Friday, 18 September 2015


Only seems five minutes since we said that, soon, a harsher welcome would await the designer-migrants, flocking to Europe, seeking la dolce vita Islamiste.  Guns, we said, would be turned upon them, should numbers multiply, encouraged by airhead sentimentalists.  

Since then, Auntie Angela's guilty conscience has fled, its arse in its hands;  

the Shengen Treaty has disappeared as though it never was and down at the sharp end, in Hungary, 

forests of razor wire are now augmented by teargas and water cannon, laying down a revised welcome mat which stops short of lethal force, but only just; it will come, the shooting, it has to, for this is not a handful of Huguenots, a train carriage of Jewish kinder, a few thousands of Asians, fleeing Field Marshal Idi Amin, VC's, crazily murderous regime;  this is a juggeernaut of humanity and unchecked it will overwhelm Europe, where, already, housing and public services are at breaking point and governments, GlobaTheft's servants, are determined to squeeze further, those, who, in HamFace's words, choose to be jobless ( odd, isn't it, how MediaMinster failed to notice that remark and concentrated, instead, on Corbyn's presence and demeanour, such as they are.)

The Swedes and the Germans have much for which to rebuke themselves, but then the Swedes are insufferably smug and the Germans, well, what can you say about a nation which inspired the deaths of sixty or so millions and honed  Cruelty to a sharpness never seen before? Both nations have peddled the dangerous nonsense that all-may-come, only a week ago the sour-faced hausfrau 

was trumpeting that nearly a million could come, that her Germany had Lebensraum fur alles, her people were waiting at railway stations, not, this time,

 to rob the gold teeth, prosethetic limbs and spectacles of filthy Jews, 

but  with food and toys and spare rooms,  for refugees consumeriste; the whole of Germany was a free-to-all Michelin-starred gasthaus, her industries desperate for the well-behaved, highly-skilled employees which all these designer-migrants claim to be, although, if they don't get their way, they will throw concrete and bottles at lawnforcement, bismillah, it is the will of Allah. 

A shame, incidentally, that these pilgrims didn't  have the opportunity to demonstrate their manners to London's Metropolitan Police Service, who could probably teach the Hungarian thin blue line a trick or two about crowd control.

What is most interesting about these events is the disconnection which they highlight, between ordinary people and the career moralists who so plague us.  In Orkney, all the usual smug sermonisers have been screeching that we simply must all adopt a migrant family, as though they were puppies,  take them home and love them;  traditions of inernational caring are manufactured in an instant, hard-faced, greedy, incomer-hating councillors, happy to slash local jobs while increasing their own perks are become Northern Mother Theresa and a handful of worthless  bien pensants  picket the ancient Cathedral, waving impudent  placards of ethical instruction. 

In real life,  though, the local newspaper opened a Save the Refugees page on its website and it crashed almost immediately, overwhelmed my messages of sincere migrant-fuck-offness from  ordinary people, who would feel the most impact from a gang of noisy, beardy fuckpigs besieging their   surgeries and schoools, demanding their rights, appearing at their isolated doors, clutching an empty bucket, saying, I am refugee and come to wash your car, look have bucket and only needing is hot water and shampoo and very good job will make from car  and is only twelve pounds.  Have master's in software design from University of Damascus but enough money cannot earn, so give me now twelve pounds and will wash car.  Am refugee, isn't it, and you must help.......good, is good, I come every day and clean car, see, is great benefit to local people, to having refugee come and work hard. Allah akhbar, God is Great, you will learn good from refugee.

My old friend's son visited a while back;  from a lifelong middle-class Labour tradition, Sam is now firmly a Kipper;  it's the Rumanians, he said, they go through my fucking bins.  Down in the Black Country, moralising Councillor Cunts have decreed that in order to save humanity all the little Victorian terraces must have three giant wheelie bins roped outside their already tiny front windows, into which citizen-suspects must ethically sort their refuse upon fear of condign punishment.  The Rumanians, apparently, regularely root through Sam's bins, discarding rubbish for which they have no use all over the front garden and street;  on his way to work, his car, stopped in traffic, is besieged by the bin-scrabblers, demanding that Sam pay them to wash his windscreen.  I was always afraid, down South, that events would lead me to open my front door, even in leafy Worcestershire, armed with a sharpened stick or a bucket of bubbling caustic soda solution.  The Armageddon which I feared was the collapse of the national economy and an outsurge of hungry anger from the festering city ghettoes,  that is partly why I live here.

