Friday, 28 August 2015


This is skymadeupnewsandfilth with me, KayBully

 and it's over now to our Killing Innocent People correspondent, Martin Brunt.

 Martin, you've driven at least one harmless citizen to kill herself with your filthy bullying and threatening behaviour,  I mean, you told that old biddy a pack of lies, didanchoo? 

You made out to her that because some daft cunt  had mentioned her to the police she was bound to be  sent to prison, even  though that was all bollocks, wassenit? 
If you hadn't of frightened the old crow to a lonely death in a hotel room  she might still of been here now, right?

Well, thanks, Kay and thassright, she might've been still here if I hadn't messed with her head on national Murdoch TeeVee, like the worthless piece of shit I am.   
But what you gotta remember, Kay, is that this old cow was dissing Cilla'n'Gerry McCann, right.......? 

That's right, Martin, didn't she say something like they couldn't of been very good parents, leaving little wotsername on her own, in a strange room, in a strange country, while they went out on the very professional piss, with some very professional pisshead friends, or were they called colleagues.....?

 I think, Kay, that a quiet evening drink with colleagues is how  people like Gerry'n'Cilla describe going on the piss and leaving the tiny kids alone......

Yeah. And viewers should also remember that they're both doctors, wheras that old slag you drove to her death, well she was just nobody, and she would of died anyway, even if you hadden of come along when you did. 

That's right, Kay, they were doctors and doctors just...well.....I wouldn't say never......but very rarely do anything wrong....and Gerry'n'Cilla, they've maintained all along that neglecting their kids, when it's done by professional people, is achelly not wrong but achelly right.  And do you know what, Kay, as a crime correspondent, and an expert in people behaving in ways most of us would consider shocking,  I simply have to agree with Gerry'n'Cilla.  But even if I didn't, just look at the amount of work those two arseholes have brought to our industry, her and her scrawny, whiney Myraface, 

and him, the jumped-up Jock git,  

with his nasty, how-dare-you  bombast,  
the pair of them, touring the world on other people's money, paying off their mortgage.......

 On other people's money...
the mortgage....?

That's right, Kay,  they paid off their mortgage from the charity dosh and said that it was part of the hunt for wotsername...

How's that, Martin?

Well, Kay, thassright,
 how IS that? 
Well, my sources tell me that they said that if they didden have to pay their mortgage, they could travel the world looking for wotsername and being on Sofa TeeVee.

And have they found her?
What?  Found wotsername? 
No, Kay, they haven't?
So are they gonna pay back all the dosh 
that poor people gave them?

Are they fuck, Kay, are they fuck...
they'll sue you if you even suggest it.
They'll probably even sue this bloke, Ishmael,
who's writing this.

And that old bloater who you drove to suicide, 

anybody pay-off her mortgage?

I don't have any firm information on that, Kay, at this time. 
 But I would bet my granma's tits  that nobody did.

And her kid, I'll bet she never left him all alone at night, abroad, and then blamed the cops for anything? Thought so.
Alright, we'll leave it there.. 
 But what's your take on the killings of journalists, people just like ourselves, only not as famous or as good or as well paid, obviously, working for some hick redneck nigger-roastin' station in Virginia, with about four hundred fat, stupid  viewers.  And that's on a big news day. 
Whaddayamake of that?
Y'know, the bimbo and the fat guy....?

Well, thanks, Kay and thassright.
 It is a dark day for skymadeupnewsandfilth and indeed for all of us in MediaMinster.  Worst day, in fact, since the death of Diana. Maybe even worse.  Maybe even worse than France. Colleagues in MediaMinster are wearing tee-shirts saying:  Je suis le bimbo et l'homme  grosse.  That's how bad it is, Kay....

Except that nobody really gives a fuck, right?

Not really, Kay, thassright, not really.
 I mean, I'm a crime correspondent.  And if somebody like me, somebody in the business, if they never even heard of these two losers then it's hardly a news story at all, is it,  rather like the one they were covering, when they got topped.

Got no legs, then, Martin?

Yes, thanks Kay, and thassright, 
no legs at all. Won't run.
 A day or two and we'll be back to Corbynising. He must have a transexual boyfriend or a drug habit......  

That's right, Martin, they all do.
And if he doesn't, we'll just make 'em up, right?

Thassright, Kay, 
 that's why they call us skymadeupnewsandfilth.

