Thursday, 4 December 2014


We know that a man can read Goethe or Rilke in the evening, that he can play Bach and Schubert, and go to his day's work at Auschwitz in the morning. 
George Steiner. 

I  don't know what day's work this was.
I never understood this.
 Why would anyone have their picture taken,
 posing,  at Auschwitz?

In addition to his other qualities,
Snotty was repulsively hypocritical, po-faced and sanctimonious.

 My father was a minister, he used to gob, implying that he, therefore, was better than people whose parents weren't members of that great community of Christ, Child Molester;  

 that his birth, to pushy parents, made him the keeper of a moral compass whose cardinal directions he would share with the nation. 
 It was the right thing to do.

These two arseholes, making PR from Horror,
 the defining image of the Snotty years.


Bungalow Bill said...

A dark and damaged man, I always thought. Hard to recall that he was ever PM, his political life seems to have evaporated somehow more quickly than the standard shelf life of these passing phantoms. You see in him how utterly corrosive that type of ambition can be.

call me ishmael said...

Damage takes us all in different ways and I do clutch for compassion, in many cases; Snotty, though, seemed determined to set himself beyond empathy.

I thought that business with the old, Northern Labour woman was criminal journalism, even people like Snotty are entitled to privacy in their own car, yet he was bugged and broadcast by skymadeupnewsandfilth, something which should have attracted the attention of the electoral authorities but didn't; somehow, because it was him, I didn't mind. That's part of his legacy, he was so vile that he stifled Decency, in me, at the very least.

When the Coalition was framed, over four years ago, I dubbed it the Foreward, to the 'Thirties Movement; that others now see it thus is the other part of Brown's legacy; he was so very bad that, somehow, George Osborne was able to seize the reins of Apocalypse.

Bungalow Bill said...

Yes you've said before, I think, that he once looked as though he had it in him to do the right thing by the country which made his eventual, pig-headed betrayal more awful. And you look at his protégés the BallsCooper nightmare, McBride et al. All horrible.

Alphons said...

It is just a pity that he, the Blairs and Mandlstein could not be dumped on a desert island without food or water and with only a knife.

Mike said...

Its hard to imagine he was so widely lionised as the Great Brain. Maybe he was, it seemed to start OK, but then he fell under the influence of others or more likely had a breakdown. He now reveals he was nearly going blind.

Anyway, its hard not to hate Snotty, and I wont lose sleep trying, but for what its worth, I find Dave much more capable of raising the inner devil in me. If I was down to my last shot, Dave would get it, before I used the gun to club Snotty.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, that's my greatest complaint about Snotty, that he ushered-in Cameron and Osborne. And IDS. And Angus Maude. And Hague, people so utterly discredited and unwholesome that they should never have seen power again, and yet Snotty eased their path, doing, ultimately, I believe, more domestic damage than Blair ever managed

jgm2 said...

Mr I, Brown wrought more domestic damage than Blair even before he was thrown out and replaced by Cameron.

You may hate Cameron et al but I really don't see what more they could have done with the poisoned chalice Brown left for them. Even to the point of rushing around in the days before he was voted out signing 6bn quid contracts for air-craft carriers for which we can't afford the planes. Aircraft carriers that would provide a few (ludicrously expensive) jobs for voters in his back yard.

Every single political decision he ever made was decided by 'How much will this fuck up the Tories' rather than 'Is this a sensible thing to do'. Even down to his 50% tax rate imposed, what, three weeks before the election. Daring the Tories to repeal it so that he could wrap himself in the blanket of class struggle.

The man is an utterly delusional cunt. Once you realise that he sees himself as the incarnation of Churchill then all the photo ops fall into place. Even down to his post election 'History shall be kind to me for I intend to write it' book on why the economic crisis had fuck all to do with him. Even though it had everything to do with his idiot decisions and profligate spending.

The man is a wicked, malicious, evil cunt. If he was hanged today it would be twenty years too late to save the rest of us from the consequences of his idiot decisions.

inmate said...

"Here, where Mr Hitler brought you Death and Destruction as his final Sol-you-shun, I, son of the Manse, bring Debt and Destruction as my final Sol-you-shun".

call me ishmael said...