I have always known that the hungry and war-torn would eventually see that Europe was the Promised land, the posh end of the global village and I always thought any border or coastline would be hard to defend against determined people, thinking they had nothing to lose;  I thought it would be hard but European politicians have made it almost impossible.  I do not understand why Germany is not demanding the resignation of the idiot, Merkel,  and her government of nitwits for having encouraged this insatiable tumult.

It isn't only here, in the North,  that Joe Public is in such unreported dispute with His Master's Voice;  a look at any of the comment threads on any of the nation's newspapers reveals the same story, nobody but the chattering moralist wants anything to do with these designer migrants, everybody notices their relative affluence,the fitness of tne predominantly young men, the cynical, reckless, exploitation of the children and now the lawlessness of these same young men, bricking and bottling their way triumphantly through perfectly legitimate border controls;  many have commented on   cowardice of these shouty young bastards, the thousands of dollars spent on their passage would have funded many's a squad of Kalshnikov marksmen, why don't they stay and fight for their country?  There was a show, the other night, about Brits and Germans and Americans, civilians, 

who had joined the Kurds in fighting the headchoppers of ISIL.  They were a surprising bunch, some former soldiers, others not, some mature men, educated and altruistically philosophical, some young and adventurous, all stating that they just felt that they had to do something to fight the headchopping cultist bastards,  the amputators, the burners alive;   you had to love them, noble warriors, priest and poets,  risking their lives, if they were lucky, public mutialtion and torture if they were not; many of the comrades were young Kurdish women, not cheeerleading or burbling managementspeak, but up-front taking shrapnel in the gut, fatal rounds in the head;  later, seeing these cowardly bastards storming Hungary, cheered-on by some crooked, overpaid  wanker in the UN, by some simpering  prelate

and his congregation of touchy feelie morons, you had to wonder why anyone bothers risking their lives for  a region and a faith in which  the fit, healthy natives can't wait to fuck off out of it, come over here and build more fucking mosques. 

Perhaps the cruellest stupidity visited upon humanity by these accursed, showboating ethicists, clergypersons and filthsters  is the legacy of outrage, disappointment and violent confrontation which must follow hard on the heels of Merkel's mewlings and pukings.  All over poor, starving, thirsty, unmedicated Africa; all over a Middle East rendered pacific and stable by PeaceMaker Blair,  all across the 'Stans, domesticated  by Gordon Snot and Mighty Wee John Reid, millions, maybe tens of millions will be charging their i-things, trimming their beards and haircuts, packing their Korans  and setting-off  to a suburb near you, where, undocumented,  they will be welcomed into the homes of caring Europeans, happy to give up their own idyll consumeriste, that Ahmed and Fatima may have it. 

When, as will very quickly happen, even the dumbest of dumbfuck sentimentalists realises that national borders define everything - culture, jurisprudence, economic systems and levels of taxpayer-funded public services - the cry of the weeping bien pensants will be for sharper barbed wire, stronger teargas, bigger rubber bullets and eventually for a killing ground, 
just beyond the Borders of Plenty.

Rational minds would entreat the US Sixth Fleet to chaperone these people to a place of safety, not to their own choice of consumer heaven, to a place where they would be fed and housed and schooled  and  cared-for, by the UN, the Red Cross,  the Red Crescent, by those insufferable smugsters at Oxfam and Save the Children, by Medecins sans Frontieres, 
just  as though they were real refugees.

