Thursday, 11 February 2016


President Trousers, her brat, Chelsea and Spunky Bill's Secretary of State, Maddy Albright, stir the pot.

Hubble-bubble, toil'n'trouble, 
vote for Hills or you're in trouble.

Whatever the Clintons're paying Albright, 
it's too much.

Even by the standards of bought'n'paid for political whores, Albright's comment that the Devil had a special place for women who didn't vote for the crone, Clinton, is remarkable for its conceit and stupidity and as such reflects the old crow, Hillary, herself.

Women have to remember that it was that filthy young slut, Monica Lewinsky, who turned the head of our great president, Spunky Bill, and stole him from the arms of his loving wife, President Hillary Trousers, something he had never done previously just from the moment they were married. And it's those sort of women that have to be stamped-out, young, vulnerable ones.  And that's what we did, for women everywhere, we turned the entire weight of the US administration on this slip of a girl and tried to destroy her.  Women everywhere should thank us for that, but especially President Trousers and  President Spunky Bill,  women  should thank them, for the way they reacted with such dignity, such lies; that cigar episode,  the blue dress, they prove just how truly and abidingly feminist the Clintons have been, on behalf of you, the women of America.

It is one of those chutzpah things, the way that Ambition makes Feminists of the grubbiest. Apparently no-one should question Hillary's limpet-cling to her constantly adulterous arse-wipe of a husband because, yes, she's a feminist.

And that's why women must trust her, because where Spunky Bill memorably said, Ah feel yo' tits, Ah mean pain, his partner in crime now says she's just like all the women and blacks and gays in America.

Hillary knows the struggles that ordinary folk face, down there, on Main Street, USA.

How tough it is to raise a child, these days, when everything costs so much.  That's why not voting for a hard-working mother like Hillary is a betrayal.

Woke up, it was a wealthy morning...
The Clinton brat has a BA fron Stanford,
an MPhil from Oxford,
an MSc from Columbia
and is vice chair of the $2,000,000,000
Clinton Foundation.
Her parents gave her a $10,000,000 home as a wedding present.
Planning to take her place in what they think of as the family business, Chelsea Clinton has the right credentials to represent America's richest families.
I mean poorest.

Even by the standards of public servants the Clintons are staggeringly rich. Jimmy Carter spent and spends his retirement doing genuinely good works, Spunky Bill and his doxy have hustled bribes from bent banks, bent governments and criminals.  I guess they must be desperate to fulfill their end of the deal and give Greed the run of the White House.
Why else would an old lady put herself through all this shit?

From The Economist:
The Clinton Foundation is one of the reasons why (sic) voters have taken such a dim view of Mrs Clinton’s integrity. Created in 1997, it is a philanthropic foundation that backs multiple charitable initiatives ranging from economic development in poverty-stricken parts of the world, to fighting climate change, the betterment of lives of women and girls and access to drugs for those who are HIV positive. These are all laudable goals and the charity has won accolades for its impressive work. The problem is that a foundation, which is led by an ex-president and someone who hopes to be elected president by the end of the year, can appear vulnerable to conflicts of interest. 
One of the reasons that the Clinton Foundation has become such a formidable fund-raising machine is that donors appear to hope to gain access to the corridors of political power with their gifts.
Over the past 15 years, the Clinton Foundation has raised a staggering sum, close to $2 billion, from corporate titans, foreign governments, political donors and other wealthy entities, according to an investigation by the Washington Post. Many of these donors have multiple agendas in addition to their wish to do good. According to the Washington Post, almost half of the major donors who are backing Ready for Hillary, a lobby group promoting her presidential run this year, as well as nearly half of the so-called bundlers, the fundraisers who solicited and pooled her campaign funds in 2008, have given at least $10,000 to the foundation, directly or indirectly through foundations and companies. Donations from banks and other financial institutions account for the largest share of the foundation’s corporate benefactors. Its perhaps most controversial donors are foreign governments or other foreign entities, such as the governments of Oman and Kuwait, which are by law not allowed to give any form of donation to American politicians running for office.


This email scandal  resembles pretend-hubby, Spunky Bill's, pinhead dancing doctrine:  a blowjob from a woman is not sexual relations. And anyway, it all depends on what your definition of is is.

At her confirmation as Obama's Secretary of State, Spunky Bill bought Hills a webdomain for her private use, by private they  meant official, Secretary of State official,  but deletable, and all of Hillary's official State Department e-mail correspondence went to her private e-mail address, this is assumed to also be the address used by foreign donors and is  further presumed to have contained incriminating evidence regarding the Clinton-inspired removal of Gadaffi at the request of some of her funders in Western banks, fearful of his creating an Afro-Dollar.

Hillary, despite famously always carrying a handbagful of  i-stuff - i-pads, mini-pads, 'phones -  whined, when challenged about her breach of convention:

Speaking about the private server installed in her home, rather than securely, on government premises, Hillary insisted that there was Nothing to See Here; Move On and Get A Life; Oh, Please; Oh Really 

and other expressions of positively Caesarian irritation and displeasure.

When she was finally forced to hand-over her e-mail correspondence she and her girlfriends first deleted over thirty-thousand emails and wiped the drive.  Why would she do this, if everything was above board? Thirty fucking thousand official emails deleted. Congress won't go after her, of course, because they all pimp themselves out, too, but Main Street may; it's not entirely cluttered with embittered lesbians, desperate to see any woman in the White House, no matter how brutal, crooked and, well, macho-mannish, she is. Bright, ordinary women in New Hampshire and Iowa have burst Hillary's spunky bubble,  they don't give a fuck about her diseased marriage,  they just don't like her.

Christ, she makes this pair of filthy international gangsters look like petty criminals.

Look, Imelda, dear, it's raining money, 
and we don't even have to sign for it.


Clinton Lockett. If you feel up to a real-life nightmare, google him.