That was Martin Brunt for us there, outside some court or crime scene, for no reason at all, apart from him being a crime correspondent. 
 Even though he isn't. 
And everybody hates him.

Stay tuned.  

We'll be back in less than  ten minutes with the business news demonstrating all the proof  you need that George Osborne is the best chancellor ever. 
Yeah, that's right, 
even though the best part of him ran down his mother's leg.
Be right back.

 Don't go away. 

Oh, and President Obama'll be doing that thing he does:

My fellow motherfuckers.
Amerka's the greatest nation ever.  
Under God.  Standing up for what's right. 
Spreading peace. 
Civilising the whole world.
And blowin' each others fucking heads off.
An' th'ain't nuthin I can do about it.
Congress won't let me.
An the dumb sonsafuckingbitches themselves, 
they won't let me neither.
When I'm done with this shit
I'm gonna take all my bribes
from the military and the banks
and move my ass to Limeyland.
Anywhere gotta be better than this crazy shithole, 
where you can't walk down the fucking street without some member of lawnforcement, the KuKluxKlan
or just some plain, everyday shitbrain psychobastard
just walking up to you an' blowin yer fuckin' ass away.
An' you ain't never even set eyes on him.
He just slots you cos he feels like it.
Land of opportunity.
At least when I murder Amerkan citizens
I do it from a drone-terminator,
all nice and clean,
an' I don't get no blood or brains or guts all over m'shoes, 
not like these nutjobs, they got no self-respect.
An' I don't get caught, neither.
In LimeyLand it's mostly lawnforcement murders people on the streets.
An' at least over there they kinda  speak Amerkan.
What? Kenya?
With all them poor, crazy niggers, half-dressed in fucking animal skins
 with Goddamned bones in their fucking noses  
and a hundred metal rings round their motherfuckin necks,
so's they look like half-man-half-fuckin-giraffe,
all smiley and shufflin' around barefoot 
an' singing fucking hymns to Jesus, like backward infants?
You mean that Kenya ?
You think I should retire to that shithole? 
Never gonna happen, buddy.
Africa fer the niggers, that's what I say,
unless they got oil,
in which Uncle Sam gotta duty to go civilise 'em.
Spunky Bill, back in the White House?
Yer shittin me, right?
Even Amerkans ain't that stupid.
Are they?


Alphons said...

I do not think it has ever been put just like that before.
It makes a lot of sense to those with memories.

Caratacus said...

I've always been a bit puzzled by the female McCann's words when she found that her daughter was missing. If, god forbid, I had been in that situation my spontaneous outburst would have been something like, "She's gone", or, "She's not there". But no, the words used were, "They've taken her ..." That little sentence is absolutely loaded with potentially appalling possibilities ...

call me ishmael said...

I believe it to be the most vigorously and ruthlessly maintained cover-up of my entire life, this one, too now steeped in filth to ever be uncovered, involving MediaMinster, lawnforcement, the judiciary and social services. It is quite, quite terrifying.

Bungalow Bill said...

I agree but what can have caused such a craven shutdown of proper inquiry? As you say, we shall not know in our lifetimes what is really at stake.

yardarm said...

Every day people get blown away in the States but MediaMinster sobs when two of their own get wasted. Skymadeupnewsandfilth and the other cunts must be thanking fuck it aint so easy for every nutter to obtain a gun over here.

call me ishmael said...

The thing which made my hair stand on end was seeing Gerry come out of Leicestershire Social Services HQ and announce that the department had found he and Cilla to be excellent parents. Just as he'd said. Another thing which made my hair stand on end was Gerry phoning a PR firm in Britain before he reported his child missing to the Portugeezers. Another thing which made my hair stand on end was the UK Foreign Office providing Gerry's media mouthpiece, presumably on a hefty salary and expenses. Another thing WMMHSOE was Gordon Snot flying out to raise the matter with the Portuguese prime minister. And another thing WMMHSOE was the Met sending a squad of idle layabouts to Portugal, in order to muddy the investigative waters, especially when its own clear-up rate is so vanishingly small. And then there's the FBI and Pope Nazi, too.

After Iraq, David Kelly, this pair and Quantitative Easing, I am convinced that our crooked elite can get away with murder, figuratively, literally, of individuals and whole populations. There is next to no chance of stopping them.

call me ishmael said...

That, of course, mr yardarm, may change, as our population swells with those fleeing the New Wild East, packing heat, in their jeans and jackets.

Bungalow Bill said...

