migrant flood of former cabinet ministers, crossing to the other side of MediaMinster's golden street; just as long as he's not given a job for life describing every railways system in the known universe, as was the stuttering gabshite, Mick Portillo, the gaybashers' gaybasher.

I suppose many will be grateful to Tracey May for shutting down the Tory child sex abuse scandal enquiry, in which no Tories were actually involved, and definitely no trainspotters.

Never hear from Mr Yvette Cooper, these days, do we, another unfortunately named political giant. Ed must've run out of trashy has-been celebrity broadcasting opportunities. Perhaps, when they sweep to poweti the Chukkan Tendency will find him a safe seat, a-ha-ha-ha-hah-hah.

mongoose said...

Chukka is the boy though, isn't he? On his third political party in as many months, I reckon, and has ended up in the Dogshooters. You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

I imagine that it is irritating, terrifying and beyond comprehension in equal measure when one's loved one is caught up as the pawn in international bullshittery. That is perhaps why the McCanns were so wise and got the PR blokes on the case before the bairn's cot was cold.

My much travelled brother's advice back in the day was that whereveer one found oneself in the world always have 100USD cash in one's wallet. Soft words indeed, and readies. But you can see how these things can go wrong and escalate. Who knows why this unfortunate lady pawn has found herself selected?

Anonymous said...

Travelling on a train in Germany last week, I looked at your site on the off chance that there might be a new post. There was. It's wonderful to be able to read your thoughts again Mr Ishamel. Thank you for them.

call me ishmael said...

I had set aside the sympathy aspect, mr mongoose and was concentrating on the practicalities, on what the Smugsters call realpolitik. Philosophically, ethically I am as you know with Franz Kafka who said While there is one soul imprisoned I am not free. In a general sense, therefore, I would welcome Naz's release but no more so than that of the working class Northern Maureen, suckered into drug muling and facing death by machine gun in some crooked, tropical shithole; who knows, too, how that unfortunate lady pawn found herself selected?Unfortunately for Maureen tired old slappers seldom ignite the virtuous indignation of the Guardian, unless, of course, they are Anna Soubrie.

The sensible thing for them to do is apologise, STFU, keep their heads down and try to wangle early release. Mr Naz-Gob, though, is too keen to be on MediaMinster's grubby stage, this probably being the biggest single event in his life. Hush, children, hear the man throwing his voice, his head being right up his poo bottom.

Corbyn should've sacked Chukka, the minute he opened his oily far centrist voice, instead of babbling about colleagues, a broad church and respecting different opinions. If he had have/of done that I'd have joined his party, me and who knows how many others. Joined the shit-eating, dog-shooting, child-molesting, jailbird liberal demophobes, has he, you could always tell from his shiny pate and his expensively tailored sneer that Chukka was a man of rare taste and discernment. Let us pray that his constituency party makes life unpleasant, alarming and difficult for him. Oughta be a law against it, misrepresentation of the people.

call me ishmael said...

Thank you, mr anonymous, too kind by far.

Bungalow Bill said...

Kafka, Mr I, was the one who foresaw it all, the whole aching nightmare.

Caratacus said...

Fair point about Ed Balls' wife Ophelia, Mr. I.; dreadful woman in every way. It is a sobering thought that her future hubby once looked at her across a crowded dance-floor and thought, "Phwoar .. she'll do for me". But I'm prepared to lay five bob each way that she is the next leader of the Labourtrotskymarxist party.

I read an interesting thing the other day; "Socialism always begins with a universal vision for the brotherhood of man and ends with people having to eat their own pets".

Mr SG said...

Just switched the ‘leadership’ debate - C4+1 Hare Krishna show thing off! Enough already! Sadly, only two observations to make: Gove is nowt but a pantomime dame; and, at least one of the contenders looks and sounds like they are straight out of ‘Dan Dare’... Indeed Mr Caratacus, and as a certain former Tory leader and Prime Minister observed (though she may not have been the first to do so) “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” Mind you, the raiding of pockets is far from exclusive to ‘socialists’.

Mike said...

I'm behind the times, I'm afraid, and have no idea who Naz is? I'm guessing a jihadi bride? Have I missed something? As for what passes now for Govt ministers or wanabees, a famous poet/bard once described them as a shower of shite. I don't like bragging, but I forsaw all this 25 years ago when I first saw Blair interviewd: all Saville Row above the table, and jeans and trainers below. I knew it was time to get far away.

call me ishmael said...