Team Trousers is confident that blacks all over the South will vote Crone but why should they, if they do, they must be as stupid as the Clintons privately say they are. Have they forgotten, did nobody tell them, that during his first presidential campaign, Spunky Bill roasted a neegra boy in Alabama, a backward neegra boy, just to show how tough he was on nigger trash?  

from wiki on Ricky Ray Rector: 

By 1992, Bill Clinton was insisting that Democrats "should no longer feel guilty about protecting the innocent" and voiced strong support of capital punishment. To make his point, he flew home to Arkansas mid-campaign to affirm that the execution would continue as scheduled. Some pundits considered it a turning point in that race, hardening a soft public image. Others tend to cite the execution as an example of what they perceive to be Clinton's opportunism, directly influenced by Michael Dukakis and his response to CNN's Bernard Shaw when asked during a campaign debate on October 13, 1988, if he would support the death penalty if Dukakis' wife Kitty were raped and murdered. Dukakis responded that he would not.
Bill Clinton's critics from the anti-capital punishment sector have seen the case of Rector as an unpleasant example of what they view as Clinton's cynical careerism. The writer Christopher Hitchens, in particular, devotes much of a chapter of his book on Clinton, No One Left to Lie To, for what he regards as the immorality of the then Democratic candidate's decision to condone, and take political advantage of, Rector's execution.[8] Hitchens argues that among other actions, Clinton was attempting to avoid focus on the ongoing Gennifer Flowers sex scandal.


I am in blood
Stepped in so far that,
 should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o'er.
If only mr tdg's  Maestro Wagner lived, to make overture, song, chorus and crescendo of this vile creature and his mangy trollop.

In the St. Louis University Law Journal, Bright wrote:
Not nearly as noticed (as the Bush Willie Horton ads of 1988), but just as significant and perhaps saddest of all, was when then-Governor Clinton went back to Arkansas to preside over the execution of a brain-damaged man, Ricky Ray Rector, an African-American who was sentenced to death by an all-white jury for the murder of a white policeman… After shooting the policeman, Rector, who always had mental problems, put the gun to his own head and shot himself, destroying the front part of his brain. Clinton scheduled the execution for a short time before the New Hampshire Primary. Clinton went back to Arkansas to make a spectacle out of Ricky Rector's execution and get as much political mileage out of it as possible. The logs at the prison show that in Ricky Rector's last days, he was howling and barking like a dog, dancing, singing and laughing inappropriately, and saying that he was going to vote for Clinton.
Have they forgotten that he brought-in one sentencing tarrif for crack cocaine, the nigger drug, and a lesser one for normal cocaine powder, the bankers' drug?  Have they forgotten that he funnelled hundreds of millions of dollars to private correction facilities in order that they build mediaeval high-max, lockdown jails in which to store the tens of thousands of new life sentence niggers created by his three-strikes and you're out, tough guy legislation, the rotten fucking bastard, jailing more blacks in his two terms than any other president in history? 

From Salon 

Over the past two decades, the Clintons' version of the War on Drugs" has inflicted needless suffering on millions

The Clinton dynasty’s horrific legacy: How “tough-on-crime” politics built the world’s largest prison system


Federal funding for public housing fell by $17 billion (a 61 percent reduction) under Bill Clinton’s tenure; federal funding for corrections rose by $19 billion (an increase of 171 percent), according to Michelle Alexander’s seminal work, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.” The federal government’s new priorities redirected nearly $1 billion in state spending for higher education to prison construction. 

Clinton put a permanent eligibility ban for welfare or food stamps on anyone convicted of a felony drug offense (including marijuana possession). He prohibited drug felons from public housing. Any liberal arts grad with an HBO account can tell you the consequences for poor, black American cities like Baltimore. As Alexander writes, “More than any other president, [Clinton] created the current racial undercaste.”

 Don't they know that these anti-nigger laws which TrouserWoman is promosing to repeal were brought in by her good ole boy, Spunky Redneck Nigger-Hatin' Bill, with her whole-hearted support? 

What sort of a place can America be, that its blacks would vote for their JimCrow tormentors,  that its women would vote for some power-crazed,  redneck, murderous, vindictive, money-grubbing old buzzard,  bought by the banks like a whore for a gangbang, patronising ordinary people from dawn 'til dusk, about the cause,  the cause being her own crazed ambition to equal the criminal career of the husband who has shat on her for forty years?
This is TrouserWoman's achievement; this, cruel, sexist and ageist is what they think of her, because this, actually, is what she is saying about herself.


I mentioned, some years ago, that our old friend Richard Milhouse Nixon, down there in Hell, would be frothing at the mouth at what   the Clintons,  Bush, the Blairs and Obama now get away with.
Many's a true word, spoken in spite.

Stumbling along in Hell, behind Spunky Bill, tights full of holes and shit dribbling from her mouth, I hope Hillary Clinton encounters Richard Nixon, he can give her a piece of my mind.

Ry Cooder's Wall Street Part Of Town says all the above in a few jaunty bars.
If Music be the food of satire, play on.

It's been a good day for good folks, Wednesday; Sanders beat the Crone and may yet piss in her yoghurt, and Spunky Bill's; Trump beat whoever it was; Met Commisioner, Bernie Hagan Daaz, is in trouble;  the truth is emerging about Deepcut barracks - heavily sexualised, misogynistic and toxic, whooda thought it? - and those evil bastards at West Midlands Constabulary  are about to be exposed, God bless those Birmingham women,  fighting forty years for the truth about the IRA 'pub bombings. 
I'd vote for them.


Mike said...

Its hard to believe - or maybe not - that baring a miracle she will be holding up her pudgy right hand swearing to uphold the constitution. As if!

America deserves her. There never was a country so full of hypocrisy and shit. I would gladly sponsor one of Vlad's nukes.

I'm shortly off to Cambodia. During the Vietnam war (or the American war as the Vietnamese call it) Cambodia was neutral. Despite this, they were bombed illegally every day for six years. A greater weight of bombs fell on Cambodia than were used in total by all sides in WW2. Cunts.