I am a manse-keeper, and of the biggest one here. Old timers tell me of its former luxurious grandeur, public records of its six live-in domestic servants and its army of local brewers and bakers, stockmen, gardeners and grooms, all employed to the greater glory of the Minister, bullying cleric and spiritual magistrate. Few, here, in Presbyteria's last outpost, speak of the cruelties the minister visited on the hovel-dweller, particularly the women, of the public shamings or of the lonely, disgraced single mother, her corpse banished, by some ponce like Brown's father, to a distant, unmarked, moorland pit, lest her corruption further corrupt the obedient, righteous dead. Betty Corrigal's grave, if you are ever here; tells you all you need to know about sons of the fucking manse.

inmate said...

It appears that the burying of unwanted corrupt corpses is still alive and well today.

Reverend James Percival arrested, with daughter, murder and concealing the birth of a newborn, wife also arrested.

Maybe contracted that Familial Austrian disease.

jgm2 said...

We had a big fuck-off house in Fucking Scotland too, MrI. Glad to get rid of it and made a bundle of money but I had a nagging worry that at any point a disaster might occur. New roof required, subsidence, whatever and that I'd end up paying to keep this Grade II (I can't remember the equivalent listing status in Fucking Scotland) building all spick and span and to code as dictated by some functionnaire from Fife county council so that the chip-on-their-shoulder Little Scotlanders could exercise their tight to roam across my fucking fields to gawp at a building that I'm having to maintain at my fucking cost.

And if the cunts stick their foot down a rabbit hole and break their scrawny leg I'll probably be on the hook for that too.

Fuck 'em. Sell up and leave the cunts to it.

DtP said...

@MR jgm2 - yeah, about that job at Visit Scotland - we're very sorry, you were ever so close, but we've decided to give it someone else. Can we take this opportunity to wish you well in your future endeavours?

I think it's only recently that my total hatred of all thing Gordon Brown has become manageable - like a crack habit maybe, i've weaned myself off it and am just left with scar tissue and bad memories. Fuck him, his legacy, his party and, frankly, everything that he ever had anything to do with.

call me ishmael said...

There is no market, mr jgm2; I was looking just last night, at country houses still for sale after 8/10 years, page after page of them, half to three-quarters of a million, be worth two in Warwickshire but there is just no movement - frozen council tax, frozen salaries, jobcuts, referendum uncertainty. Aberdeen is a hot spot but the highlands and islands are gasping. Even those who worship it can't do capitalism, don't understand that if you suppress wages you suppress everything, don't understand that in a service economy people have to be able to move jobs and houses.

I am actually quite happy here and short of moving abroad I cannot see me improving our position, but that's just me, lots of people want to move, older people want to downsize, younger people want to expand and they cannot; the personal and social costs, the health implications for older people, asset rich but cash poor are significanrt, if they stay in their homes they will be cold and likely to injure themselves in maintainance work, the roads are shit, there is no public transport, no refuse collection; it's all shit. Gnasher needs to stimulate the housing market, if necessary by government buying big, older properties and converting them to multi-occ or institutional purpose, be cheaper in the long run than fixing thousands of broken hips, hypothermia and malnutrition cases. A rise in salaries is crucial, too. Trouble is, many of her supporters don't work and are not owner-occupiers. Still, as the country slides into the nineteen-thirties at least we have free prescriptionsm, eh.

call me ishmael said...

It is difficult, mr dick, sustaining hatred for these bastards, but do try, otherwise their friends will simply write glowing histories of them - as they did with Maggie the Paedo Queen, and as they are doing with that cunt, Thorpe, didya see Lord David Paedoman Steel, fawning? - and they will be remembered as great'n'good. Gordon the Ruiner, that's him.

Mr jgm2 will never change his opinion but Scotland really is the best part of England. Apart from Gnasher and the tribesmen.

yardarm said...

The banksters and dosh jugglers should have a whip `round for Snotty, they owe him much for encouraging their financial terrorism and, at our expense bailed out the sobbing babies when their fantasy world collapsed.

And as you say he ushered in the Junta, flagellating
us over this ridiculous debt that never can or will be paid off.

Pansy Face should have recognised in Snotty he had a fellow bankster lover, an austerity peddler and nominated him as head of the IMF, AKA Financial Al Qaeda.

jgm2 said...