Snot invested much capital in his chivalrous insistence that there could be no whiff of wrongdoing (defender of innocent Brits against innocent foreign plod) and the creepy Clarence Mitchell was seconded from his team to represent the McCanns, the first woman in the role having proved insufficiently robust. I am inclined to think that it was the prospect of Dark Gordon being shown up - as if we didn't know - for a fucking idiot that lay behind much of this, and thereafter the suppression process became irreversible. It has been another example of our police becoming posturing mouthpieces for approved scripts.

Bungalow Bill said...

for innocent foreign plod read "inept".

call me ishmael said...

It is tempting to consider it a mixture of malignity on the part of the loving parents and stupidity by HMG for I know people who are their neighbours in Leicester and she, at any rate, Cilla, goes about a normal daily life when one would logically expect them to be in a safe house, a gated community, somewhere, if they were parties to a larger conspiracy.

Snotty is properly being publicly damned, now, for his wretched PFI book-cooking, maybe someone will break ranks over Gerry and Cilla, although they would need some courage so to do.

yardarm said...

I`d forgotten about that cunt hounding that woman to death over the Gruesome Twosome. Pity somebody didn`t waste him live on air, a shriek and a shit and he`s then with Mr Satan. And then pooping a few caps into Burley`s ass.

call me ishmael said...

I think, mr yardarm, that it is as Kay says, in the post - everybody hates him, everybody with a mind to call their own, anyway. Bekka's coming back soon, to skymadeupnewsandfilth, not that she's been away. Maybe she will honour Marty's service with an editorship, filthy old crow, surprised HamFace didn't give her scabby arse a seat in the Mongrel House, for services to journalism, and Andy Coulson,for services to Cameron. Funny how he gets away with that one, employing a criminal in the middle of Number Ten, never seems to get Corbynised over that and anyway, the honours list proves he believes in giving people a second chance, bless his forgiving heart, the cunt.

tdg said...

When a man's back is that hard up against the wall the rules of ordinary morality cease to apply. Each one of us would have fought as hard and as dirty, vain though the hope of retrieving the girl always was. Yes, they were careless, perhaps criminally so, yes, their power to mobilise state and media was enviously great, but the exploitation of their advantages does not propagate that vice back into the original act. These are boring, diligent, unimaginative, mechanical people: the relevance of his being a cardiologist is not the moral slack that that artificially cuts, for the naive, but the kind of rigid, blandly committed, personality it implies, and the deep implausibility of his conceiving an elaborate camouflage for what would in any event be a highly improbable act.

agatha said...

Mr TDG, why do you say it would have been highly improbable that a parent, under the influence of alcohol, might have lashed out at her child, in a moment's irrritation, to be regretted for a lifetime? I'm fairly sure that it happens a lot, but, fortunately, most children survive their childhoods and the random violence of their parents. Some don't, and the guilty parent then attempts to avoid the consequence of the act and its unforseen consequences. And of course they are sorry - they are bereaved, albeit by their own hand, and their darling child is forever lost to them. The tears, the grief are entirely genuine. The circus, the smoke and mirrors that the McCanns whipped up is evidence of their intelligence and good connections rather than their innocence. For me, it was improbable that a child could have been abducted from inside a house in a holiday resort. That would require an unlikely level of preparation, foresight and even parental complicity. Abductions, I think, occur when a child has wandered away from adult supervision. It would be knteresting to learn of statistics surrounding abductions - perhaps Mrs Woman on a Raft, moored off the coast of reality, could assist? She knows all sorts of interesting stuff like that.

call me ishmael said...

An infant of whom they had care, custody and control, mr tdg, vanished while they were out drinking, or so they say; that merits prosecution by local or UK authorities or both. It didn't happen, indeed, Gerry McCann was permitted to launder his at the very least criminal irresponsibility into parental saintliness. The man is a cunt.

His constantly shifting explanations were ludicrous - the apartment was in line-of-sight of the bar, Oh, no, it wasn't; he had locked the window securely, Oh, no, he had left it securely open; he and his professional drinking companions destroyed the crime scene before contacting the cops; he spent ages on the 'phone to his parents and to a PR firm, before contacting the cops; he contacted Kirsty Wark, in Edinburgh, before contacting the cops, insisting, through his emissaries, without evidence at all, that the child had been abducted - when she may well just have wandered away. He and his wife refused to answer any questions from the local cops...........