The fortunes of the coke-snorting Saudi families should be confiscated, the Qataris, the Bahrainians, the Jordanians, all those close friends of Queen Brenda should forfeit everything in order that a Free State be established for their footloose co-religionists.  Tony'n'IMelda; SpunkyBill'n'Hills;  George Dubya Chimp and his gang,  they should all suffer the seizure of their war fortunes.  Maybe Basher Assad needs nuking, maybe he needs working with, I don't know, but while our supposed allies in the region are also funding our enemies and fighting proxy wars in Syria and Iraq, the whole fucking shooting match looks like it was dreamed-up in a group therapy session, down the local loony-bin.


inmate said...

As ever Mr I, We reap what Royalty and Governments sow.

Still this migration will enable GlobalDeath to kill a few more sandniggers, keeping the arms dealers and bankers in the lifestyles they've become accustomed to.

mongoose said...

Where are they from? Very few of them are from Syria, or perhaps very few of them are Syrians from Syria. I guess that it is obvious that when upheaval strikes, it is the poor immigrant - worker or not - who gets a boot up his arse first. The more difficult question is why is this happening? And why is it happening now? Has the economic collapse of Southern Europe got anything to do with it? Are there now economic troubles being passed down the line to Northern Africa and the tottering Middle East? Migrant workers are maybe turning up - to pick the olive harvest perhaps - and are finding no work. So they scoot on to earn some pennies elsewhere to send back to their families. They cannot all be mad Jihadis bent on slaughter, or feckless layabouts zeroed-in on the Orcadian benefits dollar.

One thing is for sure, Mr Ishmael, and you are correct that the Schengen business is over. It did not take many heartbeats for Frau Merkel to throw up the razor-wire. A united Europe? My arse. It's ein reich, ein volk time again.

Dick the Prick said...

Cheers dude

Mike said...

I've said before that this can all be laid at the doorstep of America, and its policy to fuck up the middle east, encouraged by Israel. If anybody doubts the power of Israel in American politics, recall when Bibi lectured congress recently.

My fried says the Arabs have a saying 'if they could all piss at once they could wash Israel into the sea'.

Keeping them all fighting each other and bombing it to fuck every few years serves their purpose. The wet sentimentalists should reflect whose bidding they are doing.

Bungalow Bill said...

I'm with Mr Inmate, chaos equals profit. The sight of Adolf's spawn putting up the shutters has indeed been hilarious though it's harder to laugh at the grand sentimental stupidity of Geldofkind. He crystallises so much of modern, posturing imbecility doesn't he, that repellent prick?

I read in one of the papers about some other adolescent 40 year old popworld creature who'd wept and wept when she'd seen all the terrible pictures on the news and who had rung around all her celebrity friends and then they made a video together around a crap old song. Because, of course, you feel so helpless and you can't just sit there in Notting Hill and places doing nothing. My word, the amount of emergency networking she'd had to manage.

Fuckwit Britain, fuckwit Europe. Who wouldn't want to join in? My own tentative suggestion, however, would be to settle all migrants in the Happy Kingdom of Saud. Much room there, a rigorous but essentially caring welfare system and no religious or ethnic confusions at all. Job done. Any overspill could go into Brian's organic garden at Highgrove.

It is indeed a time for imaginative solutions.

inmate said...

Mr Bungalow Bill, I have been reading just today of an imaginative solution from our betters, UN Agenda 2030. Targets to be achieved within the next 15 years; where agenda 21 was the dream, the ideals for the twenty first century, agenda 2030 will be enforced, rigorously.
All will live in cities, the countryside will be allowed to return to its natural state, to protect the planet from the parasitic humans.Of course western civilisation is to blame for all the planets ills. One world government, One world leader One world religion.
Perhaps this influx of Ahmed is/was planned.

Bungalow Bill said...

That's what I think, Mr Inmate, it's always planned when power and money are at stake.

call me ishmael said...

I saw it, mr bungalow bill, on newsnight, some idiotbitch from the Guardian, Zoƫ something, just a wretched, incestuous stew, MediaMinster. I shared your revulsion

call me ishmael said...