The thing is not to conflate socialism with career socialists, who are only in things for the money and generally as bad as whatever the other careerists decide to call themselves and often much worse. From any approach, however, the glories of post-capitalist, insider dealing, stock market billionairism, the privatisation of profit and the nationalisation of debt - our own, recent experience of Snotty socialism - lead, like the inevitable hour, only to the grave. We have to change our way of thinking, make ourselves a different set of rules; a war, maybe, or a plague; there's no future for anyone in Yvette Cooperism, not even for her and her thieving, cunting spouse.

call me ishmael said...

She is an Iranian, mr mike, married to a British New Person and she has been jailed in Iran for spying. Front and centre, therefore, for her hubby and all the braindead forty-somethings. If you google British Iranian half-wit starts another not very hungry strike, you'll learn more than enough. Oh, and they have a kid, too. Bobby Sands it ain't. Just more BadIran

call me ishmael said...

That Krishnan C4 geezer, he really is a caution, mr sg. He goes on those dire kiddies panel shows with people like Jimmy Carr and Dave Mitchell-Coren-Adverising, he has nothing to contribute to such entertainments except that when one of the stellar assembly says Cunt Krish laughs his fat, sweaty, stupid face off.p

yardarm said...

His Excellency District Commissioner Wobblegob Stewart is as bad as his fellow Etonian, Pasha Boris (and others). Each believing by the force of their personalities they can obtain a deal. There`s nothing to choose between them: Alex de Pfeffel believes we are here to fulfill his destiny and Stewart thinks that being shouldered high in a sedan chair through the geopolitical toilets of the world qualifies him to lord it over us.

Maybe he`s right but damn his impudence anyway. Either a govt that goes for no deal and takes the consequences or a govt, probably a coalition, our old friend the GNU or Junta of the Damned, (maybe headed by Governor General Stewart) which voids Article 50. And takes the consequences. But their careerist cowardice will not permit it.

Jeremy Hunt ? If you sent Sir John Underpants to a public school and not a comp you`d have got Hunt.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr yardarm. That's what I call spleen.

Mr SG said...

More spleen here - from the Tory heartland, in Austria of all places!

mongoose said...

I watched it too - not for my own sake, you understand. I could not differentiate between Raab, Hunt and the Other One. Gove was Gove and Rory was Rory. (I do warm to the lad even if it is only that he takes the bins out for his missus like the rest of us do. He does not seem though to be very good at that. Perhaps a better anecdote next time. And he has exactly the wrong politics for the moment. Pretend "realism" is what got us here.)

The point is that the circle can now not be squared without political bloodshed. In any other period, Clark, Rudd and May would have the whip withdrawn today for preaching the take down of their own government. The entire argument - "deal or no deal" is politics for Trumpton or Noel Edmonds viewers. There is probably a venn diagram overlap of some proportion. The Tories must be shorn of their Remainer journeymen; Labour must be shorn of its Blairite rump. Lord Sid must bring his band to the rescue of the Tories and damn them all. A proper Tory would know that it was necessary and how to do it.

call me ishmael said...

Saw a coupla minutes of it on the Ten o Clock Why Brexit is Bad, and that was more than enough. I do believe that Spit, the only one I saw, is stark, raving mad, probably talks to himself incessantly, we need for him to be sectioned, as I said, locked under the stairs.

mongoose said...

I have been ruminating, Mr I, on the new meaning of right and left. I think you probably have a more gutfelt understanding of it than do I but it is where this conversation is going. None of those chaps tonight at the hustings/debate was recognisable as a person of "the right". Likewise we could go through the car crash of the Blair/Straw/Gordon/Yvette/Emily spectrum of heart-rending deceit. None of them are of "the left" that I grew up understanding. Left and right are just gone. We need another spectrum. If Rory, or Boris, is the answer, we don't yet have the right question.

Perhaps an earlier populist moment was the 1945 sacking of the Churchill hero. Enough of that. Thank-you, but we the people deserve a bit more and not just when we're needed to stand in trenches and bombsite ruins. It's not that people rejected him but that they were asking for a different answer. Now is another of those days.

Mike said...

Re BadIran: of course this all starts with the (illegal) CIA overthrow of Mosaddegh and the imposition of the "Shah", and the subsequent US tantrum when the Shah was deposed. And flowing from that all the demonisation of Iran.

My very good friend is Persian. I know and have worked with Iranians in London and Sydney. Unfailingly, they are friendly, courteous, well educated (beyond Western standards), and have a profound understanding of their civilisation spanning over 3000 years, and a pride in their country. Nicer people you could not meet. Iran is a country where Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Muslims coexist. An Iranian family I know in Sydney worship in the local Bahia temple. Warm and beautiful people.