I applaud your empathy for his back-against-the-wallism but if his back was against the wall it was because his own questionable actions had put it there. I am surprised, however, that you seem to accept McCann's explanation of what happened as a basis for commenting, you accept, without question - though many questions exist - that both were in hope of retrieving the girl. I do not believe that, I never believed that, I never will believe that. But then no child, person or animal for whom or for which I have been responsible has ever vanished without trace.

Given Dr McCann's mind-boggling parental neglect, it would be a long, cold day in Hell before he cardiologised me.

call me ishmael said...

It is as you say, ms agatha, parenting can be tempestuous, and in the now-censored Cilla Diaries there was evidence of her difficulties with her child.

She is an odd fish, at best, moaning that people only suspected her because of her beauty, self-love probably being the most incendiary of them all. Mirror-mirror, on the wall.........

Neither of them, however, for all their weeping and wailing, has apologised for their rotten behaviour, insisting, instead, that everybody acts as did they, leaving three tiny children alone, in a strange room, in a strange town, in a strange country, with the windows locked, or opened, as the question demanded, while they went off on the piss, from where they could clearly see the front door, even though they couldn't.

I have never accused them of anything other than the behaviours I list in response to mr tdg and in the post, itself, via Ms Burley. I have no evidence to support the contention that they killed the child deliberately and disposed of her body but what you posit, a lashing-out in anger or other psychological distress is as probable as anything else and until they have the courage to undergo a proper interrogation, give a proper account, the suspicion of the world will remain focussed upon them. However "unhelpful" Dr Gerry finds that, the impertinent bastard.

tdg said...

It is not possibility that is in question here, still less trust, but probability. Though always hard when an event is buried so deep in the tails of the distribution of life, the idea that they accidentally or deliberately killed their child only to devote the rest of their lives to simulating trying to find it seems to me at least marginally more preposterous than that the child was taken by someone else. None of which makes the pair of them any more likeable, or dwelling on the theme any less depressing.

call me ishmael said...

Well, we could have argued the improbability of the West Midlands Police, the Crown Court, the Appeal Courts and the government having framed the so-called Birmingham Six, but they did.

Chris Mullins, among others, for whatever reason, wanted justice for those men; current campaigners want justice for Madeleine McCann, not indifference to the defiant irregularities of those from whose care she vanished. That we do not know how that might be delivered does not mean that they should desist, depressing or not.

mongoose said...

We do rake this one over. It seems improbable to me that any mishap can have happened that is worth this level of deceit. If you or I killed one of ours by accident or neglect or gone-to-the-pub stupidity, we would simply never sleep again. Even if, in shock and grief and drink and shame, we lied during the first ten minutes, I am damn sure that the cold light of day would see a confession of truth and a carrying of cans. I am even more sure that gathering our respective partners to the lie would be all but impossible. So they are either the most horrible of child-selling bastards, or Fred-Westian killer elite, or they didn't do this, did they?

There is a mad me-me-me-ism perhaps because of the other kids. If they did go to the pub and she was stolen or they overdosed here with their doctorly cleverness for a bit of peace, the other kids would be taken off them if they'd confessed. "It is therefore right that we lie - but for their sake. You must lie for me, for the sake of the little ones who need two clever and caring doctors to raise them." It's a long shot though.

It is all deeply fucking weird. Perhaps the kid got out of bed, walked out of the open window and was stolen. The rest is just madness and a story too long now to row back But if my almost baby girl was missing in a foreign country late at night, I'd call the blasted police pretty damn quick, and then I'd get the fuck out there to look for her. And by the seaside, I would be down to the beach first - via the swimming pool - and not on the phone to Scotland.

call me ishmael said...

It all seems improbable to me, also - why contact a PR firm and Kirsty Wark, before searching for the child? Although you recognise how counter-intuitive this was, neither you nor mr tdg attach to it the necessary significance, as neither did Leicestershire Social Services Department, which, according to Gerry's smug proclamation, found that his initial, neglectful abandonment of the three little ones and his subsequent failure to raise an immediate alarm demonstrated to the world that he and Cilla's approach to parenting was, in his word, excellent. LSSD has never refuted or amended Gerry's account of their failure to sanction him or instigate any oversight of his family, despite the evident neglect of Madeleine and her siblings. It would appear, indeed, it must be the case that the department agrees that such wilful and selfish and irresponsible neglect is what every excellent parent deploys, fucking constantly, everybody does it, all the time. Add to that the fact that he has successfully managed to shift the blame for his own dodgy conduct to the Portugeezers, whose investigation had been compromised by Gerry and his drinking pals and we cannot but see a massive failure of both officialdom and especially - which was my point in including the miserable bastards in the post - of skymadeupnewsandfilth, who, on the same obnoxious and disingenuous Everybody Does It basis distressed a law-abiding citizen so much that she took her own life, without there being a murmur of disquiet from press regulators, indeed, many seem happy that one whom they call a troll, js now dead, much as they feel that the McCanns are the real victims, here. So expertly have this pair and their associates deflected criticism and interrogation that we can almost no longer question their own account of their own misconduct.