The problem is that in Fucking Scotland there is no 'suppression of wages'.

I lived in Fife for five or six years. You'll, perhaps, vaguely remember the Lexmark factory that finally got shut down in Dunfermline when the Fucking Scottish Government, at the time controlled by Lab/Lib, finally cut their 2,000GBP per head/per year subsidy.

The problem with Fucking Scotland is that the major employer, in one form or another, is the Fucking Scottish government, handed an extra £1600 per head to provide the same basic shit as we get in England. The problem with that is that the salaries, pensions and benefits are all decided by the minimum the Westminster govt can get away with paying the same cunts if they were living in the Home Counties. With the result that when we lived in Fucking Scotland, with us living in a mansion, my kids were going to private school with the children of train drivers (ScotRail=government). I'm not complaining about my kids going to private school with the kids of train drivers - I'm pointing out the difference in lifestyle enjoyed by public sector workers in the far reaches of the empire and the effect this has on businesses trying to compete for labour or choosing to move to marginal areas. It's the same lifestyle enjoyed by white people in Zimbabwe and South Africa until the majority of locals questioned why the fuck they seemed to thing they were so fucking special.

In Fucking Scotland it's fucking fantastic if you're being paid by the government but not exactly ideal if you're looking to set up a business in Fucking Scotland.

Hmmm. Move my business to Fucking Scotland and compete with London wages or move it to Riga and compete with Latvian wages?

I'm pointing out the madness of 'collective bargaining' when nobody in their right mind would live in Fucking Scotland if they could afford to live in (say) the Cotswalds.

After all, if you're trying to compete with the major employer in Fucking Scotland then you might as well compete with him, at the same price, in the Home Counties where you have ten times the population to sell your wares to/recruit from.

Which completely explains the 'stickiness' of house prices at the high end in Fucking Scotland.

Don't get me wrong, Fucking Scotland, when the weather permits, has beautiful landscapes and hunting/shooting/fishing opportunities. But then so does France, Italy, Portugal, Spain or any number of other countries in the world. And the weather is so much better.


Move on.

The cunts don't deserve your loyalty, your preservation of their 'national heritage' at your own personal expense and, for sure, the cunts won't thank you for it.

SG said...

A rather good review, by the editor of the New Statesman, of what looks like an interesting new collection of Orwell's work ('Seeing Things as They Are: Selected Journalism and Other Writings') to be found here:

call me ishmael said...

It's partly true, mr jgm2, about the wages but in the Highlands and Islands it is not the case, Orkney for instance, has an average salary of seventeen thousand pounds and the Highlands average, down as far as Inverness is not much better, public sector salaries are much lower and recruitment is based, shamefully on quaility of life issues, rather than terms and conditions, many do take a cut to work here; Aberfdeen of course is different, the ealthiest part of the UK, outside of Londonistan.

As for the Barnett Formula it seems to me correct in principle - if we expect universality of public service provision then the distances and the sparsity of populations, particularly in the Highlands, require stouter funding, for almost the slightest thing I need to get on an aircraft and travel to a hospital some distance away, either that must remain the case or we depopulate remote regions, effectively abolishing the United Kingdom and establishing city states, innit?

As to no suppression of wages, my understanding of the Blair-Brown years is that wages didn't grow but house prices did and people coule either sell and move somehwere cheaper or, as many did, simply finance a bogus lifestyle by re-mortgaging; now that Junkie George has even frozen such miserable raises as there were and now that he is desperate for a return to the housing bubble mechanism of illusory wealth creation then surely the suppression of wages continues.

Much of the Scottish culture to which the Tribesmen cleave is made-up nonsense, Rob Roy and now Braveheart, shit, most of it. So much of the history they claim theirs is arrant fucking nonsense, pure fiction - Charlie could have won at Culloden but he ran away; the Highland Clearances were engineered by Scots, they even put up a monument to the arch clearer, Sutherland, I was at it the other day, in Golspie.

So fuck 'em, the Nats, my Norman ancestors - just as Cameron's - came here in the sixteenth century. And I'll stay here as long as I want, despite familial detours to County Down and Birmningham 14.

call me ishmael said...