The Western/Zionist assault of Iran is something that angers me. I would love to visit Iran; its packed with history and culture. The only thing stopping this is the Memsahib worried she would be droned by the US.

call me ishmael said...

The Left, mr mongoose, is now the private territory of the Inky Trannies, the Bisexual Bobbies and the censorious polytechnic hairdressing undergraduates, anything not lovingly supportive of where they put their cocks now seen as right-wing and fascistic. We see Tom Watson today, squeaking out in favour of Big European Business, rubbishing the vote of working class Britain, joining forces with the majority of members, lords'n'ladies and their mates in the press. Union barons, too, earn as much as a cabinet minister and relish the prospect of the post-retirement Euro-sinecure; Sid is a banker and the very model of a modern snouter.

It is as I say: all are now FarCentrists. It started with the Warwick Agreement, when union bosses, led by the unspeakable Dave Prentiss of Unison, the poorest-paid public sector workers' union, promised the MoneyLenders Mafia that he wouldn't advocate for proper wages for his members as long as the Tories, Tony'n'Imelda, were allowed a run at Downing Street, both Blair and Prentiss are now as rich as Croesus and workers wages have been eroded so badly that even in two-wage households Usury camps in the front porch. The Blairites Hosannah the Minimum Wage - a minimum wage on which no-one can live. No-one associated with Labour can be described as left-wing. Oh and I forgot that mangy old crow, left-winger, Tess Jowell, her self-praising swan song applauded by nobles sitting on the green child-molesting benches, Tess, when not taking bungs from Berlysconi, deregulated as never in history the gambling regulations, allowing her spiv friends into the living rooms of the very very poorest of her party's victims and into, it seems, every other shop in our wasteland high streets. I do hope Mr Satan is very busy on her scabby, Blair'sBabe arse, giving her an Olympic style spit-roasting, forever and ever, world without end, Amen.

The only populace I see with an ounce of self respect is not here but in Hong Kong, God bless their slopey eyes and their too many teeth.
If we had any such courage we'd have hung the running dogs of Austerity, swung that foxtrotting slag Vince Cable from Westminster Bridge, Too busy watching Britain's Got Toilets, I guess.

call me ishmael said...

I don't know any Iranians, mr mike, but I do know that what you say is historically correct and the notion of Oh, herewego again, it's BadIran time is surprisingly current, here in the North. It is only ephemeral but such travel docs as I have seen on Iran bear out your presentation.

On the other hand, Gangster Benjy's latest Moll has just been busted for stealing Israeli government funds. No doubt someone on CapitolHill will bail her out. Dang me if it woiden be better to start another Six Day War'n have our boy Benjy thrown in some Tel Aviv jailhouse, merely fer his ole lady stealin' what's rightfully his own Goddamned money.

mongoose said...

Rory's big mates with Charlie, Mr I. He tutored the princelings for ten minutes one year. He is a complete fake, a composite, a cut-and-paste identity to be brought out when needed. Jesus, I wonder how many of them there are locked away in the spooks' fiing cabinets? No wonder we can't afford fucking libraries.

Yes, the very worst of them all are the troughing union leaders. Flat in town, 200k trousered every year, chaffeur-driven parasites. Up the wooden steps with them all.

Mike said...

Mr mongoose. I don't really know too much about Rory, but when I worked in the City, and used to interview people, it often amazed me how people so young had crammed so much into such a short time span. Unbelievable, was my conclusion. In the Filthograph today it says he has denied being James Bond.

Re the union blokes, does Arthur the coal man still have his place in the Barbican?

mongoose said...

I think, Mr Mike, that Arthur has popped his clogs, and not before time. To his credit, he was right about the intentions of everybody. I had some dealings in the coal industry in the late eighties: "Identify, mongoose, the most cost-effective pits for delivering the following (declining) profile of tonnage." And I did. Though they took no notice of me. A pretence. A game. The "no deal" preparation of its day. What a fool I was. But a young fool.

The thing about Rory though is that he hasn't actually achieved anything. He's been a pretend soldier for half a summer, a pretend tutor of princes for a week, a pretend academic for a season, a pretend Labour man for a month or three. I would not be at all surprised if he is the next but one Tory PM though. He can then add "I told you so" to his CV.

Mike said...

Mr mongoose: according to Wiki Arfur is a fit 81 year old and still claiming his pension. Its not exactly clear if the NUM (are there any real miners left?) are still paying for his gaff in the Barbican. I keep an eye on the obits, for the obvious suspects, and was sure I hadn't noticed him.

Mike said...

PS even if/when Arthur does step off, it won't preclude him still claiming, I'm sure.

mongoose said...