This is why I'm hoping they elect her. Its what American exceptionalism deserves.

Mike said...

Mr I: as a craftsman, and a petrolhead, you might enjoy this:

Doug Shoulders said...

Reckon Clinton will get in just because she’s famous…a celeb. Right thinking folks apart, there ain’t enough ‘mericans can see by the celeb status to the policies and they can get away with any old shit.
Look at Lance Armstrong FFS…A cheat and a rat but still feted, celebed and book dealed everywhere.
Those women don’t look like they’re alive.

call me ishmael said...

All of what you both say is true but look at what happened with Corbyn in Labour and the SNP in Scottish Labourland, they are different phenomena but these were unprecedented insurgencies, look at what happened in Greece, all three of thise were prompted by young people with their own register of Celebrity. People who get their opinions formed for them by Time magazine or by the snooty charity scamsters at the Guardian or by the thieves at the PBC, where nobody mentions Cambodia or Laos, see Clinton as a divinely ordained inevitability. I don't think the Guardian mentioned New Hampshire, yesterday, although it was a huge news event, for fear of pissing in Heaven's stream of consciousness.

We should send the Occupiers and the malcontents our best and all of us harness the power of wishing and hoping that Clinton is rejected utterly, next time, and fucks off to fume her way to bitter, angry death.

Time will tell who has fell, and who's been left behind

Time that Jon Sox was out there, licking up Hillary's watery turds, like he does, locked into the myth of Kennedy's Camelot, silly old cunt.

Doug Shoulders said...

Whoever is voted into sure as eggs is eggs..they won’t be the ones running the country.

I’m looking at RT this morning and they’re reporting that the two hospitals have been bombed in Syria and the ‘mericans are blaming the Russians for it.
You won’t get that reported on the PBC.
The mind boggles as to how ordinary citizens have been so duped as to believe that bringing “freedom n’ democracy” means nothing other than a day at the office for globacorp.

Doug Shoulders said...

Other way about. USA did the bombing then blamed the Russsians.

call me ishmael said...

I can only take it in small doses, RT, makes me too mad, especially some of those independent, US-made documentaries about EarthCrime committed by Hillary's backers and endorsed by bent judges.

I agree that not a whole lot will change but an increment will do, although I suppose that either Trump or Sanders, if elected, would develop sudden and tragic heart or brain conditions.

We must take it where we find it and Clinton's upset is better than nothing.

inmate said...

Whoever is voted into sure as eggs is eggs..they won’t be the ones running the country.
So true Mr Doug, an alternative is to not vote for the fuckers the Powers that be offer us.
I know that in the USandA there is no chance of an Independent ever being Protus,only whomever the Banks or GlobalCorps decide who can serve their interests best, but, here in the cradle of democracy we could, as I believe Mr I has proffered on occasion, vote for an Independent in local or National elections.
Anyone other than the established parties, the Monsterravingfuckingloonnies would surely be a better option than the 'same old same old'
They wouldn't be in the pockets of the 1%, they would represent their constituents, rather than the PARTY.
Maybe an pissed off Ishmaelite could stand and speak truth to power.

Alphons said...

Here again is confirmation of the old saying:--

"The scum always rises to the top"

Anonymous said...

The US jails are cheapo factories, they take contracts from private companies or even individuals, they are run at a profit and sell shares. I met a man who had several thousand tee-shirts, combined-services Guantanamo souvenir ones, printed for him by a prison for which he paid, iirc, three dollars apiece for and which he sold at twenty dollars each. So the three-strike policy, and welfare ghettos, and high-crime single families is not something that is unintended or even unwanted - it's a recruitment policy based on the business model of a very cheap workforce, is nothing personal and perfectly legal as the prisoners get paid and the work is voluntary, assuming that they don't mind a microscopic wage and if they prefer a production line to a solitary cell.

mongoose said...

My colleague is a Democrat, and a politics junkie. She cannot see past Clinton - of course, she can't. She doesn't really understand how Sanders has got a look in. I mean, a fucking Socialist? In America? Are we kidding? And The Trump too is strutting his stuff which is great fun - if only because it annoys the pious. This would be satire over here. Some loon at the BBC would sketch out a panto Herod, cross him with Alan B'stard, shout "Tory cuts" and push Trump out on stage. Even his name is a joke. All other matters aside though, having Trump in charge of the US response to the middle east would be a Dr Strangelove gamble.

My colleague's view btw is that the party machines will stitch up the deals at Convention time if need be and it will be Clinton v Rubio or Cruz. But she is an old school gal who has lived in Scotland too long. Party political corruption now courses through her veins like Irn Bru. The other day she was explaining to me how the worldwide crash in the oil price was a Tory fix to scupper independence vote 2.

There are some of us though - and I was afraid to say this, but now I am afraid not to. God Bless America - some of us remember Ronnie Reagan getting elected. Twice. And Michelle Shocked left the country. And it is all too easy now to see that Reagan was Clinton and Clinton was Blair before Blair could wipe his nose. If there has been in my lifetime a populist politician of the pretend Left more effective than Clinton, I cannot think of a name. And look what happened? And I saw him on TV at the w/e and his face was saying, this is not how to do it, dear. Clapping his hands like a ghost he was.

Everybody thinks that everything lasts forever. This run lof conmen, Reagan through Blair, has been the maturity of the restricted channel, on-message TV politician. Maybe that is over. The world now has people in it who think it is politically clever to issue snuff videos with four-year-olds blowing up carloads of the wrong sort of muslim, and who are we to say that they are mistaken? Maybe we are back to faceless revolutions again. Let's sing another song, boys. This one has grown old and bitter.

call me ishmael said...

It is a meagre addiction your colleague suffers, mr mongoose, Clinton sulphate, not much fun there, better off smoking laxatives, I would've thought, and as you know, I'm a proper political junkie, man and boy, this entire lifetime.