We should not, mr inmate, rule out World War Two and a half, what with Vlad steaming in, solve a lot of problems, that would.

mongoose said...

Has anyone else but me noticed that a group policy has been put in place to say "migrant" instead of "refugee"? It may be more a more accurate term for a big proportion but it is an Orwellian event in its discipline. The power of spin.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, me, I mentioned it a little while back, mr mongoose, in reference, I believe, to the prime minister and his fretful servants at the PBC.

It is forged in the same linguistic crucuble as is: "People who choose not to work should not receive more in benefits thatn those who do the right thing" which is what he said to privy counsellor Corbyn at what we call PMQs, last week. It went unchallenged by the New Levellers, it being what most of them believe in, anyway, cunts.

call me ishmael said...
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call me ishmael said...

I hope that the originators of this plan, mr inmate are aware of the availability for the post of world leader of His Grace Field Marshal the Lord Paddy Pantsdown, of the DogShooters' and ShitEaters' Alliance Party, a man with all the military acumen of President General Amin and the political finesse of Mr Doonald Trump. If it's world leaders they want, they don't come much better qualifieed that Lord Paddy.

I don't know about a planned influx of Ahmed...if there has been one, then, many in the tent must have been kept in the dark; I did find the UN comments about Hungary more than a bit curious, they were only enforcing their own border controls, as I said, far more humanely than does the Met savage peaceful demonstrators. It is almost as though the UN is saying that the borders of the nations which it claims to unite should be at best notional, apart from those around the Swiss banks which hold the well-earned fortunes of UN lickspitlles, like Whispering Kofi Annan; where is Kofi, by the way, during all this fun? Surely he could me making a dollar or two from it.

mongoose said...

I am sure that you did, Mr I, but I missed it. The bastards think that we do not see or hear but it started, I think, with Mr Tory Blather and his use of "the investment" - the use of the definite article at its most wicked. it was not long before you could hear the words falling out of the most innocent of mouths. It is interesting that the use of "hard-working families" has now lapsed and we have the other side of that coin which is, as you note people who "choose not to work". Jezza needs to get his act in order to start challenging some of this shit with a bit more heart. It is not his fault - yet - but the Luvvies are sliding down a slope every day they do not start climbing back up it. The Opposition is currently being provided by the SNP, for fuck's sake.

call me ishmael said...

Uncle Sam IS strangely quiet about this clusterfuck, mr mike, considering his part in it, although John Facelift is keen to portray it all as the reason for more US bombing in the region; wonder what they are making, in Washington, of Russia's new involvement.

The show I mentioned, on channel Four, Brits figthing ISIL, or somesuch, is a largely downbeat portrayal of a tiny resistance movement against those bastards which contrasts starkly with the showboating of Western politicians, especiially considering that Johnny Turk is taking this opportunity to bomb and strafe the self-same Kurds who are risking their necks, up close and personal. WEorth a look, if you are within reach of Western propaganda channels wherever you are.

call me ishmael said...

That's right, I was disappointed that JC did not comment on that misrepresentation at PMQs - we really should find another term for that weekly episode, any ideas?

On the other hand, mr mongoose, the prominence of Corbyn and his support has, like nothing else, revealed the complicity in oppression of nearly all of the press, underscoring that it really is MediaMinster.

I had never before seen Tory writer, Dan Hodges, I knew he wrote like a cunt, it is great to see he looks like one, too, there're lots of Guardianista austerity consensualists, too, whom i have never seen in the daylight and it is a quiet joy to see them a-wriggling and a-squirming at their own personal, internal contradictions.

I mention this because most of us here are seasoned slagwatchers, wont to over-interpret, to seek nuance, to read between the skidmarks; the new audience activists will simply look at Dan Hodges and turn him off, Hodges, Finkelstein, Toynbee, Toilets Maguire, Wark and Neil, all of them, the Dimblebys, Humphreys and Mair, it is only the likes of we who keep these vermin alive, for the new, young activist these are fish long dead in commentary's water.

