Thursday, 10 September 2009

NORTH COUNTRY BLUES, some Earthly pictures.

the summer is gone, the ground's turning cold.

I do this every year,

I hate it but it has to be done

the gales blast right across here

and would pull taller bushes out of the ground.

my Northern sky

breakfast seascape, September's non-conformist shadows

a proper willow in a neglected corner

a Northern harvest

my little, warm, brown friend.


Mothers ruin said...

A dog is for life.If you're lucky,it's his.

Anonymous said...

my little, warm, brown friend."
You mean you have a Paki with a fever wow!

lilith said...

Lovely pictures. Pig sends a sniff and a wag.

Mrs B said...

Nice views, lovely sky, lucky man. This beautiful earth is the best reason to be alive and Scotland has it's fair share of beauty, - river Tay, Dunkeld, Pitlochery to name just a few.

subrosa said...

Ah Mrs B, Dunkeld has a far better atmosphere and scenery, than Pitlochry. Mind you the fish ladder and dam are something to see but the town has little. Whereas Dunkeld has the Tay running right through it and that wonderful walk along by the catherdral.

Then of course there's Glenshee with it's one road north. A completely difference aspect driving either way.

I could go on ...

subrosa said...

Ishmael, great minds think alike (won't go further!). I bough new shears yesterday for such jobs and they have telescopic handles to save me bending too much.

Going to have a go with them later today as my garden is so overgrown this year with all the rain.

Sunshine here again today. Second day in a row. Must be a record for this summer.

call me ishmael said...

I like machinery and power tools more than a littel but although there's half a mile of it I view the hedge-cutting as a meditation and do it manually; I have a mechanised cutter but to use it is just pragmatism, a good few Autumn evenings with the shears and secateurs and saw more rewarding than just whizzing along in a hour or two, it's my Zen time.

The teleshears are a boon but wear gloves, Ms subrosa. I have several pairs of them, some expensive, some a fiver fron Lidl - there is no appreciable difference in manufacture quality or performance - but they all tend to fall out of the locked position very easily and one is constantly twisting them closed again whilst still shearing, this can bring callouses and also, because they do fly through the work, you don't realise quite how hard you are working and can get a strain in the forearms which prevents, or makes uncomfortable the next day's clipping.

Appreciation of the beautiful Earth, Mrs B, comes late to some of us, alas. Perthshire is verdant, rolling, blessed with rivers and forests and utterly beautiful, the A9 a road movie made in Heaven - an iedal honeymoon jaunt, Lilith - but the Highlands and Islands, barring the badlands of Caithness, are truly the best part of England.

Mrs B said...

Mr Ishmael, better late than never. and it goes without saying that Scotland's scenery is utterly beautiful - verdant - great word.

Subrosa, yes the River Tay is special, I've done that walk (alone) a few times, it's spiritual for me. I mentioned Pitlochry because of the trees, especially in Autumn, not for the town. Scottish towns, hmm.
I watched Jonathan Meades on Aberdeen and I thought he made an interesting point about the granite, (bighead that he is, but funny) and while there were some fine buildings I couldn't get excited about the town. As for that horrible man Donald Trump, the less said the better.

Mother Nature's nephew said...

Beatles singing very prettily, but I prefer the John Denver version of that lovely tune.