Didn't the family priest tell you that Not the slightest sparrow falls but that your Heavenly Father knows.......?

It may be, as mr tdg and yourself contend, that time has passed, waters are muddied and that we must view this as a case in tort and apply a balance of probabilities assessment, mindful that our outrage is now subject to a statute of limitations, but even on a balance of probabilities assessment most people would probably not have behaved so shockingly badly as did Gerry'n'Cilla.

Just in case there is some doubt about Gerry's conduct on allegedly discovering his child missing, the following account us not disputed:

Before reporting thd child's absence to the authorities and without searching for her Gerry phoned both sets of grandparents and informed them that Madeleine had been abducted. Not that she was missing but that she had been abducted. The police have never found any evidence of abduction.

He then contacted a UK public relations firm to handle media enquiries for him.

He then phoned a mutual acquaintance of himself and BBC entertainer, Kirsty Wark, asking her to report the supposed abduction to Wark immediately - in the middle of the night - this was done, Wark accepted the story without cross-checking and the Corporation broadcast Gerry's uncorroborated version of events as fact. The child had been abducted, the BBC said so. Clever stuff by anxious, panic-stricken parent, getting his case out there before there even was a case, before the crime was even reported.

Seems probably wrong to me, all that.

And if people think that massively constructed denial of guilt is improbable it is probably because they have spent insufficient time among child sex offenders, many of whom have, as have the McCanns, convinced themselves that it is they, rather than the child, who are the true victims

Agatha said...

That's right - people lie and lie and lie in their own defence, to protect their self-image, dignity and liberty. It is so common and accepted a human behaviour that no one is prosecuted for perjury after being found Guilty when they have pleaded Not Guilty and put the state to the expense of a trial.People continue to maintain the flimsiest and unbelievable of stories in the hope that their asseveration of innocence is believed - and the longer the alternative story is maintained, the more impossible it becomes for the perpetrator to tell the truth. Maybe because they have convinced themselves of the truth of their story, certainly because it would be very embarassing to admit to the people that they have hoodwinked that they are liars, and to then have to deal with the triple shame - of the crime itself, of the attempte to avoid the consequences of the crime, and of abusing the trust contract that exists between people who know each other.
The McCann narrative has caused harm to our nation and the Portuguese nation. People feel less safe and believe that their child might be harmed by strangers - whereas we know that the overwhelming danger to children is from their parents and close relatives. Well meaning people, upset by the distress of Mrs. McCann, have sent them their money. People have lost respect for the forces of law and order in other countries. No doubt there has been economic disadvantage to small businesses in the resort town where the child disappeared. Parents may even have internalised a message that it is okay to leave children alone at night because the respectable McCanns did it and asserted that everyone does it.
What we see in the public's response to the McCann case is a couple of dollops of British snobbery: firstly that doctors are middle-class, well-meaning and worthy of respect - certainly not the sort of people to neglect or abuse their child; and secondly that foreign police officers are so incompetent and venal that their assessment that Madeleine died at the hands of her parents was wrong just because the assessment was made by a foreign police force.
Do remember that it was Mr. McCann who said that Social Services said he was an excellent parent - and Social Services cannot refute his statement because they are bound by confidentiality.
So there we are - a case that continues to gnaw at the public's conscience because in either alleged scenario - the child was abducted or was killed by her parents; there is an unsolved mystery, a sense of justice denied, an uneasy feeling that the world is not safe and that the state cannot protect its children. The British state invests heavily in its children, paying for their prenatal care, their birth, their health care, their education, and, in many cases, for their food, clothing,the roof over their hands and social care to assist incompetent parents to do a better job. The state also pays for the investigation and bringing to justice and retribution of those who harm its children. In this case, the state has not been effective and we are all troubled by that.
Maybe, in a few years time, a blonde young woman will turn up, claiming to be the lost Madeleine, like the Romanov princess.I kind of doubt it.

call me ishmael said...