This is what happened with the Tribesmen's movement, a by-passing of traditional mouthpieces towards a self-constructed narrative, bartered, adapted and disemminated on the corners of Cyberstreet.

Jezza surely does need to get his act together but maybe he has more divisions soldiering for him than we can readily discern.

Mike said...

Thanks for that tip, Mr I, I'll check it out if I can bypass the PBC's iThing ban on foreigners. Back home now. Its surprisingly cold and green in Sydney at the moment. I landed to see we had a new PM - this new one is more of an arsehole than the previous, but amateurs in comparison to your mob, as we haven't yet descended that far, but no doubt will.

I see we are still hunting MH170 in our southern oceans! And still fighting nignogs with the coalition of the willing! God give me strength.

call me ishmael said...

Welcome home, mr mike, your assessment seems about right for any such situation- worse than the previous arsehole. It is the nature of career politics, that; a contradiction to start off with, no wonder it attratcs such filth, no wonder each succeeding king is worse that the last.

It was Channel Four, not BBC Four, that documentary, and unlike the girly hysteria commonly seen in filmed British Army documentaries this one is flat, just a day-in-the-life sort of portayal of what I conmsidered outstanding, unpaid public service, not ForQueenAndCountry, not for career and trade and pension, just for Decency.

Not enough of their like, I'm afraid, to make the world better.

tdg said...

The support for Corbyn is an expression of the same decadent sentimentality, not of a new sensitivity to the political bullshit of the past; as much a manifestation of moral revival as the peri-arrest convulsions of one imminently a corpse are of life.

call me ishmael said...

It may well be those things which you so smoothly metaphorise, mr tdg, but it is the only revolution we have, which is a paraphrasing of your own estimation of, if memory serves, and it usually does, the possible impact of the Scottish referendum and indeed, the political potential of Mr Galloway, the member for Baghdad. Such support as Mr Corbyn is receiving may also be merely an avowal that anything is better than the prevailing. MediaMinster, Buggins' Turn establishment. I will grant you, though, and have acknmowledged hereabouts that mr Corbyn, after thirty years at the trough is actually just another Buggins.

Caratacus said...

Mr. Corbyn once looked across a crowded bar and, as his gaze settled upon the fair Diane Abbott, mused "That'll do for me", as he wiped the back of his hand across his beer-stained bearded face. Well I'm awfully sorry, but that says it all for me. Bugger PC restraint and propriety; any man who could thus easily imagine - even in the hormone-led cupidity of youth - that Ms Abbott represented the epitome of womanhood (as opposed to someone who was so physically challenged she could stop a clock at twenty paces) is suspect in my view.

call me ishmael said...

Well, king caratacus, people must, so long as they act within the Law and Reason, fuck whosoever they wish, and it should normally be no business of skymadeupnewsandfilth. My own personal aesthetic - or yours - are clearly not those of Mr Corbyn but there's nowt so queer as folk.

What disappoints me about this is not his sexual but his political judgements, the former he cannot easily refine, the latter should have come to him with the years and Abbott is a walking advertisement for vile Labour hypocrisy, from the private education of her child, far from that of her constituents - a choice which, incidentally, Brother Corbyn, ought to be legislated against - to her money-grubbing media career, including eating newly-wed Andy Neil's faeces in exchange for a lousy few hundred quid, lardy Diane has shown herself to be not so much the standard bearer of black women's advancement but a bloated pigster, troughing her snout off, devoid of principle; that Corbyn deems such as Abbott capable of trashing Junkie George or Ian Duncan Nazi is a measure of his three decades of insularity; he should move her, ideally to across the floor of the House, where she belongs, with her fellow Tories, they love black people now, don't they, probably more than does Abbott, herself.

inmate said...

It would appear Mr I that the UN have someone even more qualified than His Grace the Lord Paddy Pantsdown.

“No human force will ever be able to destroy the United Nations,” wrote Assistant UN Secretary General Robert Muller in 1994, “for the United Nations is not a mere building or a mere idea; it is not a man-made creation.”

“The United Nations is the vision-light of the Absolute Supreme, which is slowly, steadily and unerringly illuminating the ignorance, the night
of our human life.