And, of course, you are correct, Mr Mike. I stand corrected. What a sorry tale but Arthur wasn't the worst of them. Maggie took him down and he wasn't tactically astute when he had needed to be.

No, there are no deep coal mines left in the UK. There are a few open cast, I expect. It is a terrible stupidity. There is a perfectly valid deep coal business to be had. If the government didn't pervert every energy number in existence with their flaccid, green wibble. All gone now.

Mike said...

Mr mongoose: my wife's uncle(?) was a miner in Doncaster at the time. There were very deep splits between the pro and anti strike factions. He was anti strike because he could see Arthur was pursuing his own agenda which would lead to the end of the mining industry. Many miners had little time for Arthur, but he controlled the NUM. Her uncle copped a lot of flack and never returned to mining after the strike, retiring to his allotment - but still received his annual coal allowance! He died in his chair watching TV - not sure if it was Britain's Got Toilets.

The UK still sits on 3000 years of energy, I understand.

mongoose said...

I have been down a couple of those, Mr Mike. Bentley and Maltby certainly. I forget the other one. Good lads. A terrible working life but honour and community in it. The Colliery Manager at Bentley the week I worked there was a bloke I would make Prime Minister in a heart beat.

call me ishmael said...

Scargill, the bete noire of tabloid thought. He wasn't the brightest of men, probably only a bit brighter than that other windbag, Lord Kinnock of Brussels and his slurping doxy, to cast him, therefore as the sole architect of the Miners's strike is like saying that Hitler caused the Nazi War, as though Krystalnacht and the pogroms and the annexations were all carried out by him alone and that all Germans, apart from a handful of filthy Nazis were blameless and fought hard for their liberation by well, by the Brits, basically, eventually by Ivan and by Uncle Sam, the Kiwis, the Canucks, by mr mike's adopted brethren, the Aussies and indeed by most of the other civilised nations on Earth with whom we now may not and cannot trade. No, I prefer to think that Hitler had some help from some Hermannish ladies and gentlemen.

Scargill, similarly, was not a sole agent but was elected by and spoke for significant numbers of miners and to say Ah but, he didn't say this and he didn't say that is akin to saying that those miners who voted to strike were ancestors of we poor Leavers, who, like them, didn't really understand what we were voting for.

The whole power of the state but especially a brutal police force was aligned against miners, their wives and families and the result has been the staggering rise in energy costs faced by the poorest and applauded by the spiv carpetbaggers now melting down what one Old Tory described as the family silver and swapping it for whores'n'coke.

I thought it was only 300 years of energy subsoil, needing only a smart de-toxing capture process to make it safe and viable, No matter, 300 or 3,000, no matter, and as if in added triumphalist insult the diseased old crook, Thatcher, poured concrete down the pits, in celebration of Might over Right.

I keep a Miners' Wives Strike mug on the shelf and it's nothing to do with Scargill or any such but an abiding memory of the vengeful, Tory state. (by Tory I mean MediaMinster, all of them)

Mike said...

King Arthur's biggest tactical mistake was wearing a baseball cap when the police charged the lines on horseback. Everyone was hoping he would get a smack on the napper (apologies to Rab). That and calling a strike in the middle of the warmest summer on record when McGregor and the coal board had had months to stockpile coal in anticipation. Not the sharpest tool, as you say, Mr I. But as I said, miners were deeply divided. Many were more concerned with buying their council house, on the cheap, rather than fighting King Artur's class war - although he was secretly on the other side.

mongoose said...

Ah, the economics of cutting coal. It seems a lifetime ago but it's only half a one.

The problem with rock in the ground is that it doesn't come in nice flat human-height layers. Everything then (1980s) was designed to setup huge, people-high face-cutting machines that would grind back and forth across the face slicing the rock out. If the layer was too shallow, not all of the rock cut would be coal and this is not good. (I could go on but you'd get bored after an hour or two. Consider that a very, very crude summary.) Anyway, suffice to say that there are many thousands of years of coal under the UK. Some of it is in nice layers - perhaps a few hundred year's worth as Mr I says - but much of it isn't. And much of it has been fecked with over the two hundred years of learning how to get deep coal out. They started with pickaxes and men cutting at the coal while on their knees. Try doing anything - cut a hedge - while kneeling - you'll get fit and strong very quickly.

It is all problematic if your only tactic for getting the energy out is to get humans to go down holes and one way or another labour away shipping millions of tonnes of rocks to the surface. Then ship the coal on trains to big furnaces and burn it like a silly bastard to make electricity sent via huge fuck-off cables strewn about the place. It's a bit backward.