Wot ms agatha said. Every word.

A mirage made in heaven said...

Just got back from one of my regular sojourns in Chester Mr. Ishmael. My elderly mother in law lives alone on the Shropshire Union, in what is a spectacular corridor of wildlife, which stands in stark contrast to the avian sterility of London. My only beef with her is Sky, which both bemerdes her viewing habits and also provides her internet access. Only not any access to you. 'Call me Ishmael' has, in the last month or so, been blocked. Because she is dottier than a Seurat and doesn't know that she even had such a thing as a password in the first place, my only option was to ring up Sky to lift their ban. I have a visceral loathing of all things Murdoch. I will not even pass her the remote control as I snort and leave her living room when that massive screen leers to life. She knows that the only time I will contact Sky will be to cancel, gleefully, the contract.

So, you are considered to be dangerous (or at least worthy of censoring) in certain circles. I just wonder if they have singled you out as samizdat or lumped a load of perceived off-message sites into some semi-verboten void.

mongoose said...

Well, far be it for anyone to have the temerity to plead Not Guilty to something, and then fail to get themselves prosecuted for perjury. It's a bit like the Chinese charging you for that expensive bullet that the back of your neck has used up. We'll leave aside whether a plea is rendered under oath - which it isn't, and whether the State has a moral right to demand a plea in the first place, which it hasn't. And all of that when the overwhelming power of the State has been focused upon some poor bastard, possibly more than once these days, until some new jury gets the answer right. The bloody nation - any nation, I fear - does more harm to its citizens than the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mirage - it may simply be that a default "parental lock" (or whatever they call it) had not been unchecked; some software counts the cunts (so to speak, no pun intended) and flags up our host as unsuitable for children. I don't know. Maybe someone with the necessary tech savvy can enlighten us.

Messers Ish, Agatha, Mongoose etc; it remains as you all say a fiendish conundrum. One thing I can't forget, which may have no significance at all beyond lumpen editorial crassness, is a tabloid headline I saw in a newsagent a couple of weeks after the child's disappearance. Something like "Maddie snatch agony day 15." (The exact number of days and word order may have differed a bit from my recollection of them, but the hidden-in-plain-view double-meaning is not a false memory; I could barely believe it then and it staggers me now.) As I say, there may be little in this beyond cack-handed tabloid fuckwittery. But then again - these people construct wordplay front-pages every day; their puns are always intended. That being so, what the fuck?

Some of the 9/11 arcana see what happened in New York as a malevolent ritual, a whole burnt offering, and claim to identify a gleefully brazen pattern of signposting - the hidden-in-plain-view stuff - in names, numbers and so forth associated with events on and surrounding the day itself. This is, of course, the stuff of madness, and I shy away from it; but I also bear in mind a wise moment from our old friend William Burroughs, who once remarked that "paranoia means being in possession of all the facts."

"Snatch agony"? Jesus fucking wept...


call me ishmael said...

Maybe I am over oxygenated, maybe jet-prop lagged or perhaps I am deranged by the merciless city, in which I am now reluctant stranger but I seem to have lost the thread of this thread. mr mongoose, for instance occludes the prism through which ms agatha renders a pragmaric and rational perspective. A plea is not offered under oath but evidence is and the acknowledgement of guilt recognised in the sentence, more germanely, however, serious offenders, and here I speak of child rapists and murderers cand and do, in their haste to deceive others, deceive themselves, keeping in one compartment their knowledge of their guilt, and in another the counterfeit outrage and indignation of, for instance the McCanns, some people, mr mongoose, keep secrets secret from themselves Maybe you have never met them, I have - How was I to know that she was twelve, she was a dirty little tart, leading me on, 'sher should be in the dock, not me.....and he meant this as he was saying it to me, ignoring somehow, that several previous other dirty little tarts had played on his good nature, he, like the McCanns,felt victim. John George Victor Heywood said to me that he should never have been convicted of murder, in the same concersation as describing how he thought that both barrels of his shotgun at close range might not hava administered justice to the Polish strumpet and so he bashed her head in with the inverted stock, only when he reached down and felt her brains did he consider his duty done. I met him after a twenty-five year sentence, throughout which, and beyond, he had maintained his innocence. Thankfully, Victor died, before he could correct the imperfection of another Polish penfriend he had contacted. Don't get me wrong,he visited our homem and I went to his funera but he still makes my blood run cold. It is that phenomenonwhich ms agatha describes, the ability of cruel, angry, violent outrage to convert itself to saintly victimhood.
You must, over these years, have seen me rehearse, approvingly, the late Johnny Cochrane's maxim that he would do Anything for a client because the State has to all intents and purposes, infinite resources to deploy against the citizen. OJ, I am sure, was guilty but acquitted, Bekka, I am sure, was guilty, but acquitted. The observation, therefore, that the guilty sometimes walk free is coupled to ms agatha's observation that guilty, proven guilty are seldom chastised, much less rebuked for compounding their offence with protracted dishonesty, trying to pull us under the wool with which they would blind themselves. This is nothing like the Chinese bullet, more a plea for us all to try harder in understanding what really happens in our courts, in which, I believe,ms agatha has more experience than most here.