The Myth of Debt is expertly spun, mr yardarm. Uncle Sam's debt is unimaginable, cannot be comprehended and were he to pay his entire GDP for decades it would not make a dent in it. You are right, ours will never be paid off either yet we are cudgelled with it our every waking moment.

call me ishmael said...

I am fonder of Blair's essays than of his novels mr sg, but I will have a peep, thank you.

SG said...

I think the book is mainly a collection of articles and poetry reviews by Orwell. Also I didn't know until reading the review that it was Orwell/Blair who first coined the term 'Tory Anarchist' is a descriptor for his young self!

SG said...

Surprise! Surprise! Salmond is standing for the UK Parliament. Now who would have anticipated that? Looks like the new coalition's forming up...

call me ishmael said...

Many's a slip. mr sg. He's not there, yet.Jock Labour has not elected a new leader yet, there are only signs of meltdown in Gnasher's gang but they may increase as rival;ries flourish and incompetences emerge, as they are.

SG said...

I hope you are right about that Mr I.

inmate said...

I feel, MrI, you have been almost kind to the mad cunt, was expecting a torrent of abuse from your readers, best he is forgotten and allowed to disappear into the mists, lessons learned etc.
Batten down the hatches tonight good sir, it looks to be a rough one.

Bungalow Bill said...

Yes trust you are secure up there Mr I. Forgive me if this is bollocks, but I imagine there is some thrill to be had in bad weather for those of you at the edge of the world? Even as I write that, it can only possibly be true for so long as there is no serious threat. Still, I feel some envy from my suburban dullness.

Alph said...

"Nick Clegg has been mocked for once boasting of having slept with up to 30 women, as he stood in for David Cameron at Prime Minister's Question Time."
He must have been very tired afterwards.

call me ishmael said...

It is a bit severe at the moment, thanks; darkness at the break of noon, thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening; poor little Harris, he doesn't like it. Not as bad as the Western Isles, although I have just managed to lash down a shed which was threatening to go into orbit and it seems to be worsening. Normal service may be interrupted.

No, it's not bollocks, the drama of life and death, man against the elements, even behind my metre-thick walls, I sense Creation laughing at me.

call me ishmael said...

IO think he has mortally offended mr jgm2, mr inmate, and certainly when I re-read the contempt he inspired in my young friend, stanislav, I can feel a rare hatred. Blair is by far the greater sinner but I always expected that he and Imelda wiujld behave as they did, Brown, somehow, I dunno, I expected a bit better.

mr tdg had the right of it, years ago; Brown can't be both agent and patient; I think mrs narcolept shares that view, a man flawed, divided against himself. Me, I blame the parents.

call me ishmael said...

I don't know, mr alphons. There are, of course, people who live lives less promiscuous but having thirty partners doesn't strike me as, well, legendary potency. Not even for a DogShooting ShitEater, a Son of Cyril, a Fawner after Steel, Keeper of the Liberal NonceFlame.

SG said...

I see a certain individual who crops up in discussions here is back in the news again - lecturing us and now toting a Nobel Prize, as well as staking out her claim on the presidency of a certain South Asian country with a nice suitcase full of dollars to begin her campaign with. Grrrr!

call me ishmael said...

Do you mean, mr sg, that horrid fucking brat, from Pakistan, the one whose father needs a good McCann-strength kicking? If you do, she will almost certainly go the way of Barmy Benazir.

That Nobel stuff, just a branch iof showbusiness.

SG said...

The very same Mr I and I suspect that Benazir's fate indeed awaits as you forsee - though we may have to scroll forward a few years. First there is PPE at Oxford to do, then various lucrative NGO and UN 'jobs'. Maybe a spell with Pa Broon and / or Tony & Imelda's outfit...

call me ishmael said...

I was at Warwick University with Jack Gowon, former president of Nigeria, didn't do him much good, didn't get him back on his throne.

Maybe the little monster will be suborned by sex and drugs. One must hope so. Always a worry, these pushy parents and their brats, She reminds me of the little freak antique dealer, only not as pretty. He fucked-up, big-time, too.

She could always run for leader of the Jock Tribesmen, with Gnasher they have form for promoting maladjusted, teenage headbangers.