“The divine success and supreme progress of the United Nations is bound to become a reality. At his choice hour, the Absolute Supreme will
ring His own victory-bell here on Earth through the loving and serving heart of the United Nations.”
These arrogant cunts of the UN, it would not surprise me if they are not behind this refugee migration, at the behest of Washington and Wall St.

call me ishmael said...

Fuck me, isn't that how they talk in the Freemasons? Divine and Supreme andio Absolute?

I never had a handle on the UN, all I remember from when I was a child is that Dag Hammerskold, then Secretary General, died in Kennedyesque circumstances and that all of his successors have been a bit dodgy, especially Whispering Kofi Annan.

I can't call to mind any UN triumphs, either, only disasters, like the Dutch UN troops who ran from Srebrenica. And there seems to be a basement in UN HQ, full of effete, simpering Oirish spokesmen on everything, lisping the humanitarian failures of the rest of us, even though they mean inhumanitarian. And even though they don't give a duck about anybody.

I think, considering the state of the world, that the UN just has to be a bunch of crooked, thieving, Godlessheathenbastards, good for fuck all.

j scorbig said...

@caratacus: 19 September 2015 at 16:17

i presume you refer to the 'abbott affair'...

may i say that it is not something which i am proud of doing...

and i would like to take this opportunity to apologize, unreservedly, to the whole nation.

hrh prinz fillyspit said...


poor chap...

...deserves a bloody medal in my opinion.

yardarm said...

Further on up the road Mr SG brilliantly put it: " They lie and we have to be merciful to those who lie....".

Faced with Greece and this refugee shit the EU has proved to be utterly useless, (along with fuckwit Merkel, the UN and everything and everyone else). I`m surprised that Farage hasn`t been jumping up and down over it but it increases the chances of an exit. Perhaps both parties will split over it and who shall ride the tiger then ?

Choose not to work ? Ham Face`s insolence knows no bounds and Corbyn should have shit in the cunts top hat over it. Cameron is a useless snotty trust fund ponce who`s never done a days in his life and it shows the allegiance of MediaMinster that he and Pansy Face aren`t called out over it every day of their worthless careers.

MediaMinster mounts its terrified sneers over Corbyn because he isn`t its creation unlike the three noddy robots who stood against him, on message careerists. I wouldn`t be surprised if he chucked it in himself, faced with shit like having to put on a fucking tie or mouth the words to some dirge. Or the outraged Labour careerists, terrified the Great Latrine of State is slipping away for ever, mount a putsch like the Top Hatters did when they put in Michael Howard

call me ishmael said...

It is a powerful signifier, the silly necktie, visible, front-and-centre, tribal in some cases, ostentatious in many- Ulster's petulant scoundrel, Peter Robinson of Grannygate, having over twelve hundred of the fucking things - and used, increasingly, these days, in its removal, as a bizarre token of formality abandoned. newly-wed septuagenarian Viagraman, playboy and Murdochite polemicist, Andy Neil, discarding his in the late evening, as though he were relaxing with his mates, not that he has any, unless we count Noel Edmunds,and inviting us to chill out with him and shoot the breeze, mad old bastard. The effect of these wretched old sluts, Andy Rawnsley is another one, throwing off their ties whilst remaining, bulging, in their shiny lounge suits is utterly bizarre, Neil's ancient gizzard horribly exposed and his shirt collar sliding, as if in shameful recoil under his lapel towards his rancid armpit; that this ghastly old redneck fentboy imagines that his dishevelment appears casual and relaxed just shows how inflated is his sense of self, how exaggerated his intelligence, out of his corsetings he looks like a seedy old drunk, we must hope that his bride has a strong stomach.

It is another Corbyn disappointment, that he bends to necktie discipline, I am sure that the important section of the country would cheer were he to turn up to grill the TopHatters in a tee shirt.

Bungalow Bill said...

Lovely that altogether, but it's the "shameful recoil" that clinches it.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, thanks, I liked it, too.