As for Strangeloveism, I doubt that PROTUS can actually just press the button, there will, there must be, checks'n'balances, and the checkers and balancers must be outwith any cadre of presidential appointees - military, intelligence, diplomats, jurists etc. and the financiers, of course and industrialists.

My own view is that the last and perhaps the only decent one of my lifetime has been Jimmy Carter, I wouldn't piss on the rest of them, I think Ike was a bit of a visionary but he was way before my time. As for God Bless America, well, no, the home of modern ethnic cleansing, slavery, torture, the death penalty and any number of cruel and unnecessary punishments; the source, too, of any number of illegal interventions in other people's democracy, of WarCrime abd EarthCrime, 800 military bases around the globe, their occupants unaccountable for theft, rape and murder, funders of terror everywhere, even in the UK.

I want to like the cousins, some of them are lovely, I love NASA, I love the American novel and most America music, it's just the burning
brown children that strangle my affection, the Kissinger Peace Doctrine.

I am sure that you're correct, the times are at last changing and for every corrupted muslim child there are thousands of those energised Occupy people, as in the Ry Cooder clip, and now they're voting for Sanders, not obediently for a rotten, corrupt self-serving dynasty of self-pitying filthsters, the Clintons. Oh, a time will come up, when the winds will stop.....the hour that the ship comes in.

call me ishmael said...

That's an interesting slant, mr richard, and probably something which would interest Junky George Osborne, although my point was not a commercial one, some of those nicks are horrifying, inhumane, with victims of the preposterous war on drugs serving hard-time just to burnish the business-friendly image of Spunky Bill Clinton, monstrous.

mongoose said...

I had misremembered the precise wording. Reagan's nomination acceptance the first time round:

"I have thought of something that is not a part of my speech and I’m worried over whether I should do it. Can we doubt that only a divine providence placed this land, this island of freedom, here as a refuge for all those people in the world who yearn to breath freely: Jews and Christians enduring persecution behind the Iron Curtain, the boat people of Southeast Asia, of Cuba and of Haiti, the victims of drought and famine in Africa, the freedom fighters of Afghanistan and our own countrymen held in savage captivity.

I’ll confess that I’ve been a little afraid to suggest what I’m going to suggest. I’m more afraid not to. Can we begin our crusade joined together in a moment of silent prayer?

[prime time TV pauses for silent prayer]

God Bless America."

This is a master, a real pro at work. It's on the youthing. Take a sick bucket.

call me ishmael said...

I have a collection of his speeches, somewhere, on tape, in my US archive, I must've heard it there, but both he and Thatcher make me squirm with embarrassment, I am not a devotee, their scoundrel's patriotism is not ours. An odd business, the attribution of greatness, it was Gorbachev brought the wall down but the event is claimed by Thatch and Dopey Ron, who, by that time couldn't have found his own cock in the bathtub. And it was LBJ who resurrected and pushed through the civil rights legislation which the Kennedys had been happy to ignore, just paying lip service, we shall overcoming, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrowing. They are featherbedfellows, the Democrats and Oxbridge Labour, hymning the poor whilst shafting them.

Anonymous said...

Carter when governor of Georgia rallied support for good ol boy William Calley - Georgians had some kind of shine-a-light-for-My-Lai week to express their outrage at Calley's conviction (which turned out to be kinda temporary and flexible, natch.)

In other news, Bukkake Boy's kid brother got struck off today. Wonder if he had time to write himself a few good scrips before the verdict.


mongoose said...

You know me, Mr Ishmael. I don't imply approval - it's just description. The TV was then still largely set pieces to camera and not the rolling 24hr relentlessness we see now. That Lady Clinton got away with her email transgressions is surely a sign of the club rallying around. The yanks are up to their necks in Middle Eastern gore and it will not get better any time soon. Certainly not like this. And Bad Vlad seems a little spooked this evening too. Territory better get won quickly - in case the Trumpinator gets in and starts to play hard ball with his new toys.

I managed almost two minutes of QT this evening before a gentleman labelled as a comedian uttered a line about a shortfall in bedside manner from Hunt. Laugh? We'll need another new telly if this goes on. It is though a sign of a growing Tory hubris that they would pick such a lonely fight against junior doctors of all people. Is it still 90-days notice for an imposed new contract? That'll be 90-days of whining, and mayhem, and shroud-counting. No more real dragons to slay perhaps. And Osborne's brother taken down by the GMC on the same day, eh? There's a coincidence for us all to savour. They had better have stomach for a proper fight because there will not be many prisoners taken now. BMA baubles and gongs will be thin on the ground this Christmas too.

call me ishmael said...

If I ever did know that about Jimmy Carter, which I oughter, mr verge, I had forgotten it. Still, at least Calley was tried and convicted, which, thanks to Field Marshal PigFucker's intervention, is now not going to happen to our own Iraq Deepcut Boys, not fair, he said, for poor people and wogs to have access to justice.

Perhaps Adam-Mohamed Osborne could be found a safe Tory seat; the prime minister likes to give criminals a second chance. And criminal would be the case if you of I forged scrips and molested vulnerable people. It is unusual for a medic to be struck off, even so, he must be as much if a wrong 'un as he looks.

That Fugue For A Darkening Island has arrived and joined the pile. Gonna get me a Kindle, I think, drowning in books, here.

call me ishmael said...

I haven't seen QT. since Jess Tits was on, giving her regards to Broad Street,?? and I nearly broke the last one. We have a big, new, curved and smart one, now, with Firefox and applications, so I need to be careful what I watch, lest, raging, I jump on the fucking thing. Was it that cunt in a turban, or the other beardy one, sprawling, sneering and nasty? They seem to flourish like maggots these days, fucking comedian-thinkers, Daid Mitchell, Stewart Lee, Frankie Boyle, all writing for the fucking Guardian, no business like show business.