There are clever people about who say, and said even then, "why don't we leave the rocks under the ground (and the carbon), take the energy out of it, and skoosh that about?"

On a related note, there are also still huge and deep pitshafts around and about the country. Water can and does go in and come out, some of it warm and some of it cold. Potentially each one is a massive earth-driven heat pump. A fraction of the windmill money would solve maybe give us cheaper energy but nobody has the will to try. (There are many deep mines that are under the sea offshore. Seawater cold, coal energy hot...)

Cheaper isn't good for business. It wouldn't do to have a real energy market.

Sorry to drone on. Must do some work.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, mr mike but as I say Division per se doesn't negate the NUM Strike vote, any more than it does the Leave vote, contention about which surely makes arguable the close result of any future by or general election - Demophobia: I don't care about the majority vote because it wasn't what I wanted. We are moving to Korean-style democracy, where only a one hundred per cent result is desirable and thus necessary.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks for all that, mr mongoose, I knew nothing of it; sounds as though you've been stoking as well as riding a mailtrain, babe.(ghostly Phantom Engineer piano tinkles...........)

inmate said...

That'll be geothermal engineering mr mongoose, like wot those stupid Icelanders do, to keep warm and power their electricity. You know the ones who jailed all the bankers for robbing the citizens of their savings. Apparently not that difficult to achieve, don't have to drill much deeper than the deepest mines here to raise steam from the bowels of the earth.

The boy Hunt is the anointed one, the deep state's rent boy; inherited his safe seat from his cousin, knows where all the bodies are buried, Murdoch's favoured one an thats all that matters. Raised in a shoe box, never had fuck all but went to the bestest of schools an Uni, noes all about running a top 100 company by paying Manuel an Juanita a fucking pittance, course he luvs the NHS n doctors n nurses. Chinee or is it Japper wife, we will be getting Huawie 5G spying in our living rooms before sundown.

If I were a bettin man..

call me ishmael said...

I keep thinking about Iceland, mr inmate, to relocate. I don't mind the cold, I could quite enjoy the earthquakes and I hate the banksters, what the NewPeople call a win-win, even a win-win-win, stupid inky bastards, their fists up each others arses.

mongoose said...

Well, you are halfway there already, Mr I. It is but a step now. I'd come and visit you as I have long wanted to see the fault line in the flesh as it were.

I just went to get you that pic and the bastards have ruined it - a tarmac path and a handrail across the wilderness. Another dream destroyed, eh? More pedestrians than Milton Keynes now. Don't say I never warned you.

It is indeed, mr inmate, and the potential for practically free at point of use energy is awesome. I think BTW that that is the sensible way we should be looking to go. High investment in infrastructure balanced by low revenue cost on consumption. The same blinkers hold back nuclear power too. It is the very opposite of where we are but somebody has to break the spell of the energy barons. It is all stil very Victorian.

inmate said...

Yes mr mongoose, I worked,for a while in the socialist paradise of Sweden; Vimerby, home of Pippy Longstocking, the model for St Greta Thunberg. There they burn the wood chippings, left over from the huge timber industry, in a local power station to provide heat to homes and even heat the roads in winter, via under ground pipes, rather than use salt.
A complete rethink on energy is needed, perhaps revisit Mr Tesla's theories, but geothermal is the way forward, and it's clean, recycle able an never gonna run out, win, win.
Never been to Iceland, but would like to visit mr I, any one who imprisons bankers gets my vote, however it's very expensive to live there and lots of inter breeding gone on, perhaps some fresh genes would probably be welcome.

Mike said...

So: ET's out. How long can this "beauty" contest continue? I don't ever remember this bullshit before.

Swiss Bob said...

Morning Mr Smith, I've emailed you at your old address.

call me ishmael said...

That one has self-bleached, M. le suisse, er al, is my cyber carrier pigeon. Weedy A level tendrils of Thackeray's Vanity Fair and Maugham's Of Human Bondage blow, still, down my dusty streets.,alongside, of course, the shrivelled, bitter roots of Moby Dick.

They fuck you up, your English teachers.

call me ishmael said...

That's right, mr inmate, it's all in how we look at things. We live on a nuke, don't we, surely we can nick a bit, to keep the old ladies warm.

call me ishmael said...

I am sure, mr mike, that, like Hillary Clinton and her ilk, Spit will see his defeat as a fit-up, a psephological aberration and will mount a saliva-sodden Resistance. They are all loving the flickering, smokey limelight. Every, cheesy, degenerate smirking his or her advanced understanding at docile drunken slags like Emily Maitliss or Jon Sox. There is no business like showbusiness