In the case of the habitual nonce, the judge sentenced him, by the way, for the offence alone, I think he got five years, but made no comment about the delusional nature of matey's defence, as ms agatha says, it is par for the course, and thus we walk, everywhere, among beasts.

Agatha said...

Occam's Razor, Mr. Ishmael, Occam's Razor.

call me ishmael said...

On safer ground, I think, with mr mirage made in heaven and mr verge. I would be amazed if we had been consciously barred by skymadeupnewsandfilth. I am aware of the propensity of filthsters for litigation and a survival imp sits on my shoulder, asking me if I can defend this or that phrase as fair comment and I do believe I can,that doesn't mean that because something is not actionable it is therefore agreeable to those it lampoons but do think that it is probably as mr verge says, that in describing the unsoeakable, we say, here, the unsayable word. Lovely isn't it, that the greatest filhsters in history, the servants of smut and druelty, the sexualisers of children and the blitzkreigers of privacy wouldn't, not ever, ever,say the word cunt or nigger.

call me ishmael said...
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call me ishmael said...

Not sure what you are saying, mr verge, regarding the Worst Thing That Ever Happened, Ever, but apart from having seen the second impact with my own eyes - well, on the telly, as it happened - I don't believe a fucking word about Nine Eleven, not an official one.The pursuit of explanation may well yield madness but that is axiomatic, if yevdo not accept the official explanation, ye are become a conspirator 'gainst Holy Truth. I am with Brother Bill, on this one. And other ones.

call me ishmael said...

Family, in blood, by marriage or in common law, mr mirage, are never so disappointing as when they pollute the home with Murdoch's satanic ejaculate. I forbade them all EastEnders when first it came, ranting and accusing, into life, only to see, later, one of them conjoin with a devotee of the News of the World and the Sun and offer to pass them on, to me. I would not want to try to tell you how much of a failure I felt.
Be glad it is just your mother in law.

call me ishmael said...

You will need to strop that one for me, ms agatha, it is in my memory dulled.

There, some of that neo-elizabethanism with which mr tdg hath charged me.

Agatha said...

Occam's razor is a philosophical tool. In common usage it means that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

call me ishmael said...

Ah, no business like showbusiness, then

SG said...

One struggles to find a news channel that has any actual news in it Mr I. It truly is, as you say, made up news and filth. The Vice News folks seem to run with some real news from time to time but I see that Murdoch has 'invested' in it which feels like the kiss of death... My tolerance for manufactured news, celebrities etc. is at an end and I just blot it out now and seek refuge here and one or two other places on the interweb or bury myself in books... BTW, if nothing else, the oxygen seems to be delivering much power to your pen...

call me ishmael said...

Glad to see you're still alive, mr sg; mr mike, visiting his old home, here, seemed to catch it deftly, the theatricality of the news. It all makes me shudder, I saw Toilets Maguire with some bunch of knobheads, this morning, ponificating out of his arse about the HeadChoppers and I nearly fractured my finger, jabbing at the lazyfat buttons, to get rid of him. RT and Al Jay offer a different point of view but the former is often like a soft porn show and AlJay disappears up its own arab arse more often than not. It is as you say, we, the electronic nomads, travel in our own small groups, meeting, now and again, in some cyber oasis, swapping tales of banditry, decline and ruin.

SG said...

Thanks Mr I. I've been a little pre-occupied with other matters of late... I do shuffle between RT and AJ a bit - I tend to agree with your verdict on them!