I hope there is a proper fight, maybe a judicial review, of which this gang have lost a few, but as you say, all the dark arts will be deployed against young doctor Marxist-Filth, holding the country to ransom at this uniquely dangerous time. Still, at least they can't send in the troops, the patients'd run a mile from Sar'n't Major Deepcut and his Glorious Khaki Rapists.

mongoose said...

I am not sure that there will be - a proper fight, that is. This is a cartel protection campaign not a crusade for working justice. But nobody can win a fight against the saints of the NHS. There is no point trying. Is there?

Maybe so. And yet. If the NHS is so wonderful, why does it always need saving by yet more above index money? All that New Labour cash and still they need more. Nah. Fuck 'em. They can go and be doctors in Syria if they abhor the conditions here. It's a meme. A truism. A must-be-true hashtag. Jesus, Saint Jezza will spring to the cause any day, and then they are fucked for sure. More money always. Doctors have nothing to moan about compared to just about anyone else - save politicians and bankers. OK, you got nice A-levels. Well done. Fuck 'em. Greedy bastards. They are inside the tent pissing out.

call me ishmael said...

Up all night, mr mongoose, leaning on the windowsill? Sorry, I retired earlier than usual.

I'm afraid I see a lot of them and have, in the past, done a lot of business with them, in some cases with generations of the same doctoring families and have found that in many cases they are married to other doctors, growing to be what most would consider fabulously wealthy from the public purse, scamming as much as they can and thus far I agree with you, fuck 'em, they have nothing to complain of, money-wise; if you have a strong stomach and a hard heart then doctoring's the trade for you. Where we diverge, however, is in the long-term strategy for the NHS which Jerry Hunt's current posture reveals - it being sold off to his mates and future employers, as well as the whole shebang symbolising the shameless dishonesty of Mr Pigfucker, his promise of no top-down overhaul of the NHS, that thieving cunt, Lansley, is he in the Lords, now, with the drunken child molesters?

No, you should keep such thoughts to yourself; yes, they are shrill, pompous, uneducated greedy bastards, doing what mr tdg describes as dull, mechanistic jobs and should properly resemble more the workers whom mr mike describes,, the medics Down Under, jobbing
tradesmen, working for a living. But in the meantime, if it's them or the govament, I, for one, will nail my smart blood glucose meter to the sticking place.

The cash vortex is another matter, beyond solution; new treatments are developed, everyone rightly wants to live forever and many need to profit from that want, round and round, down and down.

tdg said...

Where medicine is permitted to be sold at market value -- e.g. the US -- the cost to the consumer is far greater than here, and the salaries of doctors are commensurately higher. We have grown complacent in the sickly leisure of free healthcare, lost sight of how much vanity (or goodwill, depending on the sentimentality of your viewpoint) it rests on, and how easily that vanity can toughen into avarice. Were there others one could turn to, were this of the infinite liquidity we so foolishly attribute to contemporary markets, it would not matter. But there are not, and it is not.

call me ishmael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
call me ishmael said...

I agree with the concept of tax-funded health care being available to a responsible citizenry from cradle to grave and that taxes must, therefore, increase to fund heightened expectations as the grave, for many, grows more distant and care costs accrue.

We need, further, to understand that to all intents and purposes health and social care are now the same thing and must be jointly managed and resourced, as is happening in Scotland, but for any model to be sustainable and effective the citizen-recipient must be compelled, on fear of financial penalty - for exhortation does not work - to take reasonable precautions him or herself regarding their physical safety and their consumer choices, much of what challenges the NHS is easily avoidable, drink, tobacco and other drugs, sugar, laziness and physical risk-taking, carelessness and stupidity, these should not be condoned but eradicated. Oh, fuck, 'erewego, 'erewego, 'erewego, nanny state, elf'n'safetygonemad. As though the very idea of the State did not come freighted with nannying, as though the safety of passengers and workers was uppermost, ever, in the corporate mind, and that the state should not interfere.

As with tax credits, we should not subsidise skinflint businesspersons and corporate misdoing, where proven, as in preventable traincrashes, marketing drugs like Thalidomide or selling products known to be dangerous should not be underwritten by the rest of us, nor should misjudgement on the part of officials, as at Hilsborough and, historically, Aberfan who should, themselves, bear some of the costs of attendant medical care, such funds to be drawn from shareholders and from the salaries of culpable individuals and not from insurance. I guess that's my inner Sharia imam talking. Make people fucking behave themselves.

It is also, it seems to me, indefensible that resources are squandered on unnecessary cosmetic surgery, on in vitro fertilisation and most especially on gender reassignment for pensioners, all of which should be funded from their own resources by those demanding them and purchased in the market place. Now, there's a prescription for the sickly leisure of free health care, three times a day, on an empty stomach.

That Hillary Clinton, free heaklth care, that was her thing, too.

mongoose said...

And there we are. That is why it is an unwise battle to have started to wage. Mr I sticks on some privatisation soundbite and mr tdg selects his USA strawman and the game is up for the Hunt. Because it is a hundred line answer to each of those irrelevancies, sorry, and all the while another ten side-shoots can be opened per sentence. And they will be. Trust me on this. This is why ex-Health Secretaries die screaming. But I will give you ten lines and then let it go.

If I ran an anything else and my wage bill had more than 20% or so of premium arrangements, my accountant would say "Sort it out, you silly bastard". I would find out why this percentage was cluttering up the place. Perhaps I opened at weekends but staffed mostly for weekdays. Or perhaps the previous owner had negotiated a labour contract which encouraged petty corruption as one's mates could cover for one at premium rates. Or any number of wheezes could have grown over time. And they do, and not just in the NHS. In living memory, employers even conspired with employees to give them money that expressly could be disguised - so as not to be basic wages. And a racket or manoeuvre this week is custom and practice expectation next week. And if investigation, diagnosis and treatments are now more complicated, and more costly, and even perhaps some of them require capital equipment and combinations of expertise, it is, as night follows day, going to be more effective to work these expensive assets for more hours of the day. The breathing assets will therefore have to be available for longer of the 24 and the 7 so that the non-breathing can continue to whirr efficiently. You will find that PhDs have been written on the shift patterns required in technical and multi-disciplinary operations. (The pattern for many answers seem to be based on the military. I think because a soldier can be told to get on and stop whining. And Jeremy's family background is...? But I digress.) All this builds an operational window broader than used to be necessary when doctor would look at the tumour bursting out of your belly and send you to have it hacked out pronto. And, yes, I know that I simplify but 10 lines already turned into 20, didn't it.

So the objective - if objective it is (and that should be thought about in an idle moment) - is a sensible one. The means selected to achieve it seem to me to smack of foolhardiness.

call me ishmael said...

No need to be rude, mr mongoose, and perhaps you should go to bed earlier for, as you say, and indeed illustrate, short of a thesis all comment must be soundbitten scraps. Amd I may be wrong but I do believe I have mentioned, previously, the scandal of deserted theatres and clinics and labs after five and at weekends, indeed, staying in the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary hotel a few weeks back and navigating the corridors at night was like traversing a massive, fabulously appointed ghost town, still and silent. No dispute, therefore, about the aim of seven-day NHS, just about the aimer. He is no worse than NewLabour's Patsy Leatherface, who threw money at the medics which they hadn't even asked for and then went off, like Alan Milburn, to work for PharmaCorp, but he's no better.

And, or So, as the NewPeople say, there should be no unbrage taken at my suggestion that people take better care of themselves, some, it is true, like mrs ishmael, simply do not see risk, are somehow blind to it. She keeps trying to use my mitre saw but insofar as I can, I forbid her, for, unlike me, she does not inhabit a universe teeming with paranoid possibilitues. Her daughter, on the other hand, could use it all day long, in edgy, fearful safety. People differ, some are as safe as it is possible to be on a motor cycle, the experience, for most, bending itself towards caution but others are headbangers, death cultists and should not, in decency, assume that others will pay indefinitelt for their stupidity, it is all arguable in a lawyerly way but generally speaking people simply must be deterred from making avoidable claims in their national insurance policy. Smoking, though, binge-drinking, skydiving, bunjee-jumping and so on,these are patently hazardous and should, given utmost good faith, an insurable risk and the pooling of it, which are the principles of insurance, fall outwith any cover deliverable by any health insurance scheme. Anything else is taking the piss.

SG said...

Good post Mr I. Anyone who isn't the trouser woman must be a lesser evil. Jesus, I'd rather have Ronnie Reagan or George Bush Senior back at the helm... Come back Tricky Dick - all is forgiven! Meanwhile ruin draws ever closer. Indeed for some, the end of civilisation has already arrived. A neighbour speaks (worth listening to if your French is up to it but subtitles are available):

Just Google, tax free, 'Simone Hericourt the truh about the jungle' if you're struggling (as I do) with the I Pad copy and paste thing.

P.S. I hope that differences of Weltanschauung do not lead to a falling out Mr I and Mr M! A strength of this place is that it assembles folks different parts of the political and philosophical spectrum but what we share in common, if I may be so bold, is an intense dislike of humbug and hypocrisy.

tdg said...

No, the objective is not to provide better 7 day services, which are currently handicapped not by the availability of junior hospital doctors but by non-clinical staff. This is simply a convenient way of reducing the wage bill: junior doctors, unlike consultants, cannot shift to the private sector (it kills their training) and so the DoH has the leverage a complete monopoly gives them.

But let's not get lost in tedious technicality: the construal of patient as consumer and doctor as vendor, and of their interaction as a market, is sick; a hospital no more employs a doctor than a court employs a judge: this is yet another example of the tedious insistence on seeing the world refracted through narrowly ideological eyes - that it is here the eyes of free commerce makes the view no less opaque than if they were the eyes of Marx.

Bungalow Bill said...

Yup, what I like is the idea of pure gift (or purely through our taxes). Fuck profit and loss, when it comes to mere bodily health it fills me with joy to note that a wino tramp whose liver has packed in and who has shit in his pants is entitled to gratuitous care and attention. It is a good thing that this might make him feel valued and important, it is a good thing that expensively trained doctors and nurses should focus their skills upon him without, we must continue to expect, any undue scrutiny of lifestyle. This is the sort of inversion of soul- destroying capitalism profoundly to be welcomed. We are told that it is naive to draw attention to the bottomless billions available for the relief of banks and bankers and for war and the machines of war, for the instruments of Armageddon, and that there is no facile equation between those disbursements and the demands of the NHS. Why?

We can furnish and adorn the degenerate rich and the merchants of death but the weak and sick must justify themselves forever.

Mind you, we could also save a fortune by getting rid of the virtual reality HR and management buffoons whose uncontrolled proliferation throughout the World of Work is such a grade 4 cancer. They could learn trades and crafts instead of pushily and parasitically demanding that their worthless degrees allow them to call the tune.

Bungalow Bill said...

PS why is Merkel listening to that pair of horrendous liberati twats, the Clooneys? Because, dear God, she must think they too are set upon the road to American radiance just like Spunky and the rug muncher.

Mike said...

Mr BB: it could be worse - Bono for example.

Bungalow Bill said...

A horror too far, Mr Mike. Though I raise you St Bob of World Poverty and Unhappy Families.

Mike said...

You win, Mr BB.

call me ishmael said...

I kinda believe that, too, mr sg, absolutely anyone but the Clintons, anyone.

Although I have been preoccupied with Macbeth, Zefferelli's Hamlet, with Mad Max as the prince, is on ITV 3 and it proves a very pleasant and enjoyable surprise, truncated for sure but dramatically intact, Alan Bates is OK as Claudius, Glenn Close, I thought, a complex and compelling Gertrude, Helena Bonham Carter OK, too, as Ophelia and Gibson light, adroit and credible. Ian Holm's Polonius richly earns his eventual running through. The whole is beautifully set, located and costumed, cinematic, yet bound, respectful of the stage, the swordfight scene is fabulously, filmicly done. As I said, a very pleasant surprise from Gibson, whooda thought it.

I think that, too, also - about a convocation of arguments, hereabouts, and it's why I come.

I'll have a look at that in a while, still have to follow io mr mike's petrol head thing.

call me ishmael said...

How I envy your concision, mr tdg, something I cannot even mimic. Long-winded as I am I could not have forfeited the opportunity to embellish your perfectly accurate observation with a reminder that lowering the terms and conditions of staff - long accomplished with auxiliaries - is but bait in the water, to attract the sharks of privatisation.

Hunt is fucking stupid, mind, and may yet be reversed in the courts.

Mike said...

Mr I: please watch that clip if you have time, I hope you will enjoy it. Many a true word spoken, as well. There is also a clip of him building the smallest V12 in the world.

call me ishmael said...

I am a bit rebuked, I suppose, mr bungalow bill, although I had not so firmly posited the idea of complete denial of treatment based on self-inflicted wounds and ills, just that we seriously challenge what mr tdg terms the sickly leisure of free health care - aside from the costs to the taxpayer, there is also the fact that people's lives - and their families' lives - are better, when their health is better.

Rage as we might, rabidly, mockingy or whimsically, as does Maestro Cooder, above, at the bankers' coke-dusted begging bowl, perhaps to be passed among us again, shortly, the current and foreseeable economic landscapes cannot resource a limitless number of vanity treatments and ongoing repairs to chronic but avoidable or manageable defects and misfortunes; certainly not when frail old people live determinedly on, requiring hips, knees and whoopsie-daisies, Stoma bags, IV antibiotics, special diets, incontinence oads, wheelchairs, stairlifts, cataract operations, hearing aids and 24/hour care There is not enough money in the world to meet infinite, extravagant demand and I would rather that people cared a little better for themselves than fall on the wrong side of some near-future rationing system decision.

And all of those spiralling costs take no account of the self-exponentialising burden of bureaucracy, which, to be fair, only does what bureaucracies exist to do, nourish, protect and expand themselves.

And the poignant, homeless wino, how, in God's name is he to be tended, whilst millions of pushy incomers demand his portion, a hundred, a thousand fold?

The whole NHS debate lays open the arythmnic, failing heart of the money system. This is no way to organise things, not in this day and age.

call me ishmael said...

I am just about to, mr mike, when Hamlet concludes I will watch it on the new smart teevee.

yardarm said...

Reading that resume of Spunky Bill`s social engineering, social terrorism more like makes me wish the horrible cunt had taken a drive through Dallas with the top down. Although assassination would have turned the worthless shit into a martyr: mind, it would take a direct hit on his cock to blow his brains out.

And let us remember who it was who repealed the Glass Steaghal Act, allowing Wall Street parasites to continue their money riot with the inevitable result a few years later. Was it Ron Senile ? Was it Dubya Retard ? No, it was Spunkin` Bill, obediently doing his masters bidding.

No wonder at all the Americans are undergoing a physical reaction to the entitlementistas. Christ, I hope she looses, the impotent rage on her face, the thwarted entitlement, fuck, I`d treasure that image to my grave.

walter said...

Mr ishmael, my 85 year old aunt suffering from parkinsons was admitted to hospital after a fall,
after two weeks they said she was well enough too be admitted to a nursing home, so she promptly
died that day, she must have said fuck it! your not getting my assets

call me ishmael said...

God grant her rest, mr walter. I know nothing good about the care sector, council or private, nor about a nation which tolerates it.

call me ishmael said...

My strongest memory of Spunky Bill, mr yardarm, is of him being hossanahed at a NewLabour conference, long after he was disgraced, of the adoration on the faces of vermin like Tess Jowell, Patsy Hewitt and Blind Boy Blunkett, criminal, toadying lickspittles, cheats, brutes and parasites and my realising that the people's party was now only a triumph of the mythology industry.

On the bright side, he looks ghostly, as though he sees Death's sergeants, coming for to carry him home; the greatest thrill, though, would be to see, firstly, the Trouser Queen's rottenness consume her from the inside, her organs to swell and blacken, her arse to fester and weep all the money in the world to offer no comfort, bring no remedy and he left alone, without his perpetual victim, to sit about in Hell's ante-room; be a bottle of champagne, here, when either of them croaks. Maybe Satan will prove to be the big brother Monica Lewnsky never had, the champion which the liberal, caring, socially-responsible Washington mediacorps failed to provide.

Bungalow Bill said...

No, you're right about luxury drains on health resources, Mr I. That Nuremberg Labour Conference was when any gasping vestige of hope was extinguished. The Blairs, the Kinnocks and the Clintons: all the Olympians.

yardarm said...

Amen to that Mr Ishmael. Yes, Spunkin` Bill was a hero to the New Labour filth, made for each other those cunts. And yes, it does look like he feels Mr Satan closing in. Didn`t we, a few threads back talk about how Blair too looks increasingly skull headed and cadaverous. Their money and damned careers and sense of entitlement will do them no good when Lucifer`s balliffs come a debt collecting. I too will raise a glass when any of that lot kicks the bucket.

call me ishmael said...

Not even a fine mind among the whole dire sextet, just avarice and cunning. Watching it, I felt liike the only person in ghe world properly seeing it. I am glad that's not the case, mr bungalow bill.

call me ishmael said...

Amen back again, mr yardarm. How do these people not know that all our names are Death?

mongoose said...

Is there any other field of human endeavour, anywhere on the planet, anywhere, other than in the Blessed and Holy UK NHS wherein it is considered a good thing in itself just to spend more money?

Dick the Prick said...

I nominally work for the old Connecting for Health org, renamed HSCIC and soon to be renamed NHS Data Services and, sweet jesus, it's almost shameful how much money is spunked on vanity projects and flights of fancy. I don't mind the NHS - there's validity to its intentions but no cunt owns it or wants to own it. It should be clinician led but those daft cunts are like kids in a sweetshop so it gets fuckwits like Osborne, Hunt, Lansley, Belsen Burnham all dipping their collective cocks in trying to pass the buck onto absolutely any other fuck that remains standing. Simon Stevens is now nominally in charge of the £80billion aborted foetus that is NHS England but DH have got his cock in a vice so he's left to jibbering shit about obesity obesity or some other irrelevant wank du nos jours.

This isn't by accident at all - these cunts have designed to be in a permanent state of fucked to justify their own existence. You'd think with a good 10 year stretch in front of him, Hunt would be dusting off the 'fix the fucking NHS plan' that's been in every Sec of State's 'too difficut drawer' for the last 20 years but nah, fuck that, too much like hard work. Much easier to bitch slap the kids. Hmm....i'm not sure my future in health policy is gonna last that long!

Anonymous said...

Did Labour pay spunky his usual appearance fee, plus expenses?

Mike said...

Mike not Anon...

call me ishmael said...

Yes, lovely, that, mr mike, a prayer to the clever monkey, ancestor of the engineer, mr mongoose should look.

call me ishmael said...

Can't find any reference to Spunky Bill being paid but Labour is not famous for the integrity of its book-keeping. I wonder if Snotty ever did pay back that money to David Abrahams.

Mike said...

Maybe not Labour directly, but some 'benefactor' - with dinner with spunky thrown in, as a bonus. Because he's worth it.

I would bet my life that snotty hasn't paid a penny back. I'd hate to think of the nefarious deeds he's responsible for such that companies now pay his 'charity' to hear his words of wisdom.

call me ishmael said...

Well, the Clintons do nothing freely, so he will have been paid, somehow; slush fund or as you suggest, Labour grandees, they're like whores in an Amsterdam window, politicians. Dromey, Harriet Soursister's old man, he was up to his arse in the Abrahams scandal, that's why he got a safe, no-women-shortlisted seat. contrary to his Mrs's rules. They all seem to have vanished, these days, Labour MPs, they need a paycut.

Perhaps with another crash looming Snotty and Alastair will emerge from the countin houses which now employ them and save the world all over again, just for old times' sake.

call me ishmael said...

Hunt is what they call him on the Today show, mr dick, and stupid, too; even so, he'll be working to an agenda we will never know of, somewhere far away.

Can't you do some sabotage, placed where you are? And what's the in-house view of young Dr Kildare going on naughty strike, please?

Dick the Prick said...

Well, it's a bit weird, really - he's the most interventionist SoS for ages and unlike Lansley hasn't been tinkering round in his bedroom drawing pretty org charts but I think we may have all been suckered by his blatant stupidity. Sometimes brains can be problematic.

I guess if there really is to be a push to improve care on evenings and weekends then the contracts needed to reflect that and it's better to get that out of the way now. We're removed from direct health care and just do the technology infrastructure so don't really have much insight there. But, just as an example of idiocy, there's been over £3 billion spent on electronic prescriptions (pretty shit take up, problematic audits) and I cannot for the life of me work out what was wrong with a phone - someone still needs to pick up the drugs. There was a select committee hearing on a thing called GP Extraction Service that's never worked, they tried to use everyone's patient info without telling them for Care.Data but that's fucked. It just seems like hospitals are taking all of the brunt whilst us charlatans are tossing it off for no clear objective - simply because something may be technologically feasible, doesn't mean it should be pursued.

It's not a healthy organisation and really should be earmarked for termination.

call me ishmael said...

i suppose the inevitable result of all this, mr dick, will reflect what happened to British Rail, now considered by some to have been fundamentally quite good, just needing a front-of-house makeover, and with NHS patients being told that actually, do you know what, you'll actually be happier paying much more for a bit less, y'know, things like having to stand, because there's not enough beds, but a price worth paying for a modern service,, and the private sector, located on Wall Street, will actually be much better at serving local needs. And do you know what, they'll actually have a team of medically trained call operatives, working out of Calcutts, who you can speak to, without any of that nonsense of going to the doctor. And actually, do you know what, we are actually hearing expressions kf interest from VirginHealth and FoxHealth.....

tdg said...

It is constitutive of a market that a proportion of traders fail: that is what competition *means*. This proportion indexes the competitiveness of a market, so if one wants standards to go up it needs to be high. Unlike a conventional item of trade, you cannot return your hip replacement, and so failure only registers post hoc. The result is market-driven healthcare is only as good as the margin of patients it sacrifices, the higher the better.

The reality is that standards in medicine can only be defined by the profession in which the authority to set them is communally invested. No one else has the synoptic view it needs: that it may be distorted by the usual vices of cabals does not mean any other way could be better.

call me ishmael said...

It is an appraisal with which few would be comfortable, mr tdg, and likely to be the very undoing of you, your insistence on elevating the rational above the sentimental. The NHS is as much ideal as reality, most determined that it will, at no noticeable cost to themselves, ease their every ache and pain, soothe every fevered brow and even abolish Death, himself, eventually; it has become for many an article of babyish religious faith, those working in it cast as compassion made flesh, those running it, in mr dick's neck of the world, claiming that only they can be trusted with celebrating its endless communion. Both Brown and Cameron have opportunistically paraded their dead children, as though their loss made them, exclusively, fit to oversee the nation's health, when in fact, their cowardice dictates that they oversee only the nation's illness.

The best health reform I have witnesses in recent times was the otherwise dreadful Jack McConnell's banning of smoking in public places, here, in the best part of England, and which was simply public policy, nothing to do with NHS management; people continue to smoke but in fewer numbers and these will decline; this was a cost-free move, of which we need many more such.

As for the physician monitoring the outcomes of his trade I would be content with that, so long as what are now seen, quite inmdefensibly, as matters of professional misconduct are referred to the same authorities which regulate the rest of us - the cops, the CPS and the courts.

AS to

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